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A "Diceless" Idea

By diceless I mean randomless. The pseudo-random element comes from the fiction and from choices made in said fiction, and might be more accurately called a “changing” element rather than a random one. 579 more words


Everway: Myserran Sphere/Realm

Everway is one of those games that I really wanted to play and never got a chance to run. I even had created a Sphere for the players to explore, but I never did got to execute due to it being a “diceless” role playing game since a couple of players weren’t really into at the time. 270 more words

The Kingston Castle: A Dread Scenario

For those of you who haven’t heard of Dread yet, feel free to pop over here and familiarize yourself first.

This particular piece is a game that I ran for my usual group back in January. 642 more words


Diceless Games

Today, I’ll be talking about the very small number of tabletop games I know of that don’t rely on dice for a resolution mechanic. Some are straight up storytelling games that rely on the GM’s decision-making capacity, such as Amber Diceless, while others – which I sadly know less about – use alternative methods, such as the card-drawing system of the “Age of Mortals” version of Dragonlance. 769 more words