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From the Desk of the (RPG) Editor--Threats: Secrets of the Annunaki, and Planet Fiction

Hello, all!

Sorry for the interupption in gnomling broadcasts–I managed to come down with an unenviable combination of strep throat and the flu for a week and a half, and then went straight on to apartment hunting. 858 more words

Thrilling Conclusion of Tabletop's Dread

Once again, after watching them play through this I have got to give it a try now. It looked like a lot of fun and I was wondering what would happen when a player met a grisly end. 41 more words


Interesting indie RPG: Dread.

Today on Tabletop a show run by Wil Wheaton that demonstrates various games, which I’ve mentioned before on the blog, they were actually doing something a bit different and playing an RPG. 436 more words


Dice Win!

As I build my rpg I have been doing research on basic aspects of the roleplaying world. Times have changed and there are many different kinds of systems out there. 160 more words


And the results are....

My second research survey is done. I have enough feedback to know what genre people seem to join the most. Thank you too my social media contacts for responding to my survey’s. 143 more words


Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

I have been playing in a Lords of Gossamer and Shadow game, the regeneration of the Amber diceless role playing game, for the past few weeks. 1,027 more words


System Mastery 21 - Nobilis


SystemMastery 21 – Nobilis

Have you ever dreamed of being the god of something?  Perhaps the god of socks, or the god of internet memes, or the god of cabbage?  51 more words