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Life Without Dice

Diceless games are hard. I’ve written about diceless games before – I love Amber DRPG – and explored other games that don’t use dice (or cards, or any sort of randomizer). 1,106 more words


Kickstarter Highlight - IS IT A PLANE!?

I’ve expressed an interest in diceless role-playing games for a few years now, but I’ve yet to be involved in a game that is completely without some influence of chance, even the odd playing card based game which wasn’t wholly without dice. 1,109 more words

Traditional Gaming

Afterlives: or All Good Characters Go To Heaven

from Magnum Opus Press
(Afterlives is written by James Wallis, art by Gustave Dore)
Review by Kat @SunsStepchild

Afterlives is a diceless systemless game that can seamlessly stack atop pretty much any game where the PCs worship deities or god-like beings, be they Odin, Pelor, Lolth, or Sarenrae. 775 more words