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Get ready, dudes it's time to party!

Lazily leafing through the newspaper a few afternoons ago, I ran across an ad for an enterprising entertainment agency that offered, among other things, “party motivators.” 476 more words

Dick Cheney

It's All One Thing #174: Greed Makes Stupid in ‘04


Greed makes stupid I think in the Public Garden as I stand in front
the Chinese Redwood tree whose twisting form makes me stop to feel… 422 more words


I can't believe I am saying this... but I miss Dick Cheney...

Remember how much fun I used to have with this little bridge troll?

Ahhh… the good old days.

We thought that a guy behind the president pulling strings and allowing torture was the worst thing that could happen… 31 more words


Another U.S. military toxic secret -- the poisonous burn pits in Iraq and the role of Dick Cheney's Kellog, Brown, and Root (KBR)

The VA denies Gulf War Illness and treatable mycoplasma infections which untreated can lead to crippling illness and death as well as being transmissible to spouses and children, denies Fukushima radiation sickness in sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan, denied Agent Orange health effects, denied atomic bomb testing radiation sickness, denies depleted uranium health effects, etc., etc., etc. 846 more words

George Bush On Kimmel: 'The Best Humor Is When You Make Fun Of Yourself'

George W. Bush was on Kimmel last night and the jokes were non-stop!

The topics of discussions ranged wildly.

Kimmel and the former President talked about the awkward moment Dick Cheney shot a friend in a hunting accident. 89 more words


Is Standing Rock the New Middle East?

Recently I criticized two videos (https://hammy64000.com/2017/02/18/standing-rock-u-s-government-genocide/). However their claim of a Bush connection to the pipeline phenomenon inspired me to do some research. I knew oil was a tool of the world’s ruling corporations but I’ve always pictured the geopolitical battlefield somewhere in the Middle East. 862 more words

Americans And The Dollar

(Social) Media Shabbat

My iPhone gave up the ghost yesterday, which will definitely aid in giving my weary psyche a rest. I bought a replacement plan, but the phone is back-ordered, so I’m phoneless for a few days. 182 more words