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(real) one-hit wonder of the week - “Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)” | ICICLE WORKS | 1984.

On June 15, 2014, Casey Kasem, host of the longtime countdown program, AMERICAN TOP 40, passed away at the age of 82.  From my first blog post (and prolly some more inbetween then and now), I explained how, in 1979, I was a geeky, lanky and somewhat lost 12-year-old living in Central Maine, had a few friends and not a lot of interest in much of anything, but at some point early that year, I discovered AMERICAN TOP 40, and was glued to it every weekend.  1,112 more words


Today in Madonna History: April 19, 2012

On April 19 2012, Madonna spoke about Dick Clark’s passing (April 18 2012):

“Even though I told him in 1984 that I wanted to rule the world, it’s Dick Clark who ruled the world. 27 more words


Today In Music History: 04/18/17

On tax day I give you a few musicians that have a rather unpleasant relationship with the I.R.S.

Willie Nelson owed Uncle Sam almost $16 million dollars, he has since paid off the balance. 343 more words


"After School"

My best friend in 5th grade was Dixie. As you can guess, she had moved to Portland from Georgia when her father was transferred. She lived within easy walking distance from me, and her house was on the walk to and from school. 274 more words

Song Of The Week: "At The Hop" by Danny & The Juniors

History time!  Put on your learnin’ face.

Back in the 1950s, your teenage ancestors used to attend dances known as “hops.” These events were usually mounted by local DJs who charged a small fee at the door and then played all the latest rock ‘n’ roll 45’s while the kids danced the afternoon, or evening, away. 394 more words

Song Of The Week

Today In Music History: 03/20/17

Carl Palmer, drummer for Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Asia is turning 67 today.

On this day in 1961, Elvis Presley began filming “Blue Hawaii,” his ninth feature film. 226 more words



Philip Kaveny

Poetry Class Preparation 02/22/2017

Dr. Pace “Everything Is Everything”

Lauryn Hill

I am sitting at a computer prepping for Dr. Pace’s poetry class in my office at Hedgehog & Otter Internet Bookseller in Bunbury Place in Eau Claire WI, which is in the one million square foot former headquarters complex of the of the, closed in 1993, Uni Royal Tire Plant.   636 more words

Phil Kaveny