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A Few Words About Tony

This is both a tough one and a Tricky one to write about; but we gotta do it anyway…When writing the list for the top… 847 more words


S.O.S.N.L: The Future

Well, here we are…what once started out as a daily paragraph about SNL sketches has now turned into a collection that’s worthy of turning into a self-published book—only for NBC & Lorne Michaels to inevitably slap me with a Cease & Desist order for horning in on their business…and this is me being a Positive Thinker. 859 more words


From Yuks to Yecch: The Top 6 Silver Linings of SNL Season 6

Before we begin, VERY Special thanks to Ben Douwsma for use of most of the pics you’ll be seeing in this story. Also of note, there’s a LOT of Backstory for the uninitiated, so I don’t mind if you skip ahead a little. 2,403 more words


Kaz: An Appreciation

A lot of us have our Favorite SNL Cast Members, our most Hated Cast Members, and those who slip through the cracks. I want to take some time this week to take a closer look at someone who’s actually 2 out of 3 of those things—a favorite that gets lost in the shuffle. 1,191 more words


S.O.S.N.L: An Introduction

Since WordPress seems to have a weird disconnect with the International Dateline, I’m just going to start…

Anyway, There are many things in this world I simply couldn’t live without growing up aside from food, shelter, clothing and the overriding sense of getting noticed by my family & peers–“Saturday Night Live” is one of them (If not in the Top 5). 1,728 more words