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Comedian and Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory: Confederate flag, 'the n-word', and more

Comedian and Civil Rights Dick Gregory gives his take on journalism today, and weighs in on the confederate flag debate that the recent South Carolina shooting sparked. 9 more words

Bill Leff And Wendy Snyder

Movie Quote of the Day - Ir/Reconcilable, 2014 (dir. Gabrielle Fulton)

Grandpa: It’s just simple. See, everybody wanna tell you. Remember, 82% of everybody married in America ends up in divorce, so don’t get into that love stuff.

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Movie Quote Of The Day

Henry A. Giroux | Flipping the Script: Rethinking Working-Class Resistance

 Subjectivity has been stripped of any meaning, reduced to the gaze of public relations industries that feed the dispossession by extraction machine. Capitalism has reached its endpoint, blind to its death march.

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A Thought From The Sand

“One of the things I keep learning is that the secret to being happy is doing things for other people”….Dick Gregory

“Of course, every once in a while you should do something nice for yourself”…..me.

Ray Visotski

Mystery of Osama bin Laden

Baba Dick Gregory: Osama bin Laden Died December 2001!!!

How can a man who died in late 2001 or in early 2002 have been killed… 1,016 more words

Stars for Freedom: Hollywood, Black Celebrities, and the Civil Rights Movement

Emilie Raymond’s Stars for Freedom turns our understanding of the civil rights movement on its head. Though popular narratives emphasize the movement’s grassroots origins, it’s equally important not to overlook the role that a handful of African American celebrities played in not only helping to fund the movement, but also in serving as ambassadors, liaisons, cheerleaders, and even foot soldiers for the  cause. 2,224 more words

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