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Quiz - Dick Maas

My book review of “Quiz” written by Dick Maas

In my view…

This story is about a television quiz host named Leo Vandermolen who has just presented his last show. 357 more words


REVIEW: Amsterdamned (1988)


1988, Concorde Film/First Floor Features

Dick Maas
Laurens Geels
Dick Maas
Dick Maas
Marc Felperlaan
Hans van Dongen

Huub Stapel (Detective Eric Visser) 861 more words

Film Reviews

Layers of meaning: presence, iconicity, power

De Certeau, Clarke and Schwarzer all talk about power. But so do their forerunners: for example, Clarke references Fleisch (1987), for whom “proximity represents power”. For Nietzsche “architecture is a sort of oratory of power by means of forms” (1889), and for Foucault “representation is power, a power well able to construct and manipulate perceptions of reality” (1977). 662 more words


Amsterdamned (1988) | Dick Maas's cult slasher thriller is a Shameless must have

With the fantastic news that one of the greatest cult labels in the UK, Shameless Screen Entertainment, has relaunched their official website, here’s a look one of my all-time cult film favourites, 1988’s… 212 more words


Análisis Fílmico: El ascensor

 Cartel promocional de la película

El ascensor se trata sin duda alguna de una película exótica y curiosa. Ya las frases de reclamo que utiliza en la portada de la película se tratan de un acertado guiño- 726 more words


The Lift/Frankenweenie

Thanks to the ingenuity of horror-film makers, the face of evil has inhabited nearly every form known to man. We’ve had all kinds of killer animals—from sharks to spiders to giant rabbits (really—doesn’t anyone remember The Night of the Lepus?). 467 more words