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"I Love You Anyhow!"

“I Love You Anyhow!”

Have you ever had someone in your life say those words to you? Did you wonder what the “Anyhow” was? Had you not lived up to that person’s standards, dreams, or expectations? 400 more words

Dick Powell

30 Seconds (To Say What You Do)


30 Seconds (To Say What You Do!)

Be Clear –

Say what you do!

Be Quick –

Seven to ten seconds!

Be Distinctive –

What makes you different from everyone else in your chosen endeavour? 11 more words

Dick Powell

The Feather and The Tree

The Feather & The Tree

See the feather on the fallen tree limb? It rests quietly on the limb as the swamp awakens. It is ready to give of itself to the regrowth of the tree. 166 more words

Dick Powell

WGN Radio Theatre #14: Richard Diamond, The Aldrich Family, Suspense

Carl Amari and Lisa Wolf bring you the best from the Golden Age of Radio and delve deep into film history with “name-that-movie” clips on WGN Radio Theatre from July 12, 2015.  58 more words

WGN Radio Theatre



Every day our life is full of interruptions: phone calls, emails, texts, someone at your desk, or the dreaded knock on the door. Are your life’s interruptions a cause for concern, a feeling of concern, questions of “Why me?” or “Now what”? 208 more words

Dick Powell



Personally I am not much into confrontation. I am a happy guy who likes to believe the best in everyone. Sometimes though, you have to bite the bullet and confront an issue with another human. 360 more words

Dick Powell

#TBT Film Rec: 42nd Street

The joyous, almost buoyant Depression-era musical maintains its charm with rapid-fire wit, sometimes jarringly frank innuendo, and a generous dose of aesthetically and industrially significant Hollywood history. 672 more words