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We all will disagree with those around us from time to time. We were meant to have our own thoughts and that is what makes us individuals and part of the whole. 234 more words

Dick Powell

Throwback Trailer: In the Navy (1941)

Two sailors (Bud Abbott, Lou Costello) help a famous singer (Dick Powell) who joins the Navy to escape female fans. With the Andrews Sisters.

Throwback Trailer

Is Failure Really the End?

“Is Failure Really The End?”

Learning to fail can be the very best thing you can accomplish in life!

The more you Fail – The more you Learn… 268 more words

Dick Powell

Eat Like the Stars: Screen Couples That Cook—and Gena Rowlands' and John Cassavetes' Cherry Torte

by Jenny Hammerton

There is something romantic about cherries, so I think it’s absolutely appropriate that the month that features Valentine’s Day is also National Cherry Month. 746 more words


Excuses & Justification

Excuses & Justification

Have Excuses and Justification become a way of life in our world today?

Excuses! Face it! We all make them. We, as good, well-meaning people make excuses for our decisions, behavior, lifestyle, children, the way we drive, and almost everything we do. 766 more words

Dick Powell

Dirver - Start Your Engine

Driver Start Your Engine: Sales Engine that is!!

Before every race there are a lot that goes into getting ready.

Mental preparedness:

This is all about closing your eyes and visualizing the car zooming over the finish    line in first place. 315 more words

Dick Powell

Pitfall (1948)

John Forbes (Dick Powell) is an insurance agent who lives a standard suburban life. He and his wife (Jane Wyatt) are raising their son (Jimmy Hunt) in the Los Angeles area, and John makes enough money for them to live quite comfortably. 422 more words