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ClassicFlix (Teen Scene) - Review #24 Dames (1934)

From March 2015 to April 2017, I was writing the monthly Teen Scene column for the website ClassicFlix. My objective was to promote classic films among teenagers and young adults. 906 more words

Christmas in July (1940)

It’s not Christmas and it’s not July, but this movie isn’t about those either, so here we go!

Christmas in July was written and directed by… 3,366 more words


Musical Monday: Varsity Show (1937)

It’s no secret that the Hollywood Comet loves musicals.
In 2010, I revealed I had seen 400 movie musicals over the course of eight years. Now that number is over 500. 927 more words

Musical Monday

Day 39 - 第四十二街 (42nd Street)

42nd Street, 1933 (Lloyd Bacon, Busby Berkeley)

電影音樂劇紐約<第四十二街>推出時正正是美國大蕭條,也是有聲電影剛大眾化之時,<第四十二街>劇場裡有力求翻身的劇場導演如何指導演員,去選角,初出茅廬的伴舞女角竟一枝獨秀成為新晉花旦,處處照顧她的暖男,紅極的女明星最後歸隱嫁人,過氣的小生的前路去向,算死草的劇場老板等等,大染缸裡的大小事人事令劇情豐富,更重要的是掌鏡和剪接懂得能捉住音樂劇的節奏,百老匯式的歌舞場面不算盛大但由於歌曲編舞精彩。與娛樂演藝音樂大有關連的主題,甚至是以行內人視點出發的故事,極多群戲的<第四十二街>見盡百老匯裡的人生百態,奠定了日後音樂劇概念和初形,難怪<第四十二街>會成為經典之一,後來華納兄弟以相同的卡士班底更多資源推出了<Gold Diggers of 1933>和<Footlight Parade>,同樣票房大收。

Motion Picture

Photoplay May-June 1936

  • Cover subjects: May – Myrna Loy (May);  June – Dick Powell and Marion Davies.
  • Below: Clarence Sinclair Bull’s famous photo of Loy.
  • Coming up next: another cover format change for Photoplay.

The Name Is Marlowe

I love detective stories.
I started early….

….. when I was about 8,
my Uncle Gerry bought me
the whole set of Hardy Boys
Mysteries. 1,137 more words