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Red Goes to the Movies

Or more accurately, Red sits on his behind and watches a classic at home.  This time it was the film adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s thriller… 215 more words

Colleen (1936)

Frank S. Nugent said it best in his New York Times review of Colleen, writing, “There isn’t much point in composing a critical analysis of these Warner musical films: you just accept or reject them for what they are. 412 more words


The Bad and the Beautiful (1952)

This is a movie about the movie business and the not so nice people who make movies. But as the main character says, “Don’t worry. Some of the best movies are made by people working together who hate each other’s guts.” 912 more words

Classic Film Club

The Black Pools of Noir in MURDER, MY SWEET 1944

It’s dark. Too dark to see without assistance from a handy flashlight to confirm the time on his watch. Private dick Philip Marlowe is scouting out the meeting place in a densely wooded area, just off the road. 1,532 more words


Murder, My Sweet (1944)

A private eye is hired by an ex-convict to find his old girlfriend but gets sidetracked when a client who hires him as a bodyguard is murdered for a precious jade necklace. 159 more words


Has Technology Helped or Hindered Communication?

Has Technology Helped or Hindered Communication?

Long ago, far away, we communicated face to face, then other methods quickly started to take over. The laying of sticks or stones to show the way. 268 more words

Dick Powell

Past Imperfect - #363

Dick: “Now, now, my pet. There’s no reason to be so blue.”

Ruby: “But you don’t understand. I really wanted to get that part. I practiced and practiced for at least fifteen minutes!” 276 more words