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The Leviathan

This is a dream (nightmare?) I had for technically had the past few nights. Each night I would dream only part of the story. I was going to write it down the first night I had it but part of me decided to wait. 2,306 more words

The World Within

Supernatural & Moby Dick (spoilers)

Supernatural & Moby Dick

Supernatural is a tv show with many allusions, whether intentional or not, to Moby-Dick. Season 1 is structurally the most like… 506 more words

Could Crowley have after all had something to do with Sam?

Sorry if this is becoming an obsession, I am finding the more I think about this, the more I want to delve into this and uncover and unearth more.   518 more words


Supernatural Chicon 2012 - James Patrick Stuart

Many thanks to guest author Mieke Trudeau for sharing her experiences and photos from Chicago! 

James Patrick Stuart, (aka the number one bad guy of season 7, Dick Friggin’ Roman), had his panel next. 311 more words


Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 16 - Out With The Old

Supernatural is back from it’s month-long Hellatus with its latest offering, Out With The Old.

In a ballet school, a group of dancers are commenting on a fellow dancer, Norena; it’s clear they don’t like her. 1,473 more words


There Will Be SUPERNATURAL Blood

Episode 722: “There Will Be Blood”

It’s coming down to the wire as we approach the season finale. Everything has been set into place for Richard (please, call him Dick) Roman’s evil leviathan plot to turn the human race into docile cattle for them to snack on. 436 more words


An Epic SUPERNATURAL Battle is Brewing

Episode 721: “Reading is Fundamental”

As we saw last week, Sam and Dean Winchester managed to steal some kind of clay lump from Dick Roman, and now we get to find out why that made him so very angry. 412 more words