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Detective 624 - Batgirl kills Catwoman

Detective 625 (Dec. 90) sees the big finale to the Ostrander/Sprang/Henry/McKone/Marzan Jr comic-within-a-comic storyline.

Batman has managed to deduce the identity of the killer claiming to be him, and confronts the psychiatrist who had released back into the public.  174 more words

Detective 623 - Bathound becomes the Batmobile

Ostrander, Sprang, Henry, McKone and Marzan Jr continue their story of the comic book Batman in Detective 623 (Nov. 90).

The second issue of the comic within the comic pits the demonic Batman against the Joker, who actually isn’t that different from the real one.  127 more words

Detective 622 - Batman becomes a comic book character

John Ostrander scripts an amazing three-part story that begins in Detective 622 (Oct. 90).  The art in each of the three issues is divided into three as well.  161 more words

Detective 265 - Batman's first case

Batman’s first case is revealed in Detective 265 (March 1959), in a story by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang.

Batman and robin encounter the Clock, a foe with a with a garish costume and a thing about clocks, and Batman realizes that he recognizes the man from his very first night out in costume. 136 more words

Detective 226 - When Batman was Robin, and Martian Manhunter fixes a baseball game

The origin of the Robin costume, and the training of young Bruce Wayne, are both addressed in the Edmond Hamilton/Dick Sprang story in Detective 226 (Dec. 274 more words

Detective 224 - Is Batman a robot?, and Captain Compass ends

Terrible cover for Detective 224 (Oct. 55), but the story itself is kind of fun.

Bill Finger and Dick Sprang are behind this tale, in which hoods mistake some metal body armour Batman is wearing as proof that Batman is really a robot, and the rumour spreads through the underworld. 188 more words

Detective 222 - The Great Batman Swindle, and Roy Raymond meets a man who slept for 200 years

A striking cover, and a great story, in Detective 222 (Aug. 55), by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang.

Wealthy and athletic Ned Judson receives an invitation to join the secret Brotherhood of the Batman.  276 more words