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Batman 74 - is the Joker crazy?, and Alfred gets to be a movie star

Batman and Robin may not have been aware that the guy with the gun is the real Skid Turkel until he announced it, but they sure do now, on the cover of Batman 74 (Dec/Jan 52/53). 291 more words

DC Comics

Batman 73 - the Joker's utility belt

A great cover for Batman 73 (Oct/Nov 52), as Reed, Sprang and Paris combine the Joker with the format of a weapon story.

After Batman once again foils the Joker’s plans with his utility belt, the Joker decides to create one for himself. 80 more words

DC Comics

Batman 71 - Batman in prison, and Commissioner Gordon can't stop talking about it

The cover story in Batman 71 (June/July 1952) pulls out all the stops for a prison drama, by Reed, Schwartz and Kaye.

There is some really nice art on this story, although much more serious than usual.  356 more words

DC Comics

Batman 67 - Batman's ropes, the Joker hires gag writers, and the Batman of the Future returns

A dramatic cover for Batman 67 (Oct/Nov 51), but not really representative of the story inside.

This Reed, Schwartz and Paris story fits firmly into the genre of Batman’s weapons, as it explores the variety of silken cords that Batman has used, and various interesting uses of them.  250 more words

Batman 64 - Vicki Vale has a sister, and Killer Moth returns

The cover of Batman 64 (April/May 1951) loosely ties to the story inside, though the scene pictured never occurs.

Vicki Vale returns in this story, illustrated by Sprang and Paris.  269 more words

Batman 63 - the Joker's crime costumes, and Killer Moth debuts

Killer Moth makes the cover of Batman 63 (Feb/March 1951) for his first appearance.

The Joker also appears in this issue, in a story by Finger, Sprang and Paris, which sees him adopt a variety of disguises. 249 more words

DC Comics

Batman 62 - the origin of Catwoman, and Knight and Squire debut

Catwoman’s origin gets revealed, to Catwoman herself as well the readers and other characters, in a story by Finger, Schwartz and Paris in Batman 62 (Dec/Jan 50/51). 318 more words

DC Comics