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Dick Sprang's Batman

Holy lithographs! Posters by Dick Spring celebrating the “Golden Age” of the Batman! 9 more words

DC Comics

Batman 133 - Kite-Man debuts, and Batwoman teams with Bat-Mite

Ah, the chilling intensity of Batman 133 (Aug. 60) is clear from this disturbing and dark cover.

The issue opens by introducing the Kite-Man, a notably one gimmick villain, in a story by Finger, Sprang and Paris. 217 more words

Batman 127 - Alfred becomes the Eagle, if Bruce Wayne's parents hadn't died, and Batman vs Thor

Thor is featured on the cover of Batman 127 (Oct. 59).

The Joker is back in the first story in the issue, by Finger, Sprang and Paris, though he is not the central character in the tale. 378 more words

Batman 125 - Bat-Hound tells a story, Robin gets bad news from the future, and Batman becomes king

Batman gets crowned on the cover of issue 125 (Aug. 59).

Finger, Moldoff and Paris give the story to Bat-Hound to relate, from a dog’s perspective. 332 more words

Batman 123 - the Joker's initiation gags, and Batman on the lam

Bat-Hound helps Robin track down Batman on the cover of issue 123 (April 1959).

Finger, Sprang and Paris bring back the Joker for another mediocre tale.  151 more words

Batman 113 - False-Face, and the Batman of Zur-en-Arrh

It’s super-Batman on the cover of Batman 113 (Feb. 58).

False Face, best known from the tv series, makes his only appearance in the comics in this story, by Moldoff and Paris. 236 more words