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Superman 123 - Jimmy Olsen's magic wishing stick

A Super-Girl is introduced in Superman 123 (Aug. 58) by Binder, Sprang and Kaye, but she is not the one who would shortly gain her own series in Action Comics. 312 more words

World's Finest 131 - Superman and Batman vs the Crimson Avenger (sort of)

A new Crimson Avenger appears in World’s Finest 131 (Feb. 63), in a story by Finger, Sprang and Paris.

This Crimson Avenger is an aspiring crime fighter.  187 more words

World's Finest 123 - the Bat-Mite/Mr. Mxyzptlk team return

The Bat-Mite/Mr.Mxyzptlk story was so popular that the team returned even before the Joker/Luthor team did, in World’s Finest 123 (Feb. 62), once again told by Coleman, Sprang and Moldoff. 117 more words

World's Finest 118 - Superman traded for an alien, and Miss Arrowette returns

Lots of terrible looking aliens in World’s Finest comics from this era.  But as I need to write about World’s Finest 118 (June 1961), I have to cover this story. 255 more words

World's Finest 111 - Superman rules a forgotten city, and Clock King debuts

Superman loses his mind in World’s Finest 111 (Aug. 60), thanks to Finger, Sprang and Moldoff.

There is some really fun art on this tale.  Superman is tracking a wanted felon in South America, but disappears after a volcanic eruption.  279 more words

World's Finest 104 - Luthor captures Batwoman

The story by Finger, Sprang and Moldoff from World’s Finest 104 (Sept. 59) is not one of my favourites, but it does have both Lex Luthor and Batwoman, so I have to include it. 82 more words

World's Finest 103 - Superman and Batman and the Sorcerer's Treasure

Superman, Batman and Robin have their hands full in World’s Finest 103 (Aug. 59), as two men go in search of four deadly weapons, in a story by Finger, Sprang and Paris. 136 more words