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I Sucked His D*ck Twice And It Helped Me Realize My Self-Worth

I blew him. Gave him the sloppy-toppy. He got neck from me. Whatever you want to call it—I sucked his dick. Twice, actually. The first time he was perched up top a washing machine, I was drunk off Malibu and social acceptance. 737 more words

Oy Vey! Depraved Communist New York Mayor Sucks Up to Jews Over D*ck Sucking Circumcision Ritual

Would liberal/progressive/Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City negotiate with Christians over a health issue involving children?

Nope. He’d send Christian parents to jail. 297 more words


Magaluf, WTF...

Magaluf has never struck me as the sort of place I’d like to visit. It’s sort of like a version of ‘Escape from New York’ set on a Spanish island where the only Spaniards are the people in charge of pumping stomachs and where custom dictates that god-awful techno be blared at excruciating volumes in order to mask the sound of knuckles being dragged across the Punta Balena pavement. 1,079 more words

As A Business Owner, I Don’t Want Gays In My Dick Sucking Parlor

It’s 1971. A young, dark, frail man twists in his uncomfortable chair. He is keenly aware of his body movements as he affects confidence. Across from him, a narrow faced banker fastidiously mulls over a stack of papers, inhaling sharply through his nose as he moves from page to page. 838 more words

Hung in the Hockey Shower

Growing up hockey was the sport I loved most. One of the things I quickly realized was a nice bonus when I became a teenager is that the boys start showering around the age of 14 or 15. 1,566 more words


Today's Blurb: Filthy as Fuck Bathmats

After reading this huffpost article, I stand in my bathroom and say, “Ohmygawd. Imagine how much bacteria these fucking bath mats harbor.” He says, “They don’t harbor shit. 37 more words

Someone asked me where I currently was on my trip. This was my answer:

“Where I am, here are some clues: all roads lead to it, it wasn’t built in a day, and when you’re here you should do as the people who live here do.”

Hehehehehehehe :) :)

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