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I Sucked His D*ck Twice And It Helped Me Realize My Self-Worth

I blew him. Gave him the sloppy-toppy. He got neck from me. Whatever you want to call it—I sucked his dick. Twice, actually. The first time he was perched up top a washing machine, I was drunk off Malibu and social acceptance. 737 more words

Magaluf, WTF...

Magaluf has never struck me as the sort of place I’d like to visit. It’s sort of like a version of ‘Escape from New York’ set on a Spanish island where the only Spaniards are the people in charge of pumping stomachs and where custom dictates that god-awful techno be blared at excruciating volumes in order to mask the sound of knuckles being dragged across the Punta Balena pavement. 1,079 more words

As A Business Owner, I Don’t Want Gays In My Dick Sucking Parlor

It’s 1971. A young, dark, frail man twists in his uncomfortable chair. He is keenly aware of his body movements as he affects confidence. Across from him, a narrow faced banker fastidiously mulls over a stack of papers, inhaling sharply through his nose as he moves from page to page. 838 more words

Hung in the Hockey Shower

Growing up hockey was the sport I loved most. One of the things I quickly realized was a nice bonus when I became a teenager is that the boys start showering around the age of 14 or 15. 1,566 more words


Today's Blurb: Filthy as Fuck Bathmats

After reading this huffpost article, I stand in my bathroom and say, “Ohmygawd. Imagine how much bacteria these fucking bath mats harbor.” He says, “They don’t harbor shit. 37 more words

Someone asked me where I currently was on my trip. This was my answer:

“Where I am, here are some clues: all roads lead to it, it wasn’t built in a day, and when you’re here you should do as the people who live here do.”

Hehehehehehehe :) :)

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