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The Left’s Hypocrisy on Sexism

When Julia Gillard was Prime Minister, she was subjected to a seeming unending array of taunts and condemnations, some of them sexist, some of them not; some of them simply labelled sexist because nowadays it appears that any strongly negative comment regarding a woman in power is inherently sexist, unless they happen to be a conservative woman like Bronwyn Bishop, in which case one can slip into that sexist paradigm and no-one is likely to say much. 581 more words

The Snake Man

as I lay in bed with my dick in my head

as the snake moves along golden groves

on a path alone with the only backbone… 57 more words


Hangover Madness

Today I am trying to work out how much of a dickhead I am.

Last night I went out and got very, very drunk with work colleagues. 346 more words

Life As A Drifter.

Life Expectancy

I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up offing myself before 40. If I make it all the way till 40, I’ll be really surprised. 693 more words


Lily Allen Days

Recently I found out that Aff too, listens to Lily Allen. Those were the ‘Lily Allen days’. Where i would put Lily Allen “Fuck You” song when I am pissed with my crush or hate someone and “Not fair” in the shower on repeat. 164 more words

Retired waste-of-talent, Eric Lindros, sues Huffington Post and former NHL ref Paul Stewart and over column that made him look like a "dickhead"

TSN: Eric Lindros has launched a $250,000 defamation lawsuit against former NHL referee Paul Stewart and the Huffington Post, after Stewart wrote a column for the online news website that allegedly made the former Philadelphia Flyers star forward look like a “dickhead.” 101 more words


Eric Lindros Suffers Head/Dick Injury

While suing a former referee for making him look like a dickhead, former Flyers star Eric Lindros suffered yet another devastating injury. According to reports things are going well and Lindros is “behaving like normal” by “picking unnecessary fights.” 117 more words