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Creeper. Dick.

So what is the deal with men sending unwanted dick pix and videos of masturbating to females? A friend referred me to his friend named Luigi because he was looking for a gf and was this great guy who may have things in common with me. 392 more words


Money isnt everything.

So I want to be real honest about something I have encountered lately.

I was asked out on a date by a much older guy, a guy that I wouldnt go for, but I guess i felt bad for the guy and he seemed to really want to take me out. 743 more words


Doctor Ragnarok And The Too Literal Weather Machine

Doctor Ragnarok made an entrance. There were fireworks, blaring drum and bass beats, dancing girls with haunted eyes. It’s important for a super villain to make an entrance. 638 more words

Concise Stories

A Case For Being A Cunt

It’s been a while since I did one of these. I don’t know I’ve been busy doing a mixture of nothing and things. I figured writing blogs isn’t my job, I don’t get paid for this so I guess I don’t need to schedule these posts like it’s a job. 868 more words

Updates as some people knew I was being threatened by my stalker regarding me leaving NY

We all know Pet* is a loony tune attorney. He threatened on more that one occasion, I have 100 audio recordings over the years, how he has a gun, rifle and a taser and he’s gonna kill me (lol in your dreams) and my brother in law.

283 more words
A Good Mood

I hate the drivers by me

I do not know where they learned to drive, but they mostly all suck. In the winter they are all too damn afraid to drive. Umm, go to an empty parking lot and learn how to turn into the skid instead of being a wuss. 850 more words

Bad Mood

Note to self.

When he posts those kind of pictures –yes those ones— the kind you asked him not to, he is the person you were afraid he could be. 187 more words