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Boys Just Wanna Have Some Fun

Listen, I ain’t mad at cha. Why? Because the ‘Good Ole Boys’ prove my point, every day and in every way. It makes my blogging easier. 298 more words


Sexually Repressed Senile Old White Con Men aka Republican Donors

The bigger the tax cut, the tinier the penis. Our Dickhead-In-Chief ain’t fooling nobody, except those sniveling, gun-toting, inbred, bitch-ass cowards aka white supremacists. It’s so easy to fool white supremacists that even a Dickhead could do it. 199 more words


Dickhead And The Men And Women Who Love Him

Isn’t it ironic that the 1% are in love with a Dickhead, that includes but not limited to, the Republican Party, some NFL owners, business owners, Religious Leaders, and CEOs? 166 more words


Dickhead And The Russian Prostitutes Who Peed On His Face

By now you know the story about a Dickhead who had an abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter and he had an insatiable appetite for Russian prostitute’s pee. 138 more words

Ignorant Shit

It’s the Day after..

It’s the day after my first psychology appointment. To be fair, I’ve been tired all day. It’s an emotional thing I guess.. after holding back my emotions so long whenever I do talk to someone I always feel exhausted. 248 more words


Norovirus, flu, maccie d's, Mickey d

Week 24 of the column and I finally get around to talking about my ass. Also, check out that layout up top: They used my name, like you would with other important thought leaders like David Quinn, John Waters, Ronan Mullen, or any of those other great guys who I am totally friends with on Bebo. 1,081 more words

Cam Newton Laughs at Female Reporter for Asking Question

Charlotte, N.C. – Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton decided it wasn’t a woman’s place to be asking questions about football. Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer… 479 more words