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Unions run the country.

The unions, sorry government, must be getting desperate for some cash. For the first time in nearly 10 years at work I found these.

No matter where I hid them or moved them, they always reappeared on the table in a neat little pile. 225 more words

Let me tell you something about my husband...

While writing this, I am currently not talking to my husband. He is on a business trip for a week and he called me last night. 215 more words


Powerfully Inspiring Creative Energy

I was going to title this blog CUNNY POWER, so as to water it down a bit. I was afraid of what people might think. But really that would be stupid. 1,955 more words


"Turtle Neck Love"

sophomore year in college I experienced my first love. He told me I was his gf and he took my virginity. Kind of a high school crush. 190 more words


Technology. WTF!


It pisses us all off at a certain time or another. We, the admins work in the tech world, and we’re pissed off.

Therapy costs too much. 51 more words


Who Made You Royalty?

What drives a person to act so coldly towards other people? Those kinds of people that stick their nose up at you pt look down on you like you’re garbage, just because you try saying hello or starting a conversation with a stranger, what is your problem? 217 more words

Days 0703, 0704 & 0705

So looked at in the Plain Light of Day — so rather harshly — here are┬ámy relationship entanglements distilled to their essence┬áin chronological order: 131 more words