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I Don’t Look Good In Orange

The saga of the checks continues on. I got another one today. That makes it #8. Or, #6 if you subtract the two where Cousinfucker STOPPED PAYMENT on them. 384 more words

That Cousinfucking Sonofabitch!

Remember when I told you that CF has been sending me checks for $555.55 at random moments? He just sent his 7th one this past week. 365 more words


Absolute Truths

If I watched 3 episodes of Gilmore girls in a row, refusing to accept the inevitable reality of waking up early tomorrow am I an escapist, a procrastinator, lazy or stupid? 408 more words



I didn’t realise that there was a dickhead seed
When planted you can grow yourself a dickhead tree
It might just be me but it seems to be… 135 more words


"The Dickhead"

I haven’t been on any dates this month, been a bit busy, and let’s face it dating often brings many knock-backs until you meet a good one. 516 more words