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Nick Kyrgios Number 1 In Latest ATP Dickhead Rankings

Now officially the biggest tennis dickhead, Nick Kyrgio’s efforts are the best by an Australian player since Leyton Hewitt in 1999.

Kyrgios dickhead personality and dickhead behaviour meant he was always a contenter. 365 more words


Divorce will be bittersweet whenever it comes to an end. 

So I haven’t talked to much about the fact that I am sorta married still- but my divorce to my abusive ex has been pending for quite longer than I have expected. 475 more words

True Life, Real, Me,

20 followers so far! Awesome......

Kinda shocked that I have at least 20 followers- and feeling kinda proud that people wanna read about my sexcapades and failed attempts at relationships. 827 more words



So Don still messages me every few days and he messages me on Friday night like midnight ish.

Yea you know what that means when a dude is texting you that late- he wants his dick sucked (booty call). 521 more words

True Life, Real, Me,

Creeper. Dick.

So what is the deal with men sending unwanted dick pix and videos of masturbating to females? A friend referred me to his friend named Luigi because he was looking for a gf and was this great guy who may have things in common with me. 392 more words


Money isnt everything.

So I want to be real honest about something I have encountered lately.

I was asked out on a date by a much older guy, a guy that I wouldnt go for, but I guess i felt bad for the guy and he seemed to really want to take me out. 743 more words


Doctor Ragnarok And The Too Literal Weather Machine

Doctor Ragnarok made an entrance. There were fireworks, blaring drum and bass beats, dancing girls with haunted eyes. It’s important for a super villain to make an entrance. 638 more words

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