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I'm sure

To the man who has stolen my heart,

Please don’t abuse my trust and my choice to love you so deeply. I know you love me, but don’t jeopardize this by still thinking, and Facebook stalking, your ex. 70 more words

Blog me to death!


Stop right fucking there. If you think there’s some gotdamned yardstick you think you’re measuring yourself against by posting every gotdamned four, or six or twelve hours to this got-forsaken situation (the web/internet) — then you’ve swallowed the wrong gotdamned pill. 111 more words


The Haunting of the Dartmouth Dickhead.

Not long after I joined Plenty of Freaks, a very very nice looking man contacted me. We had some great banter but he lived in Devon and that was too far away. 2,186 more words


"Ski Date"

I’ve struggled to start writing this, and part of me wasn’t going to. However some people say blog writing is therapeutic, I’ve hit backspace more times in this first paragraph than moving forwards, is that therapeutic? 664 more words


Doctor, Dickhead, or Dumbass?

RANT. Okay so this is kind of going to be a rant-type post because WHAT THE F.

I went to the gastroenterologist yesterday because I have been having really bad heartburn and indigestion. 480 more words


A Face So Familiar

This vintage “dickhead” is from Jugend, 1912.

Vintage Illustrations

Once a Cheater…

December 2015

I got the most delightful news last night.  Well, I got some not so delightful news, too, but the good news put me in a wonderful mood. 710 more words