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What's your phone number? Dickhead, Dickhead, Dickhead

“…that’s not the type of language we like to hear…”

This is a classic KQRS clip of a drunk guy in Minneapolis being arrested. It is… 40 more words


Unparliamentary language: Australian edition

Legislators in governments based on the Westminster system enjoy parliamentary privilege, which means that, while in the House, they can speak their minds without the fear of being sued for slander. 3,298 more words


Spencer Jones: only a bit of a Herbert

“Your comedy character is called The Herbert,” I said to Spencer Jones.

“Well,” he told me, “I wanted to call him The Dickhead. Dickhead… 1,204 more words


Sneaky Son Of A

I have the unfortunate ability to wake up looking like Carrie after her prom but this morning wasn’t one of those. No, today was one of those Beyonce ‘I woke up like this’ mornings where I could go down the street without changing anything and still feel fabulous. 244 more words

Why you being a dickhead for. Stop being a dickhead.

Stupidly busy trains due to the train strike rush yet idiots with children still insist the world should bow to them.
If you decide to travel at peak time, with a buggy the size of a small car then yes I will roll my eyes when you get shitty about space and your children proceed to paw at my bag and dress and scream and cry and act like little dicks and you repeat the phrase “mummy is getting angry, ill have to tell you off soon” several billion times all whilst doing sweet fuck all. 261 more words