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Broken Bones and Broken Words by Heather Novak

Hello nights of passion readers,

I am writing this blog post using the dictation function on my iPad. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I broke my wrist doing something very embarrassing. 413 more words


Easy ESL listening activities for kids

Listening skills are paramount to communicate and succeed in language learning. With these online activities for elementary classes you’ll improve your listening comprehension skills. Have fun! 44 more words


Tools I Use: Transcription

Over the past few years, I have found that converting speech to text has a lot of value.

Speech recorded or otherwise is not very searchable without a transcript. 379 more words

Henrik De Gyor

Out of Time: Voice Transcription to the Rescue

So that didn’t go well.

Several months ago I started a new job as a Cataloging Librarian about an hour to hour and a half from my house. 898 more words


Maybe I Won't Retire, After All....

Writing used to come easily for me. I wrote one of my best novels, The Unicorn’s Daughter, in four months. Final Hours took six weeks. It was almost too easy, which is why I was surprised that The Unicorn’s Daughter required almost no editing from Berkley and became, along with Chasing the Wind, one of my best-reviewed novels. 288 more words

Don't Stop Believing

Age: Adults

For the song “DON’T STOP BELIEVING”, students will first combine fragments of information in order to guess and talk about the band. Then, arranged in smallĀ  groups, they will be provided with pieces of the song to beĀ put in order. 39 more words

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