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The Effect of Frequent Dictation in Foreign Language Lessons

This is a guest post written by Tetyana Skrypkina

In my teaching foreign languages practice I do use frequent dictations with my students. For it to be more successful, before the dictation I provide students with the list of unknown words and collocations, which might not be recognized by them due to the accent or speed of speech.  782 more words

Systems And Skills

From Sketch to Poster - Making an Unwieldy Doctoral Thesis Appealing to a Non-expert Audience

The challenge: Find one aspect of your thesis that people other than your examiners would be interested in and put it on an A0 poster using less than 300 words. 465 more words


Dictogloss & Reduced Relative Clauses

It’s been a while since I posted a lesson idea, and I’ve been keen to share something I’ve been experimenting with in class recently. One of my objectives for this semester is to improve how I teach listening skills – and hopefully the listening skills of my students into the bargain. 779 more words


Dictating in the Car: Why Each Session Must Have a Goal

First off, I want to be clear that when I refer to dictation I mean dictating into a portable voice recorder (with no rewind feature) and then transcribing the audio file. 470 more words

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Which is Faster? Dictation vs. Typing

One of the first questions I’ve seen people ask when they are considering dictation is, “Is it faster than typing?”

That’s an important question for most people, especially when just setting out on the journey of dictation. 557 more words

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Web-Based Dictation Tool Supports Many Languages

Going through my Google Alerts, I stumbled on this brief writeup about a Web-based dictation tool which supports many different languages. “Available in a multitude of languages including Korean, Lithuanian, Spanish (of many varieties!), Greek, and almost every other language taught in LCSL, this web-based transcription tool is surprisingy accurate when used with good quality audio and even uses context to automatically correct its errors.”

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