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Great Apps and Programs Being Used in Special Ed.

It has been very interesting to learn about some of the great apps and programs that are being utilized by some of the Special Education team here at Haydock.   331 more words


Franklin P Adams: The Dictaphone Bard

How about an amusing spot of medium-breaking poetry from Franklin P Adams, fresh from the pages of Something Else Again?

(As “The Ballad of the Tempest” would have to issue from the dictaphone to the stenographer) … 279 more words


This New Dictation App Is More Powerful Than Any You've Ever Seen

Nuance plans to launch its new Dragon Anywhere dictation app this fall on iOS and Android, the Verge reports.

Most of us already have basic dictation features that come with our phones, but this app is much more powerful than any of the features offered by Apple and Google. 165 more words

Nuance launches cloud-based Dragon Anywhere iOS app, new Mac app

Nuance, the voice recognition and productivity software company behind the iOS keyboard’s Dictation feature, today has revealed a series of updates to its applications and a new cloud-based synchronization service at the core. 475 more words

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Channeling the Literary Greats

Channeling the Literary Greats

by Lesley Sudders

A fascinating story on NPR’s Morning Edition described Brazil’s booming market of books written by spirits. The books attain physical form when they are channeled through mediums. 712 more words

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Putting quill to parchment.

Many authors are asked the same questions over and over again. One of these is often Do you write longhand or into a computer?

But however repetitive it becomes, it’s a question worth considering. 729 more words

Apple working on iCloud Voicemail which uses Siri to transcribe voicemails

”Apple is testing a new service that uses Siri to transcribe voicemails, according to a report from Business Insider,” James Vincent reports for The Verge. 239 more words