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Dictation Software - Good Idea Or Not?

Getting into the everyday writing groove isn’t always easy, particularly if you have author’s block or just lack the time to compose. And when ideas aren’t streaming, you’re not getting any closer to reaching your customer base. 359 more words


a few more meters

i have this dream

in which i kill every thing in the house:

the plants, the pets, the shadows.

i remain alive because i am outside the house, 145 more words


Neighboring Lilas Holds Month of Malian Culture

It looked like school, but was actually a Friday evening in the cultural center of Lilas, a tiny town just north of Montreuil.  Seventy-five people, young and old, were sitting at plastic tables with pens ready, waiting for the start of one of France’s favorite activities:  a dictation. 300 more words

Text Input Methods: Comparison

One thing I was taught at dear old Mother Technology decades ago: Always take measurements.

Handwriting recognition feels faster to me. Dictation (speech recognition) feels incredibly slow. 579 more words


And so we begin.....

Hello my names Sam. I’m 32 and I’m about to start my most frustrating challenge yet. To dictate a passage at 150 + WPM using teeline shorthand. 193 more words

Why Sacrificing Coldplay To ISIS Would Save The World.

One human creation has managed to evolve and live the test of time better than any other; music. Music is one of man’s most valuable, creative and overall brilliant creations, but one which is poisoning our modern day youth. 976 more words


Speak phone! (Smart devices and your French Pronunciation)

I’m sure you have all had the experience of meeting a new French word and although the spelling hasn’t been too difficult, you have not been sure how to go about pronouncing it? 539 more words