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Quarterly Check-In

It’s been over three months since I set my goals for 2017 so I thought I’d give you an update on progress. 303 more words

General Updates

How to Use Dictation on Mac

When you have flexibility or motor impairments, recurring pressure accidents, or perhaps you find typing on the keyboard hard by any means

A Laodicean: A Story of To-Day (Thomas Hardy)

Several years ago, I took Gallup’s Strengths Finder Quiz, and one of my strongest points is what they call Deliberative, which means that I take a long time to decide things. 852 more words


Worksheets for practising writing

Ishaan soon will be finishing his first year of school. I am giving him revisions for all that he has learnt in this year. We can find many worksheets on net. 79 more words


5th Grade: Some new games for the holidays

Dear 5th graders,

Here you’ve got the two games you asked for: The Acting Activity (remember to start in A1) and the Interactive Dictation (remember to start in Grade 1). 7 more words


Dictation in the Car: Improving Sound Quality

One thing I didn’t think about when starting this dictation/transcription writing journey was how noisy my car actually is. My brain is more than capable of tuning out the sound of the road, but the voice recorder picks up everything– even the sound of other engines. 768 more words

Writing Process

Non-Fiction Wednesday: Triple Wombo-Combo *o* !

Alright, so a little background.

I got a bunch of writing books a while back from a promo — don’t remember where, and I’m just now getting through them. 525 more words

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