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Does dictation need to be perfect?

In a word, No. If you are happy with that answer and just want to get on with it, that’s great, please go to… 366 more words

Typing Services

Exceed Your Word Count While Walking

If you have read my previous posts, then you know that yesterday or today one of my production calendar on my first book that I intend to complete this year. 519 more words

Top-10 Messages Shortcuts

Mac Messages Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are my favorites:

  1. Return/Enter—Send message
  2. Command+F—Find
  3. fnfn—Turn on Dictation
  4. Command+Shift+I—Show contact info
  5. Command+Option+B—Show contact’s card (in Contacts App
  6. Command+,—Open Preferences…
  7. 36 more words

Using Text Replacement on iPhone

How to Set-Up Abbreviations for Common Text Phrases and Save Keystrokes

You probably find it tiring to type in your email address or phone number repeatedly on your iPhone. 91 more words


Funny old day

One  of those old chock-full days. Crammed a lot in. Medical appointment then a lunch out treat. I paid the price in the middle of the afternoon when I became seriously fatigued. 97 more words


Fixing Siri Mispronunciation

Teach Siri How to Say Someone’s Name Properly

If Siri mispronounces a name, say “That’s not how you say,” then say the name. Siri will ask you for the correct pronunciation. 10 more words


Using Spotlight on a Mac

Speed Up Access to Files, Info, and More

Activate Spotlight on your Mac with Command+Spacebar (or click the magnifying glass at the top left of the screen). 59 more words