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Encrypting the Aliens

I am sat in a concrete stairwell with superman. We share a red drink. He tells me spaceships are coming. I step into the street. A ship has landed. 233 more words


REC 010

REC 010

I really need to fig— I really need to figure some stuff out, but— I need to do it without like this penalty , you know, like oooh if I don’t figure it out, like, now, then I’m going to like, be depressed or something. 676 more words

REC 008

REC 008

Like ideally, ideally what would I do…?

Something on, like an emotional level… that would allow me to feel, as if… I can do what needs to be done to give myself a life, to turn things back into life, or whatever. 381 more words

REC 007


It almost… it almost doesn’t matter what you do. Unless… that feeling can come back to you. Like that feeling that at one point, somewhere, in the distant future, it will mean something. 1,488 more words

What Are Your Goals For 2016? (Write More With Dictation Software)

It’s still the first month of the year, so I think this post is still valid. Anyway, in the past couple weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what it is I want to accomplish this year. 493 more words


Wrestling with a Dragon

I’ve been having a hard time as of late keeping up my daily word count. Where before I was able to hit one thousand to fifteen hundred words a day, I found myself struggling to even put out three to five hundred words in a writing session. 530 more words

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