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Free Jury Charge Extended Dictation 100-220 wpm

On the right side at the top of CourtReportingHelp.com are 7 free drills at speeds from 100 to 220 wpm.  They are the first dictations from the Jury Charge Extended Dictation CDs.   101 more words

learning to become Gary Busey

My wife had a great point. I don’t write the same way that I speak. It’s as if my voice changes. She suggested it may be a good idea to get a voice recorder or an app on my laptop that allows me to record my words and turns them into text as I go. 585 more words



The Mrs has MS (Multiple Sclerosis), diagnosed over a decade ago. It is what it is. We deal with it.

I got an email from a former colleague who also happened to be the father of my son’s best friend from high school. 112 more words


Check 1 2

I am writing this with dictation. It’s great I can just talk to my computer!

I have new shoes and will travel. Yesterday I went to the library as I always do. 55 more words



今早上學途中才跟我說今日要玩中文遊戲 (即中默),問他知道要寫甚麼字嗎?他說知道,也懂得怎樣寫。



The Best Trick I've Found to Get Your NaNoWriMo 2015 On

I’m posting this a third of the way through the month, when a lot of people may be frustrated they are so far behind, they couldn’t possibly catch up or reach their NaNoWriMo 2015 goal. 622 more words

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