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Prepping for NaNo

I wasn’t going to do NaNo this year, but depending on my equipment for Uni I think I might be able to. This year I’ll be dictating my novel, and I’ll be doing one of my ideas for something I want to ACTUALLY publish. 61 more words

I Dictate or iDictate?

Dictation is one of those things that I have been wanting to do, but have been hesitant for many reasons. The first, and most important of these, is cost. 646 more words


The Future of Dictation

The digital age has moved dictation forward leaps and bounds.

Dictation and speech recognition started over 50 years ago by Alexander Graham Bell, whose wife was deaf and experimented with transmitting speech taking words and turn them into a picture that a deaf person could then understand. 287 more words


Using an Android tablet Google Keep and getting distracted from my blog

Using dictation from Google on an Android tablet I bought in America this summer. I wanted to use dictation and the portable format of an Android tablet makes it a lot easier to do so. 344 more words


I got sidetracked...

Sometimes I just go completely off-course and do me. Most times I go completely off course and do me. Wow I have just realised that I can actually dictate, I don’t even need to type stuff. 193 more words

Being Happy

Me and my big mouth

It’s interesting what you do if you just have to. I’ve been having some ongoing shoulder issues, so I’ve been learning some hard lessons about slowing down and adjusting my work habits. 665 more words


Training (or taming?) my Dragon

I’ve had a very productive month. Not on here – you’ll know that, if you follow my blog regularly (or should that be irregularly?) The blog has suffered from my rush of productivity, … 468 more words