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A man promised glory. He pointed the finger at others and cast blame. And they applauded manically.

Roses in the air as the car drives through town. 10 more words


The Lovers and the Despot (2016) ☆☆1/2(2.5/4): Kidnapped by their North Korean fan

I and most South Korean people are familiar with a bizarre real-life story presented in documentary film “The Lovers and the Despot”. It was one of the most infamous things committed by the North Korean dictatorship during last 66 years, and what two South Korean celebrities experienced during their harrowing captive status in North Korea was full of absurd moments which could only happen in a morbid, deranged communist society like North Korea’s. 941 more words


Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard

Soon available for every dictator; the new S600 Pullman Guard by Mercedes and Maybach. Lets dissect that name for a bit. Mercedes-Maybach is the badge on the most exquisite versions of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but those are not necessarily lengthened. 158 more words

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Creating a Dictator, democracy style

Let me start with this piece with how the piece will end – Is the nature of our current discourse leading to the creation of Narendra Modi as a dictator? 736 more words


Hobbies of dictators

Sketching male nudes and Disney figures, playing the violin, creating bizarre photo albums, writing romance novels and of course all kinds of movies and sports – these were the ways the most famous dictators of the world relaxed. 13 more words

Week 236: Dictator

The theme selected for week two-thirty-five of Operation Graphite will be: Dictator.

So, as I was trying to think up a last minute theme, which I completely forgot I had to do tonight, and my woefully underpowered computer was freezing up. 128 more words

Operation Mission Briefing

Duterte Admin, on this day - 14 Sept 2016

Headline: Rep. Harry Roque wants to probe on 1906 Bud Dajo massacre in Sulu. 1906. 1906!

Yes, we have time & resource to revive this “case” while encouraging everyone to move on from the Martial Law issue. 173 more words