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Eega Producer Lost 60 Lakhs On Balayya?

Eega Producer Lost 60 Lakhs On Balayya?

“Eega” producer Sai Korrpati is currently considered as the saviour of many small films. Because films like Raju Gari Gadhi that are released by him have made it big at box office. 18 more words

New Hampshire's Trends for America's Future

Socialist, Bernie Sanders has soundly beat corrupt and discredited liberal Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Party!

The Prospects for repentance in America seem farther off than ever! 251 more words


Even today in the year 2016 CE all states/nations in the world are not run by democratic system of government. There are a few which are truly democratic with maximum freedom, possibly allowable, to individuals. 350 more words


Dear Morning,

You’ve been witnessing human activities for thousands of years, yet you don’t know what they mean when they talk about ‘the system’? My head hangs low Morning, I shake it in despair. 2,341 more words

Dear Morning

1971 – Idi Amin leads a coup deposing Milton Obote and becomes Uganda's president

25 January

Idi Amin Dada (c. 1923-28 – 16 August 2003) was the third President of Uganda, ruling from 1971 to 1979. 105 more words


Obama's Gun Control Hypocrisy: Why the President Doesn't Live by His Philosophy

Gun Control.  Intended for the safety of all Americans.

Or at least that’s what Obama says.

But, if the President is so concerned with Gun Control, and if he truly believes that guns are a danger to all people, why does he travel with armed security?  488 more words

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