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Sean Spicer, Spokesperson for Trump, Admitted Trump is a Dictator!

Sean Spicer is the Press Secretary for Donald Trump.  As the White House Press Secretary Spicer is the senior White House official whose primary responsibility is to… 281 more words

The Press Banned and Protests to be Banned: Trump and Legislators say you're a criminal!

Republican legislators in at least 18 states
have proposed or voted for new laws to criminalize aspects of protests
since President Donald Trump’s November election in an attempt to keep order and prevent problems that have occurred at mass protests. 68 more words


It’s a common strategy of a dictator or communist government to control the press and media.  A dictator like Putin,  has a long and colorful history of limiting the press to reporters and journalists who report on things that make him appear favorable to the public.   239 more words

Alt-scar picks

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World War II is in focus as the controversial naming of an exhibition space reopens old wounds and the realisation that no Japanese restaurant – no matter how edgy (or authentic) – has ever imagined resurrecting the controversial wartime moniker. 379 more words

Money Matters

We Are Not Robots! Wait! Do Robots Get More Treats? - Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges, but you probably know that. What you do not know is that Lady Human has decided that we bulldogs are robots that will do anything she orders us to do. 282 more words

Strong man rule: why Trump isn't Putin

By Dylan Sahlin

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration we have seen a unique approach to the tradition of American presidency. Enacting a string of executive orders in no short order, labelling media networks he didn’t like as “fake news” and launching daily tirades on Twitter, Trump signalled the start of his rule with a powerful exuberance. 651 more words