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THE RESISTANCE - a joke or a tragedy

Why is there a resistance movement in the United States? Resistance to what? Donald Trump? Republicans? Anybody who wants to work with Donald Trump, anybody who supports Donald Trump? 385 more words


3 Ways Libya Prospered with Western Democracy, 6 years on...

Libya, the forgotten landscape of 2018. The crown jewel of North Africa. Rich in oil reserves but ruled by a ruthless dictator. The perfect combination for uncle Sam to give a taste of his freedom ,the freedom the Libyans always fought for! 472 more words


The Great Dictator

Dear All,

My friend Steven McClymont wrote, quite rightly so, that Trump is so foul he couldn’t find the humor in my last email. He said “it’s like making a joke out of Hitler’s mustache.” Constructively, he sent Charlie Chaplin’s final speech from “The Great Dictator”. 647 more words


Robert Mugabe, The Dictator that wasn't to be...

At the end of last year, Robert Mugabe the Zimbabwean President for almost 4 decades called the curtains through very fascinating yet non dramatic set of events. 509 more words


How Soon Until the Swastika or the Hammer and Sickle Are Raised above the White House?

Most Americans realized that Trump is a white supremacist after his remarks supporting the hate-filled marchers in Charlottesville. Those of us who are political junkies have known this for a long time. 353 more words

The dictator is gone

Eaten by his own desire

To eat others

On the ground is rubble and lies

That surrounded him

Now he is just an old man…

30 more words


Bucharest is a city that has been through a lot and it certainly feels like it. I went with my friend Laura and we spent two days there. 272 more words