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Day 1084: Dictator

Dictator is the final volume in Robert Harris’s trilogy about the great Roman statesman, Cicero. This trilogy has truly been spell-binding.

The novel begins in dark times for Cicero, when he and his family are hounded out of Rome by Julius Caesar, his greatest enemy. 163 more words



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Author’s Note:

‘Fiasco’ is one of five poems that form the collection Silent Verses. The collection, written under the pseudonym Dias… 167 more words


May 18th

On This Day in 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte was elected as the Emperor of French. His reign would change the world irreparably. British historian Andrew Roberts stated, “The ideas that underpin our modern world—meritocracy, equality before the law, property rights, religious toleration, modern secular education, sound finances, and so on—were championed, consolidated, codified and geographically extended by Napoleon. 352 more words

On This Day

Trevor Noah Explains Why Donald Trump Is Basically An African Dictator

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is once again making headlines for doing something dramatic and unprecedented (shocker). He’s refusing to participate in Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate. 20 more words


Saving Ourselves from the Old Drunk at the End of the Bar: Fighting the Dictator in America

And the beat goes on. Along with the serious problems in America and the world – infrastructure, poverty, violence, trade agreements, ISIS – you can add whatever’s happening in your neighborhood, state or country. 577 more words


Trump/Zuma FBI/Scorpions comparisons

Behind the Scenes: Trump’s Dictator Tendencies” isn’t a Daily Show bit; it’s Trevor Noah chatting with the audience while a shot is set up. 32 more words

Black History

Dictatorship 101: Fire the FBI director investigating your regime, then start jailing reporters

A reporter has been arrested for pressing Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price to say whether or not the Trump health care bill would make it harder for domestic violence survivors to obtain insurance. 748 more words

Constitutional Rights