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The Spectator/My Fears

We have existed in fear too long,
fear of change,
fear of failure,
fear of what people will say if we succeed,
we are too afraid to live, 104 more words


D/s: Dictator or Dom?

D/s—BDSM practitioners primarily involved in public venues, hook-ups, and other temporary or part-time play predominantly fall under the consent and trust relationship foundation, instead of the… 2,334 more words


Trump wants to be Kim

President Trump orders the Pentagon to plan a military parade “like the one in France.” More like in Pyongyang.

Dictators – February 09, 2018

There will always be dictators in the world. It is because they do not know Me and they have no reverence and no fear for Me for who I Am and for what I Am able to do. 204 more words


We have voted for, a DICTATOR, without even, knowing it, how’d we, missed that, huh??? I wonder…translated…

He’d drawn so many lines, and mumbled on how he’s, no Picasso, that he was, doing a map of his own life, and requested that people followed his orders and move along, followed the longitude and latitude he’d given them, nothing more. 489 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Rise of WWII Dictators, Part Two (2.1.18)

Step One: Watch Looney Toons clip on WWII dictators.

Step Two: Take notes on 10_1 Rise of Dictators.

Step Three: Read the profiles on  16 more words


Mao the monster

This documentary is too horrific too watch. Mao was one of deadliest, meanest, vile, evil monster to ever live. The crimes he committed are too atrocious, but that was not caused entirely due to his ingenuity but because of the foolishness of the herd mindset developed out of a lack of individuality of the people and their close identification with groups , and this arose from the environment that Mao created. 153 more words