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Soul of the Republic

Consider for a moment that the way we communicate is an expression of who we are or are becoming. Do we communicate as a democratic people, as citizens of a republic, and/or as subjects of an empire—perhaps increasingly less as democratic citizens and more as imperial subjects, marking the impending loss of the soul of the republic? 481 more words

Robert L. Ivie

The Feast of the Goat

The Feast of the Goat by Mario Vargas Llosa

Paperback Edition, 475 pages

Published 2003 by Faber & Faber

This is the fourth book of 2018 i have picked up after reading articles posted on the Guardian website. 409 more words

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Same Sh*t, Different As*hole

My favorite t-shirt to wear when GWB was prez, who knew, an even more accurate t-shirt would ever be needed, one with Trumps face?!

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How to run a globalized dictatorship

Iran’s recent foray into Denmark is a good example of rogue states gaining confidence on the world scene, oppressing their people abroad and not just at home. 535 more words


It’s Not Just the Right That’s Voting for Bolsonaro. It’s Everyone.

When polls closed on the evening of Oct. 7, the results of Brazil’s first-round presidential vote left pundits and experts in shock. Jair Bolsonaro swept the floor with an astounding 46 percent of the vote and carried dozens of candidates for state and national legislatures on his coattails. 1,594 more words


The Autocratic Club

I’m seriously offended. I’ve drawn Donald Trump about a thousand times by now and the guy has never called me to pay a compliment on capturing his likeness. 681 more words