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Developing New Skills

My biggest challenge this semester has been decreasing wordiness. Prior to PR 317, my sentences were long and lacked clarity. Through AP style, writing workshops, and personalized feedback on assignments, I’ve developed the ability to choose succinct diction that communicates my ideas coherently. 407 more words

AP Style

Public Speaking: A Soft Skill That Needs a Solid Structure.

Pace, coupled with a clear structure  is the secret to putting complex ideas into a format that is easy to understand.

Proper pace is needed as there is a delay between the words being spoken and the time it takes for them to be absorbed and understood.   363 more words

Public Speaking

Every Day, I Am Remade

Today’s Prompt is to create a Remix of a poem from earlier in the month. I had already planned to re-work my construction/deconstruction poem, so this gives me a little more incentive to give that one a little creative attention. 206 more words


Top Tips for Proofreading… Or How to Avoid Embarrassing Private Parts!


Laborious. Time-consuming. Arduous. Yes, to most people it really can be all of the above, especially if you’re stuck checking a document about the driest subject ever. 679 more words


Week 9 Reading

This week’s reading was focused on registers and subtexts, in other words, analyzing in what formality the text is written and what the author is implying by using certain language. 340 more words


Definitions, things I honestly shouldn’t need to explain.

It’s a sad thing that not a lot of people know the definitions of certain terms, ranging from what it means to be a atheist, along with the various terms and labels inside it. 448 more words

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Not to come across as aggressive but I, too, have honestly had this issue specifically in my region. Which is actually the Church's fault as a whole due to apathy and complacency. Quite obviously we have became distracted in modern society, and, in effect, we are the exact reason there is so much strife, because we are so lukewarm and/or adamantly conservative to the legalistic traditions of ignorant legalism (Note: Regarding my "God is foolish?" post, "ignorant" is not a negative connotation when being stated by me, to clarify. it is semi-negative, closer to neutral.). Let us please get back to actual logic, guys. Study, study, study... Why do we as a whole need to expound on what "satirical" means to one of our fellow church sisters when she was the one who used the term in the first place?? Think about it... Be yourself, but be reasonable! Hoping all is well with you this week... Keep us posted! [--James]


Food For Thought

Cultural Taboo:  What is the contrasting difference between verbal communication, and social communication??

Musical Medication


"A utopian vision" by Julia at her desk

Wednesday November 15, 2017
5 minutes
from a quote by bell hooks

Call it a quest, yes let’s call it a quest of light. On this quest, well let’s not over use it, there will be many a dark tunnel. 101 more words