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Druid Transmission

Druids entering in! Transmission from Source coming fin!

Light, rays, rayon! All these things in the wind!

The tree moves and the pool’s rest!

The water of the lake flows to the ocean, undrest… 621 more words

Class Shaming in Jamaica: The West Kingston Commission of Enquiry

This post is offered in the spirit of a tweet i saw the other day by @jeremyweate:

“Towards a Phenomenology of Complicity: the subtle ways in which we nourish the status quo”

2,847 more words

Fiddles Playing

Fiddles playing light notes a’kin to love

so glorious, causing nil sensation

echoing the forest: calm and tranquil

yet we wage war in the name of Above… 76 more words

Awen, Awen, Awen

the sands lie to the coast

for tides stop and reverse

forward, side, hoop for most

to reach the inland host!

setting part the voyage’s toasts’ 255 more words

People are never happy 

There is always something lacking

Always something needing more.

Always another method pending

Always an unexplored or unopened door.

The more we succeed in life… 65 more words


Sense the Nonsense: Prosper in its Plagiarism

Welcome to a random write, where you and I may find sense in a series of words constructed into phrases taken from the first things that come to my head. 138 more words



arrows, catapults, lances

cheering the named death

orchard’s wild in colour trances

hillside valley meeting breath

clans! tribes! be annexed

for time, sublime, Caesar’s conquest… 54 more words