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"Stand Down"

The phrase “stand down” used to refer to a person or group that had taken an aggressive stance and was being instructed to abandon that stance.  172 more words


Genesis Chapter 17

In this chapter we get another turning point in the story of Abram. Having presumably passed all of God’s tests, Abram gets a little bit added to his name, and little bit taken off of his — well, you’ll see. 701 more words


Are you a dumbass? (Oh, pardon me, I meant a self-centered ignoramus of epic proportions)

When I was a girl I never swore. It was a matter of principle. My Mama had always said that swearing was a sign of ignorance. 574 more words

Be Cautious while writing Business Documents: A Single Comma can cost $5 Million!

Oxford Comma (Also called as Serial Comma)

A single comma can cost $5 Million!

Read this simple sentence:

“I tried on the red, black, & blue hats.” (The comma after ‘black’ is Oxford Comma.) 358 more words


The whispering willows

I’ve noticed a recent trend in TV acting:  Young, puke-faced millennial actors and actresses who, in lieu of any real technique, whisper their lines.  The dialogue emerges in a breathy rush, enunciation be damned.  40 more words


Difficulties with words. Part 3

Here’s some more vexatious, misunderstood and underused words and phrases. 964 more words

Words + Work