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Why Poetry Sucks Diction

I HATE WRITING POETRY. Ugh I said it. This National Poetry Month thing has taught me that. Rhyming gives me headaches ( or more headaches) and when things don’t sound perfect my anxiety grows. 200 more words



I see the spheres around the rings of Heaven!

Waves so clear surround what brings brethren

To might! To fight! To torture slings of fright! 266 more words


I refer to dreams
Like entities when truly
They deserve description
Paradoxical mysteries of the mind?
Some things need to be left cryptic

I speak of serenity… 109 more words


a letter

to saul williams if i had a minute of your time i’d tell you how your words inspire me how they sharpen my desire to write how the truths you reveal open new associations within my media-drenched mind associations you may not have intended to convey but nonetheless lend color to a monochrome existence perhaps i’m being dramatic but isn’t that the name of the game like stage make-up and overacting a repertory of effects for the consummate wordsmith like you saul like you… 97 more words


I Hope You Hate This

I am no longer inspired
For anything to have me highered
Contracted under something’s instructions
Only leads to lifes greater reductions

Call it lazy call it unmotivated… 180 more words


Belonging to the Wild Circuit

Predatory jaguars decipher
the mode oculus.
Chasing linear apex lunacy,
pneumatic laws abbreviate
vice versa lithography silicone.
The Jungles burst in climax,
detecting heterodyne Kirchhoff’s time-loop. 157 more words

Nano X

Meeting the Bar: Diaphanous Diction

As a logophile sometimes I come across a word and fall hopelessly in love with it. Something about the sound, the silky flow, the cognitive joy, and semantic resonance that sparks my desire to explore the language. 403 more words