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On Reading without Prior Convictions

Aristotle, Poetics 1461a31

“Whenever some word seems to mean something opposite to what it means, it is best to examine how many things this might mean in the place is used. 178 more words


Word Monk

I revere a deity only realized

In between lines

And the deep crevices of my mind

Tinted dark, and hard to find

I reconcile sins by placing… 54 more words


A linguistic Utopia

In John Reader’s Africa: The Biography of a Continent, the author tells us of an island in Lake Victoria named Ukara. Having never heard of the place our interest is piqued, and in this sprawling, meticulously researched book one’s focus is always rewarded. 617 more words



yeah yeah yeah

coming at it, just slowing relaxing, chill into the flow, it is

alive, and come just like every season so

I tell ya, I get nothing in my pockets, covered in locks… 562 more words

The Upper Hand

“‘And this consideration leads me moreover to reflect, with augmented satisfaction, on a certain event of last November; for had it been otherwise, I must have been involved in all your sorrow and disgrace.

447 more words

Poetry Primer

Defining Poetry

Defining poetry is a fluid process, meaning that as we learn, we bring more to our reading of the genre; it never stays in one place, but moves with us as we grow and expand our own awareness.   296 more words


What My Primary Four Student Learned At Her First Class

IT seems like a long time since I had a Primary Four student seek my counsel on writing. This, I think, has to do with the fact that over the last few years, I’ve bristled at some of the nonsense the poor primary school kids are taught both in school and enrichment centers. 767 more words

Writing Wisdom