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You might remember checking out the glossary section in your English coursebook as a kid. Everytime you didn’t know the meaning of a word in a poem or a story or an essay, you relied on ‘granny glossary’ to satiate your curiosity. 715 more words



I may be a big offender but TOO MANY radio and TV journalists and reporters demonstrate incredibly poor language skills.

Pronunciation and enunciation of words is so poor, I am concerned our children are NOT being taught by competent teachers.  55 more words


Word of the week. 

Here’s your word of the week for writers and lyricists.


Your Dingy Old Words

My morning went like this: I put on my black and white striped shirt. To be honest, it’s dingy as all hell, and the armpits have major sweat stains in it, but I keep it around solely to wear under my jean jackets. 1,496 more words

A Good Dialogue (Part 2)

Diction is the main component of dialogue, the building blocks if you will. But what are you building?

(Seriously. What is that?) In part two of my post on dialogue, I’m going to cover some of dialogue’s broader structural challenges. 1,818 more words

Emergencies Only

Collecting your words like artifacts.

I’ll preserve them and keep them safe.

I’ll keep them on display and only break the glass in case of emergency.


Pathologically Disconnected, or, Why I Write Novels

“Here.” I handed my college buddy a small magazine clipping with a photograph of some place with trees and water. I’d just had a very nice visit there, in fact. 1,729 more words