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I look forward to the day that the plural of ethnicity, ethnicities is not met with a red squiggle line.
“Ethnic groups” is often not the wording I want to use.



Averse my use averse,
“You’re wordy!” she exclaimed.
Terse as well inverse,
My diction she defamed.

Mislabeled my abuse,
Conciseness was to blame.
Accepting my correction,
My problem she renamed.

style(1) and readability

A dear friend of mine for about thirty years is a lovely little program of UNIX heritage, called “style.” Modern versions of style(1) handle most of the readability metrics mentioned in the following article. 78 more words


Paradoxical Prynne: A Sinner and A Martyr

While I was reading chapter five, I came across a sentence that seemed a bit odd to me towards the bottom of page 78. Ordinarily, I would have moved on in hopes of gaining context clues or possibly come back to that section later for clarity. 606 more words

Chapters 5-8

When we’re writing, no matter what it is we’re writing, we use the language we know. We tiptoe around words that are too fancy, too simplistic, too made-up, or too abstract.

8 more words

Jelly Toast — The FUN in language!

There’s a running joke in my family about me. Well, there are a LOT of jokes about me. (Sidenote: Don’t ask my friends about me. The answers are equal parts humiliating and sigh-inducing.) 407 more words


Favourite Words

It’s so amazing how the choice of words can change the impact of what you say. I’ve loved the sound of some words, and the pain of others. 98 more words