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On Pres. Trump’s executive order vacating his former policy of breaking up migrants’ families:

Rarely has the White House so tacitly and unmistakably admitted to overplaying its hand.

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The Groen van Prinstererlyceum, which first trialled happiness lessons a decade ago, teaches some of the least troubled teens in the world.

Senay Boztas, Guardian, 
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"One-Year Anniversary"

A headline on Google News today, attributed to the BBC, reads, “Grenfell Tower fire:  Minute’s silence marks one-year anniversary”.  Apparently somebody got to the BBC, though, because the web site now shows this headline: 86 more words



I was at the Queens Library the other day, and I saw a section called “International Languages”.  Probably the most international language in the world is English, which is the majority language of at least a dozen nations, and is the primary language of government or commerce, or both, in many more.  400 more words


Why Me?

Why should I do business with you instead of somebody else?

What is your organization’s unique selling proposition (USP)? Generally, companies try to attract customers based on some combination of price, quality, and convenience. 1,973 more words


"Kissing in Vietnamese" illustrated #vizpoem

Note: I’m writing this at the airport, so I will edit later with a soundcloud file. Here is the original poem.

Ocean Vuong will be thirty this year (2018), which is revolting but probably not his fault (I’m 41 as I write this). 923 more words


"The Emperor of Ice Cream" illustrated #vizpoem

Wallace Stevens’s “Emperor of Ice Cream” is a great example of a poem that, while limiting itself to a relatively small number of poetic techniques, is still a nice little thought puzzle. 1,209 more words