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 Reflections on Teaching Style in Short Stories

PALS Note: We are kicking off the new year with a guest post from Larry S. Su, who is a professor of English at the City Colleges of Chicago. 1,872 more words

Classroom Activities

Houston, You Have a Problem

Most coaches, teachers and other philosophers will tell you that having some degree of ability seems to make folks reluctant to admit their deficiencies. A player who regularly drills three-pointers from twenty-seven feet might convince herself that’s the only skill she needs to be a great player. 567 more words


Fight in Swords

heated, the sword beats

It screams, tangs, reverbs with a sound!

Aye, death quietly walks around

This essence, mirroring reflection

Temperature rises, the chi enhances… 254 more words

Disciples and Masters

This occured nowhere in space and time!
Someone once told me…

There was a Sage living amongst the disciples and Masters.  It was simply another beautiful day to start an ordinary walk; so he opened up and talked. 133 more words

Coast Shaming / City Shaming (CreativeJamie.com Dictionary)

Coast Shaming
Also known as “City Shaming.”
This is the process by which characters in a film (usually a Christmas movie) will impose their belief that small town America is superior in every way to city life.   93 more words

Christmas Blog Posts

Conversing with myself

About every year or so, I type something that isn’t poetry or a bad hard sf story. Well, here’s one. About a week ago, my friend asked my why I use particular words when I do, which I will copy pasta in a moment. 1,473 more words

Anything Not Poetry.


The surviving portion of Poetics focuses on tragedy and epic poetry.

In the work, Aristotle defines poetry as an imitation. Unlike philosophy which presents ideas, poetry represents objects and events found in the world. 291 more words