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Koko, Washoe, and Kanzi: Three Apes with Human Vocabulary

In the last 40 years, there have been many apes that have been taught to communicate with humans using sign language or other means, but the most famous among them are Koko the gorilla, Washoe the chimpanzee, and Kanzi the bonobo. 1,108 more words


Left Right Center

light upon the fixing time

where was i felt the moving chime

it captured the essence of light and me

and moved me to beyond the sea… 624 more words

4 - 0

yo yo check this beat

walking to and fro along the road open

I see the cars, moving sideline bars

like lyrical notes each one hailing a color… 478 more words

Invocation Druids

So long ago in a forest fern of delightful nights

came an opening! A portal! A gate leading sights!

Emerald casts! Jewels sapphires and staffs! 890 more words

Ah, Did He Just Say Diction?

In Mary Oliver’s A Poetry Workbook, she writes, “For a poet, and indeed for any writer, diction has several components–the sound of the word; the accuracy of the word; and its connotation–the atmosphere, let us say, that is created by word choice.” It is interesting that she doesn’t call out correctness, as in how grammatically correct the word is inside the line and sentence. 417 more words

Freedom of Speech

I write thoughts,

Vocabulary paired to emotions,

Not emojis, nor emoticons,

The limitation put on creativity,

By wisdom,

Longing for,

The enunciation of imagination,

Ideas are peripheral, 20 more words


U and Non-U

U, or should I say you, might think I am off my trolley with this blog title or maybe my carefully worded prose has finally given way to text-speak.   1,340 more words