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Daniel Hannan: brilliant when audible.

In May ACRE held a conference in Miami to launch Conservatives International. One of the speakers was Dan Hannan. On learning this my immediate instinct was to move on: I’ve critiqued him far too often. 509 more words

Speech Critique

Discussion: The Word "Said" in Writing

I was working on a collab story a few months ago, and I was told that when writing, I shouldn’t use any words besides “said” after a person talks because I should be showing rather than saying the way that they behave.   502 more words


I-75 Rush Hour

It’s running with bulls,
stampeding, semis running
over the raucous rumble-strip
with a sucker-punctured rear
tire. Parked like sardines in
a writhing school, brakes
clamoring for relief, bands… 39 more words


Literally has been one of my go to words since I was barely 9 or 10. Now literally every teen and young adult uses it way to often and they… 227 more words

Schnit N Shnivalry

Evoking Emotion: Most Moving Moments

Evoking Emotion: Most Moving Moments

Have you read something that has brought tears to your eyes? Have you flipped the page to see something that, for a moment, left you breathless? 1,056 more words

Creative Writing

Exercise for Finding Your Voice

Photo: My kitty, Zoey, ponders voice.

Last time we talked about voice = word choice and angle of vision. This time, we’ll apply those ideas in writing.  567 more words


Tanka on haiku - questioning the rules of beauty

There are many set forms of poetic structure. Books and websites abound, setting out the rules of form and content that allow us to label our work and provide a framework in which to explore a concent. 807 more words


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Sue shares her thoughts on writing the Japanese poetry forms. I stand corrected - she brings up excellent points about diction and pronunciation in British English vs. American English. I accept that some poets write in their native language which is then translated into English. The syllable count may be off because of the differences in language. I have no problems with this. The poetry challenge was started to share our love of poetry while learning about the different forms. Please write your poetry with your particular syllable count as close to the 5/7/5 format as possible. If you are not spot on, don't worry. Creativity should be allowed to flourish. That works for me. Thank you, Sue, for sharing your thoughts. <3