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how many times I tried
to just let it pass
to think about something
more positive
but I just can’t

I just can’t
the moment I realized… 10 more words


Creative Essays: Voice (Diction and Tone)

Daily Prompt #12: Worst Moment

Even though it may be difficult, write about one of the worst moments of your life. Be as detailed as you can.

99 more words
Writer's Notebook

What I have

A tender heart
Consumed by a captivating fire
Still remain are little pieces
Most are scorched already

Trusted to me one of the pieces
Beautiful indeed, though not whole anymore… 16 more words


Alternate Meanings

Alternate Meanings

Have you ever taken the time to consider the many different ways in which you can say a single word or phrase? As a child and even as a teenager I could not fully appreciate the value in the meaning of words. 139 more words

Creative Writing

Finnegan’s Wake : 300 More Pages

I’m up to page 240 of Finnegan’s Wake in an edition with 540 pages. Recent word choice included “fook,” “windigo,” “cis,” and “titties.” “Fook” clearly meant “fornication” but I’m not sure what “cis” was intended to mean, it definitely did not seem the opposite of transgender.



For whom do writers write,
those lovers of words,
those divers in the reef?
In pursuit of incongruous pearls
they die; lives given
so that words might live. 78 more words


The Wall

The paragraph that follows has been pasted from an Associated Press article used by Time online to continue the accusation that journalists have kept making (fact check anybody) since Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president said he wanted to build a wall to stop the influx of illegal invaders from Mexico. 208 more words