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Mass Incarceration of Words Left Unwritten

The Bleeding of my pen   is    routine

The black of my book and the white of its page     contrast     clean

and when my pen begins to  lean… 516 more words


An Uningibberable Conversation

All is not well here at Wilderness of Mirrors Blog H.Q.  Earlier, this very day, I had a remarkable shock that shook me right to my chakras.   375 more words


Derailing the Stage Choo-Choo

According to a friend and director with whom I have worked on many productions, there are two kinds of train in acting.  Both are bad. 1,424 more words


Hmmology - episode 22: What's Love Got to Do With it?

‘I have a feeling that we might be looking at the world through slightly different lenses’, Bifidus enunciated, carefully rounding out the more complicated sounding words, while keeping her gestures to a bare minimum, so as not to distract my  obviously slow self. 458 more words

Dark Light

No need to flex, trigger finger at rest

No contest, just illegal consequence

That Represents the Relevance

Of a Caged Life due Testament

You wanna boat? 85 more words

D is for Diction and Dursley | #AtoZChallenge

Diction is the tone of an author’s writing.

It includes

  • word choices
  • sentence structures
  • style of expression
  • dialect
  • figurative language

Authors use diction to


Why You Should Let Your Students Write Your Emails

One of the struggles many English/Language Arts teachers face is trying to develop relevant and authentic tasks to give our students. (If you are a non-educator, an authentic or contextual task is something that can be used in the “real world” rather than just as a classroom assessment). 1,185 more words