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today I swam through a deep river of despair. I wallowed about in the persistent and unchanging realization that I am nobody’s priority (other than me mum, of course. 66 more words


Words I Love 44 - Immerse

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verb: immerse; 3rd person present: immerses; past tense: immersed; past participle: immersed; gerund or present participle: immersing

  1. 1.

    dip or submerge in a liquid.

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Million Laws

Dark shadows during light’s time

craft unwoven from the crime

spells unfold betwixt the hollow

like a frost nova below

the circumference of the shied… 728 more words

Books That Speak Your Language

As a writer, it is important that I keep up with contemporary works in my genre. I need to know what work is out there, what is selling well, what is selling okay, and what isn’t selling at all. 554 more words

Language Speaks — "Slang is OK"

The point of language is to share and learn. People develop their own ways of speaking to each other (married couples sometimes have sickeningly adorable telepathy where a few words can mean volumes).

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The Inv3nti0n of W0rd5 — Like "Selfie" and "Bromance"

From a lexicographical point of view, words spring into existence in different ways.

  • Terms can be coined, popularized, forgotten, recycled, or rebranded. For an interesting example of rebranding a word/symbol, watch…
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Do you have a favorite word?

What are YOUR favorite or least favorite words? Do you know why you love or hate them?

From Favorite Words and Hated Words, February 12, 2015