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Word wars

Thanks to The Grammarist, I can happily continue using “Boughten”.

Over the course of time, Sandy has picked up that I use the word, “Boughten”. What’s worse is that I never catch it, it just rolls right off my tongue. 70 more words

Complicity Denied

In a book of 100k words, is there room enough for a single word?

Emily Dickinson (yes, her again… blame Harvard) delighted in the power, the mystery, the beauty of a solitary word. 99 more words


Petit Ami

o yes, darling, mistaken I was
for forgetting the clause of what was once twas
lucid spells floating along the Avalon’s coast
like a knight, galloping gallantly towards hope… 203 more words

A Career Studying the Sophisticated Vocabulary of Prairie Dogs

Who would have thought that Prairie Dogs, seen by many as nothing but hole-digging nuisances, would have a rich vocabulary? Professor Con Slobodchikoff has spent nearly 30 years studying these small rodents and he spoke with me about the many things… 1,630 more words


Holiday Trees & Political Correctness

Yesterday was the first I’ve ever heard of Holiday Trees in the context of political correctness over the use of Christmas Trees. This sounds exactly like the following: 95 more words


touching mystery! eternal misery!

Doom gloom walks over eleven seas!

but worship constrained developing

to the lost Crevice; closer to penmanship

Orders Bards, Ovates and Seers… 652 more words

Growing up, growing down

grown up, stepped down, grew up in a black town

clowns around, frowning sound in the ways

plays, days smokin away greed; lust of plants bound play… 199 more words