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Why is "Unnecessary" so Unnecessarily Difficult to Spell?

It’s ironic and paradoxical the word “unnecessary” is so, like, dead difficult to spell correctly. Even the most seasoned spelling pros must surely launch into this verb with a hint of trepidation: “Cripes… is it three or four ns, I can’t remember!” Indeed, thusly “unnecessary” is one of the most unnecessarily difficult words to spell ever. 372 more words


Word of the Week: Hoi Polloi

PART of the joy of writing—or its challenge, depending on how you look at it—is the whole process of going word shopping. That, essentially, is what diction is. 534 more words

Word Power

Crab Shells

Red curmudgeon trudges through treacherous
thorny paths, yammering about imbroglios where
crummy sourpusses sabotage jamborees:
backtalk bellyacher crimping cannonballs
cartidges confettis.

A classic consummate modus operandi… 8 more words


Begging questions

Does someone approaching the cash register beg the question, “Did you find everything OK?” Does a diner in a restaurant beg the question, “How is everything tasting?” And if there are two diners, does the second one beg the question, “… and… 629 more words


NaPoWriMo 2016, Day 18 "The Language of Home"

The NaPoWriMo prompt today was to write a poem about figures of speech and ways of talking of the people I grew up around. Since I have very recently written a poem about precisely this topic, please go… 141 more words

He is a Sinner.

He is none other than a sinner

thinks himself to be a winner

knows no fundamentals  in all

be it in language or accounting  in call… 47 more words


This Summer

This summer, beginning from July 25th – September 2nd, Vepertoir Solutions can do a number of things for your school through a fair partnership:

We can provide an Entrepreneurship Training Course for your senior secondary students… 526 more words