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Time to organise my thoughts: Honours, Day 1

Am officially now able to get into rooms:

Rooms which house interesting objects such as the following:

Two classes were had today.

One was the NonFiction Lab, 637 more words


Language and Landscape: Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane

There is, suddenly, a surging sense of the importance of preserving and plenishing a diverse language for landscape. In January, a campaign for OUP to reinstate the culled “nature words” was launched, drawing support from Margaret Atwood and Michael Morpurgo: OUP has responded positively and thoughtfully. 401 more words


Unexpected Corpses

I think that most of us have never seen a truly messy room. I don’t mean stacks of old pizza boxes and piles of socks that date back to the Carter administration messy. 1,167 more words


Isaac Newton's dog-ears

Among the highlights of the Keynes Bequest are two volumes from Sir Isaac Newton’s library, with a fascinating history behind them. This copy of Johann Buxtorf’s third edition of… 310 more words


RhymeZone - Find rhymes, synonyms, and more

RhymeZone is a great website to see how a word is used in the context of famous quotes, poems, and plays, but also an easy way of finding rhymes and a whole lot more. 289 more words


A Fashion Dictionary with Context and History

Lately, I’ve been researching and collecting sources of fashion terminology, like dictionaries, but rather pictionaries because it’s easier to get what fashion items and details are by looking at them than reading a description of them. 191 more words

The Inv3nti0n of W0rd5 — Like "Selfie" and "Bromance"

From a lexicographical point of view, words spring into existence in different ways.

  • Terms can be coined, popularized, forgotten, recycled, or rebranded. For an interesting example of rebranding a word/symbol, watch…
  • 599 more words