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Dictionary Stories

Jez Burrows writes ‘Dictionary Stories’. These are very short stories composed entirely of example sentences, drawn from a variety of dictionaries, with nothing added except the odd conjunction or preposition. 113 more words

Flash Fiction

"Slang is a language that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands and goes to work"*...

In 1699, an anonymous lexicographer known only as “B. E., Gent.” published the first comprehensive dictionary of non-standard English. Although shorter word lists and glossaries of slang terminology had been published previously, …

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Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls - more adventures in dictionaries

In 1875 Isaac Kaufmann Funk started a publishing company. Two years later one of his friends from University, Adam Willis Wagnalls, joined the firm as a partner and they renamed the business Funk & Wagnalls Company. 651 more words


Are you beautiful or lovely-the difference

The definitions I am using from the 1959 Webster’s New World Dictionary come from a blog I subscribe to by CS Perryess. On should give credit where credit is due. 370 more words


‘Scouse’ (Liverpudlian)



The names Scouse and Scouser designate a person from Liverpool, and Scouse also denotes the dialect or accent of people from Liverpool. (In… 1,245 more words


Yorkshire tyke


Yorkshire landscape – photograph: pixabay



The term (Yorkshire) tyke is used as a nickname for a person from Yorkshire.

The noun tyke is from Old Norse… 1,097 more words