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according to Gunter


an early Gunter’s scale
photograph: Museum of the History of Science – Broad Street, Oxford





according to Gunter: correctly; reliably (synonym: according to Cocker… 671 more words


Dance Like A Ceiling Fan

We waited
At the front door,
Patient as
Placed in
Fiction. Papers were cold
Cigarettes adorned the ceramic
Ashtray. He pinched a cigarette
Charred to the filter, 46 more words


A classical notion in investigating lexical structure is the semantic field – a named area of meaning in which words interrelate and define each other in specific ways. 558 more words

origin of ‘to cut a caper’

plate 19: La Trénis, Contredanse
source: gallica.bnf.fr / Bibliothèque Nationale de France

from the 1931 reprint of the caricatures published under the title of Le Bon Genre… 1,144 more words


betwixt and between


photograph: pixabay



The phrase betwixt and between means not fully or properly either of two things, in an intermediate or middling position; as an adjective, it means… 334 more words


‘adultescent’ and its synonyms


Empty nests fill up again
Called “boomerangers” or “adultolescents,” more adults are moving back to their parents’ homes. To make it work, both parties agree on the importance of mutually accepting house rules.

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