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‘In the beginning was the Word…’

 The Gospel of John 1:1, The King James New Testament (1604-11)

What a brilliant piece of linguistic chicanery that is. 1,718 more words


Nice: From the Latin 'Nescius' meaning ignorant, Read more:

Nice comes from the Latin word ‘nescius’ meaning ‘ignorant’ or ‘unaware’. It has had, probably the most pronounced change of meaning of any word. By the 13th century, it had become ‘nice’ in French and had taken on the slightly different meaning of ‘foolish’. 47 more words


This week, sharing some good reads from various places…

The Age of Rudeness, a wonderfully written essay by author Rachel Cusk

Ryan Adams shares… 57 more words

Critical Linking

Pizza or Sausages on your Hair, Madam?

A few days ago, I took the almost unheard-of step of allowing a hairdresser access to my apology for a hairstyle. She asked me when I’d last had it done – I thought it could have been August but wasn’t too sure if it was so recently or not. 279 more words


Phrase: To Curry Favour; to prepare for a horse, Read more:

Whilst cooking myself supper tonight I found myself wondering about the phrase ‘To curry favour’, it seemed rather non-sensical; the phrase is used to mean to obtain favour by flattery or courtesy, but what does that have to do with Indian cuisine? 148 more words


Words I Love: cloudland

cloudland – noun

  1. the sky
  2. a region of unreality, imagination etc.; dreamland
  3. a Utopian place

How wonderful is this word? How whimsical and beautiful?

I love clouds. 291 more words


Highly Fragranced Philosophy

I’m incensed. Or at least, I was. I’m over it now, but the cause of my initial incensement was the term “incensed” itself. People have told me the ideas I have are rather bizarre. 1,105 more words

Odd Train Of Thought