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A Fun App - Waterlogue

Before Waterlogue

After Waterlogue

Love this app – it turns your pictures into water colors!


IKEA - Broomfield?

Ok, some exciting news came out today and though it could be several more years .  . . IKEA is looking at some property at I-25 & Highway 7 in Broomfield (Northern Colorado)!!!! Yahoooooo


Kebebasan Dalam Berbusana

Kebebasan merupakan adalah hak yang dimiliki setiap individu. Kebebasan hampir bersifat absolut termasuk diantaranya dalam hal berpakaian. Jika seorang atau sekelompok (organisasi) wanita memilih untuk tidak mengenakan busana (naked/toppless) adalah suatu bentuk kebebasan dan negara menjamin hak-hak nya tersebut, maka seorang wanita yang memakai busana yang mencerminkan seseorang atau sekumpulan yang menutup kepala dan bagian tubuh juga merupakan bentuk kebebasan memilih dan negara juga menjamin kebebasan tersebut. 344 more words

Did U Know..?

It's a Boy!

Lol – Did you know that there are male bell peppers & female bell peppers?  The things I’ve learned growing a garden blow my mind, lol.   60 more words


Did You Know?

Frozen . . .

Thawing . . .


I was told a long time ago to cover your paintbrushes with foil or saran wrap if you need to use them again, but are done for the day.   160 more words


Did You Know?

Yahooooo!  I’ve finally found a little baby pumpkin growing!  I honestly have been a little panicky thinking I wasn’t going to get any pumpkins.  My plants are growing like weeds and I’ve seen many blossoms but no pumpkins.   107 more words


Garage Floor - Rustoleum

Saturday night Jason & I applied a Rustoleum epoxy/flake coating on his garage floor (he bought it at Lowe’s).  Here are some before and after pics.   34 more words