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It's Wellie Time

“Wellies” are what they call rubber boots in the UK.   It started raining last night and should continue for the next couple of days, so I was super excited to wear my “wellies” to work today.  119 more words


"Grout Renew" Stain & Sealer

As much as I love my new tiled mudroom, I didn’t love the grout color I chose.  It’s called “Bone” and it dried a bit lighter than I was hoping for.  228 more words


Is Hijab a Form of Oppression to Muslim Women ? | Explanation - Simple and Logic |

Instead. Hijab is not a form of oppression of Muslim women (Headscarf, veil and Burqa)

Hijab serves to cover up the body and head. Husband, son, mother, they did not order them to do so. 445 more words

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Apakah Hijab Itu Adalah Bentuk Penindasan Terhadap Wanita Muslim ? | Penjelasan - Logis & Sederhana |

Bukan. Hijab bukanlah bentuk penindasan terhadap Wanita Muslim.

Hijab berfungsi untuk menutupi tubuh dan kepala. Suami, anak, ibu, mereka tidak menyuruh mereka untuk melakukannya. Tetapi Tuhan mengatakan kepada wanita muslim untuk menutup kepala dan tubuh dan jangan biarkan ornamen alami wanita diperlihatkan kecuali kepada keluarga saja. 369 more words

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Does ISLAM Take Over European ? | Facts - Statistics - Opinions |

A report which will change the demographics of the world.

According to a study said to maintain a culture of more than 25 years it require Fertility Rate is 2.11 per family. 798 more words

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