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It all adds up: Peeing in the shower makes sense

Hello again everyone.

I came across this headline on USA Today and felt it was worth sharing.  Apparently, it all comes down to water and toilet paper conservation. 15 more words

Did You See This?

The New Economy

With a daughter who graduated with a pretty good average from a pretty good school how do I explain things? I already explained to a friend who suggested there was an internship at her sisters ad agency- don’t you think you’re limiting your talent pool by only taking on the children of rich people? 144 more words

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Boys Brains

I’m a 12 yr old at heart.
59 years old and I see this picture on the sidewall of an out of business store on 7th Ave. 31 more words

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Swiss Army Knife

¬† For 90% of the cutting I do a 1/4″ blade would suffice.
A good rule of thumb for knife use is to use the shortest blade that will get the job done- unless you have a small dick you don’t need to pull out a 6 1/2″ blade to cut the tape on a package. 55 more words

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I just divorced my wife. What should I do?

  • Drink milk directly from the carton.
  • Buy a case of toilet paper and not worry about that for 2 years.
  • Buy a crock pot and learn to use it.
  • 141 more words
Did You See This?