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Swiss Army Knife

  For 90% of the cutting I do a 1/4″ blade would suffice.
A good rule of thumb for knife use is to use the shortest blade that will get the job done- unless you have a small dick you don’t need to pull out a 6 1/2″ blade to cut the tape on a package. 47 more words

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Crowd Sourcing- I'm kind of enjoying Quora

  • Drink milk directly from the carton.
  • Buy a case of toilet paper and not worry about that for 2 years.
  • Buy a crock pot and learn to use it.
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Hand of a Superhero



Jesus Weeps- If I can string a lacrosse stick, tie on a fishing lure, repair firearms and build the city of the future I can do this. 375 more words

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Still Alice

Well I won’t engage in my usual smart-assery and quip that I saw it but can’t remember if I liked it…

A well made and consequently brutal movie… 47 more words

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Keeping It Real

From the NYTimes 02/05I’m not much of a “truther” but I do believe that Saudis, including relatives of UBL, were spirited from the country on the only planes to fly in the days after 911 and I have no problem gaming Saudi princes assuaging some “keeping it real” sensibility and bankrolling terrorists. 164 more words

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This Week's Rants

“The vaccination controversy is a twist on an old problem for the Republican Party: how to approach matters that have largely been settled among scientists but are not widely accepted by conservatives. 277 more words

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Well I saw Selma- a movie you should see

Well I saw Selma a movie you should see, though in my estimation there is no Oscar-winning acting going on.. I didn’t think LBJ came off as badly as expected and thought that Tom Wilkinson, as him, gave the best performance. 212 more words

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