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Let's Celebrate the Fourth!


“We have no right to believe that if anything were
different from what it is, anything else would be the
same as what it is.” 307 more words


How and Why We Became Publishers, Part Three, Merchant's House Meet POD

After we moved to Manhattan we made it a point to see all the things people come to the city to see. One of them, the Merchant’s House Museum, a historic house built in 1832, was occupied by the same family for almost 100 years and still has original furniture and personal family belongings—even their underwear! 550 more words

Merchant's House

Some Guys You Just Don't Mess With

At the entrance to the New York City

Museum of Natural History

is a statue of a racist,

jingoistic politician

up on his high horse, 105 more words


Ronald McDonald keeping lower profile

McDonald’s cites ‘current climate’ for decision to rein in its clown mascot

The creepy clown business is hurting Ronald McDonald’s reputation.  It must stop.

Source: … 20 more words

Did You See This?

The Transgender Bathroom Dilmena

I’m distressed that there were so many NC legislators obsessed with people pissing that they could pass the “Bathroom Bill” in one day.

My Experience with Trans People is pretty damned limited and I have more stories than almost anyone else i know. 944 more words

Did You See This?

What We Missed

We are missing the fundamental disconnect in the Colin Kaeperinick story; that he even considers himself black & consequently set aside, despite being a 1% elite, is a terrible condemnation of the racial divide in America. 116 more words

Did You See This?