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Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle

When you’ve already started saying fuck—whether it’s in “I don’t give a fuck” or just a good ol’ naked “Fuck!”—but realize you’re within earshot of delicate sensibilities, fiddle (or fiddlesticks!) is a convenient last-minute mincing. 1,054 more words


Insights Eco Friendly Nursery Art Rhyme Theme Hey Diddle

There are numerous rewards to nursery rhyme routines. nursery rhymes will instruct your little one auditory skills and support them build an appreciation for rhyme… 292 more words

Engleza de august/ flumadiddle

Flumadiddle = utter nonsense (American English, being a combination of flummery = complete nonsense and diddle = to fool with).

The sun will call off his stinging rays of heat to end the… 42 more words

Blog De Companie

Hey diddle, diddle

They were in the pantry.

He was good at it, as you’d expect, although a bit quick – also to be expected. She hoped for – anticipated – something with greater grandeur to confirm the rumours. 67 more words

Lady Smock

Get rid of the "Diddle in the Middle." The new, streamlined agency model.

Somewhere between the people who actually do the work, and the ones with the authority to make the decision, lies the Diddle in the Middle. The crush of agency middle management who don’t do, and can’t decide. 617 more words

Slutty Bimbo Whore

Be the slut you always imagined! Let Goddess Lycia show you how.

Hey Diddle Diddle....

The Cat and the Fiddle…

“Practice, practice, practice, is the only way to get to Carnegie Hall”. So goes the answer given to the anxious street-walking patron trying to find the place. 239 more words