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Spinning off Classics with A-Train.

I got to wondering the other day, “How did the Asian terrorist (Uli), and the black cyber terrorist/hacker (Theo) end up on a team with mostly East-German’s in the movie Die Hard.” I know that I’m not alone in wondering this. 645 more words

The Locomotive

Ranking Top 10 R-Rated Action Thriller Movies

After a week of watching Solo slump and Deadpool 2 continue to pile on to its domestic box office, two thrillers are arriving in theaters this weekend. 97 more words


Equal heroics for equal villainy

Feminism remains a hot button issue with a lot of media coverage, movements, and hashtags. Accusations, judgments, and insults run rampant in most discussions. Despite these things and the fact that I’m probably not the best feminist, I thought I might as well throw my two cents in too. 793 more words

Summer Book Giveaway Day Four

Ah Thursday, home of the Throwback Thursday. That’s kind of what this whole week has been like on here. (If you’ve been reading, thank you very much! 701 more words

Short Stories

All-Time Favorite Trailers: 'Die Hard 2'

I so wish I saw this particular movie trailer in a theater when it first came out. Instead, I first watched it on the Movietime Channel which would later become E, Entertainment Television. 587 more words

The schadenfreude and everlasting freude of Christmas films

The formula for the Christmas film is simple: a central character(s) in their natural environment – usually a balanced pre-preparation for a Christmas gathering. Then, a call to arms is presented, the potential fiasco or problem; usually initiated through the aid of kin and kith. 1,193 more words

10 of the best Hollywood nerds you can find on Netflix this Geek Pride Day

You could argue that Geek Pride Day today – conceived in Spain back in 2006 – is now a pretty redundant holiday.

Indeed, with superhero movies, Ed Sheeran and Mark Zuckerberg dominating the world, lately it seems as though every day could be classed as Geek Pride Day. 716 more words