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You know how writing about yourself can be hard work? And how overthinking everything can lead to either tangled knots or brilliant insight?

Well, yeah. 509 more words


New Single : Die Hard - Cristal Snow

Cristal Snow is going “Die Hard” with his New Single.

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5 iconic beards in the movies

Beards have become a topic of great interest. There’s the classic beard and man-bun combo that has taken the 21st century by storm, the fluffy beard, the breakfast leftovers beard, the forest. 358 more words

#051: Die Hard Trilogy

Playstation, 1996

How do you follow a gem like Die Hard Arcade? With an absolute classic like Die Hard Trilogy, the Probe Entertainment third person shooter / light gun shooter / driving game. 20 more words


#050: Die Hard Arcade

Arcade, 1996

Playstation 2, 2006

Episode number 50! Who’d have thought this would still be going after 49 boredom-inducing episodes! We’ve saved a treat here though, with a look at a 1996 Arcade game (which got ported to the Sega Saturn in 1997) which then got re-released on the PS2 in Japan in 2006. Bring back Dynamite Deka!


What Went Wrong With... Bruce Willis?

Bruce Willis has slowly morphed from a wise-cracking, cool-looking action star into a depressed-looking actor trapped in the past, endlessly regurgitating inferior copies of his classic films. 1,534 more words