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6 Certanties if John McClane was YOUR Dad

1. School bullies & strict teachers would give you a wide steer. You’d strut around school as if you owned it. Everybody (or those who had any sense) would rather believe that you did not exist, it’s probably better off that way. 212 more words


Seattle Cinema Survey - Favorite Superhero Film

Welcome back to the Seattle Cinema Survey, where I ask the critics/bloggers/snobby pricks of the area various things about movies new and old.

In week two of our questions, we ask something the internet loves to ponder on a regular basis… 1,784 more words

Day 27: Bank Holiday Film Special

Bank Holiday! Sun is out, so why am I sitting in, writing this? Silly bugger! You know you’re worth it.

Film Special

I watched ‘The Witch’ … 342 more words

Episode 29: Lethal Weapon

Welcome back, Creepazoids! This week we dive into Lethal Weapon, the first of several holiday-themed films from screenwriter Shane Black. Will holiday depression get the best of Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs? 98 more words


This year people

This year people feels like it’s taken so many legendary people in such an short a mount of time it is just plain sad, but then Imagine a world where these legendary people did not follow there dreams where they not become that wonderful TV personality, that awesome actor/ actress or that iconic musician with there music they could bring us so much joy and pain. 87 more words

Today’s Mug Of Wisdom

Review: Die Hard

Yes, I know, I know, I’m a few years behind on this one! Plus I also watched it at the completely wrong time of year considering Die Hard is technically a Christmas film… 263 more words