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Inklings about Death

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin died. He was only 32.

There’s something innately wrong about someone dying so young. Even when you know they’re overweight, drink, and smoke, you still expect them to live for a very long time. 227 more words


The Best of Kesha: 2009-2013

Good stuff.

“Tik Tok” is pretty good from Animal.

“Kiss N Tell” is good from Animal.

“Your Love Is My Drug” is so awesome from… 42 more words


Coward Hearted Individuals Never eXist

Nigga due to all my circumstances
Had no choice but roll the dice, had to take them chances
Till my homies leave the can they just tuna fish… 149 more words


Die Young

I am a failure
And I am screwed

I am barely making it through
And nothing is good enough.

The dreams I talk about
I will never reach them. 44 more words


Seven Adages (to Live by)

YOLO (You Only Live Once): Make your life into the biography you always wanted it to be. Beat the hourglass, take the risk, do whatever you can to live your life to the fullest extent while you still can, for in the end, all that will remain is a hero who conquered life, or a sad sap that didn’t. 309 more words

Jake Woods

Excerpt 2

Is it better to die young?

Than to live long in agony?


Stuart Scott...When you die

A Little Giddy Talk:

WRITTEN: January 5, 2015

Yesterday, those of you in the sports world know that an ESPN sports caster Stuart Scott passed away from his 7 year battle with appendetical cancer at the age of 49. 484 more words