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Hackable Electronic Voting

Donald Trump complains that the presidential election will be “rigged.” Trump also complained that the Republican nomination process was “rigged,” until he won the nomination, after which the nomination process was fully fair. 945 more words

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Trump: "I'm Afraid The Election Is Going To Be Rigged"

Single Most Important Issue Leading Up To November 8th

Following Trump confidant Roger Stone’s allegation that Hillary Clinton might “steal this election” using the Supreme Court… 509 more words


Hacking Democracy

The disturbingly “shocking” HBO documentary “Hacking Democracy” bravely tangles with our nation’s “ills” at the heart of democracy.

The film “politicians” do not want you to see, this… 150 more words


How Rigged Voting Machines Are Stealing Our Elections

Hacking Democracy

Directed by Simon Ardizzone and Russell Michaels (2006)

Film Review

Hacking Democracy is about Bev Harris, founder of Black Box Voting, and her efforts to end the systematic use of voting machines to alter American election results. 282 more words

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California Touchscreen Machine Gives Sanders Vote To Another Candidate

The shocking footage shows a citizen walking up to the machine and attempting to vote for Sanders two different times, with each vote being credited to a candidate named Michael Steinberg. 118 more words

"I voted!"

Tim and Tran #3 (click for larger image)

BREAKING: RNC Reince Priebus Alleges Wisconsin Voter Fraud! {VIDEO}

The chairman of the Republican National Committee claimed Tuesday that voter fraud in Wisconsin is far more pervasive than official reports have shown.

“I’m always concerned about voter fraud, you know, being from Kenosha, and quite frankly having lived through seeing some of it happen,” Reince Priebus said. 203 more words

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