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Is the Experimental Novel Dead?

I note that Tom McCarthy is once again included on the short list for the Mann Booker Prize. He and David Mitchell are touted as the UK’s leading experimental novelists. 688 more words

Georges Perec

"Gramatika ne dopušta greške, a bez grešaka jezik stoji."

Kiša, baš kao niti prijenos dvaju sportskih događaja nisu ljubitelje književnosti ostavili zatvorene u suhoj udobnosti njihovih domova. Njihovo je odredište u kišno nedjeljno predvečerje bilo kino. 608 more words


New Finnish Grammer

New Finnish Grammar
By Diego Marani
Translated by Judith Landry
Dedalus – £9.99

”When you are learning a new language, the first thing you learn is the noun; the word noun is associated with the word name, and naming a thing means knowing it. 533 more words


A question of identity: Marani's New Finnish Grammar

A few years ago I got into a rather intense discussion along the lines of whether there is any association between the currency used by a country and their population’s feeling of national pride and identity. 691 more words

World Literature

Rezension: Diego Marani - Neue finnische Grammatik (Graf 2014 [2000])

Erstmals liegt Diego Maranis preisgekrönter Roman “Nuova grammatica finlandese” (2000) in einer deutschen Fassung vor. Erzählt wird die Odyssee eines Soldaten im Zweiten Weltkrieg, der nach einem Überfall ohne Erinnerung und ohne Sprache aus dem Koma erwacht und von einem finnischen Arzt auf die Reise in seine angebliche Heimat geschickt wird… 808 more words


Sunday Salon: Marching On

Signs of spring here in Wales yesterday just in time for the annual celebration of St David’s Day. Some years the daffodils (our national flower) are barely in evidence on March 1 but yesterday they were out in bloom as we drove home from a celebration weekend with the family. 516 more words

Sunday Salon

Book Review: New Finnish Grammar (Diego Marani)

Finnish is an ugly language. At least that’s how I read it, as transcribed in its scraps in Marani’s novel (English translation, Dedalus, 2011). This is somewhat contrary to the intention of the author who, at great pains, attempts to convince the reader of the ineffable beauty of the curious and practically unique poetry inherent in the language’s spoken form. 1,507 more words