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Wednesday's Word of the Day | Canvas More than Art

This morning (I am writing this post well before you’re reading it), I watched Taylor Swift get her ass kissed on Kelly & Michael. 290 more words

Beverage of choice

I wish I could love¬†drinking water. Not crazy amounts, just a “recommended” amount. However, there are so many recommendations out there, how do you know which to use?¬† 166 more words


Musings on caffeine, prayer and addiction by Susan Grunder

(Guest contributor Susan Grunder is back, with a beautiful reflection that invites us to think about our dependencies and about God. So perfect for this point in Lent. 679 more words


An Interview with LINES & CURRENT

What a gorgeous weekend it’s been! I hope you’ve enjoyed the great weather and springtime buzz. It’s also the end of Belfast Fashion Week which, as per usual, has done a great job at highlighting some stunning collections, as well as celebrating the inspiration and creativity found in the local NI scene at the minute. 1,385 more words


It Is A Dark Spring Day

am in a dark place today. I have had the worst headache – the worst that I can remember for a long, long time. Years, in fact. 286 more words

Ways To Beat Caffeine Withdrawals

Two years ago I sought out to make a healthy lifestyle change. My diet has had a complete overhaul. Gone are the days of potato chips and white bread. 336 more words


Woman In Mentos Bikini Takes Bath In Diet Coke [VIDEO]

For some bubbly fun, Aimee Davison decided to try an experiment: hot glue Mentos candy onto a bra and panties and take a bath in Diet Coke, … 102 more words