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Diet Coke and the Rape Basement

Today my love and I had lunch with her mother and two aunts, they’re in town for a few days. We hit up the Urban Deli which is one of the best lunch spots going here in Saint John. 609 more words

Saint John


An epic search for for our hearts contentment; Diet Coke

I found this Diet Coke ad at http://www.adweek.com/creativity/diet-coke-prints-literally-millions-unique-labels-new-its-mine-campaign-169354/ where the new ad campaign is discussed. While the exact artist is not known, over on the official coca-cola company website,  Senior Manager of integrated marketing communications, Kate Santore, discusses the ad campaign and it’s purpose. 590 more words

Coca Cola

Writing Tips: Surviving the Skill Plateau

A remarkable thing happened while working on my latest novel, Grand Theft Octo. I wrote about 500 words that needed almost no editing whatsoever. Although I didn’t splurge them out in a carefree frenzy, I didn’t write them especially slowly either. 1,465 more words

Fiction Writing

Diet Coke

Once upon a time, I had the idea of doing a much longer piece of writing on Diet Coke. The central idea was that, when you look at the figures on the can/bottle that tell you what percentage of your daily recommended intake of protein/salt/sugar etc. 756 more words


Gas Tests

Before class preparation


Physical & Chemical Properties

Before class preparation

  • Write your own definitions of physical and chemical properties

In class activity

  • Submit dancing popcorn lab
  • Physical & Chemical Properties clickers
  • Distinguish physical & chemical properties…
  • 43 more words

Physical Properties: Density

Before class preparation

  • How would you identify unknown objects (elements?)
  • Print Density Calculations worksheet
  • Is density a physical or chemical property? Why?

In class activity… 36 more words