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When is 'diet' not good for your diet?

Diet Coke. No calories, so good for you if you’re dieting yes?

Apparently not. Unless you like forming formaldehyde in your liver.

Formaldehyde is what embalmers use to… 305 more words

Diet Coke Can (12 Count, 12 Fl Oz Each) - Price: $4.68

Diet Coke Can (12 Count, 12 Fl Oz Each)


$4.68 ($0.03 / Fl Oz)

  • Pack of twelve, 12 FL OZ per can
  • Diet Coke is a delicious, crisp tasting, no calorie sparkling cola that gives you the refreshment you want throughout the day…
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Sugar Free

Whovian Coke

When you’re a fan of something, it changes you. I grabbed a Diet Coke the other day and it said Missy on it. My mind immediately replayed a conversation in the recent Doctor Who episode Dark Water. 17 more words


I Have A Drinking Problem

I have a drinking problem. And it’s Diet Coke. And ice water. At the same time. I need both. Now.

It probably started in math grad school where I would spend hours in my office reading esoteric math books and trying to stay awake. 217 more words

Horribly Written Works

How Bad are Artificial Sweeteners?

While reading about “8 Simple Ways To Eat Less Sugar”(http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/7686862) by Kate Bratskeir on The Huffington Post I found a link to a Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine study, which suggests that artificial sweeteners could contribute to weight gain as a result of overcompensation from a person’s body not receiving the reward it believes will come from a fake sugar response. 63 more words


To Diet Coke or Not to Diet Coke

For 2 weeks, almost, I’ve been Diet Coke free.  For some that’s no feat. For me, that’s monstrous. My caffeine addiction is/was expensive as I guzzled down 44-64 ounces of that deliciousness a day. 688 more words


The Guilty Pleasure

If there is one thing those of us with an eating addiction have to confront is our affinity to reward ourselves.

Its one thing to have willpower but it’s quite another to be able to sustain it over time. 1,094 more words