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Sparkling Water Runs Deep (or, Poland Spring Perils)

Our tangent begins with languishing on a couch, listening to my parents discuss a potential trip to the mall:

“Are there any places there that sell sparkling water you think?” my mother asks. 835 more words


What does Diet Coke do to your body?

One of my biggest guilty pleasures when it comes to cheat food is the classic Diet Coke. I’ve always drunk Diet Coke because I find normal Coke too sweet. 545 more words

Fire in the hole

Every once in a while, the hard working crew at my office just has to bust loose. On this particular August day a couple of years ago, a pair of co-worker cut-ups in Community and Economic Development decided to have a little workday… 38 more words

Cement Mixer

Why I've chosen to give up Diet Coke...

A few weeks ago I watched a documentary all about the food industry and how they are extremely good at getting us to continue buying their products. 686 more words


Did You Know?

by:: Lili Pad

* A can of regular Coke sinks in water, while a can of diet Coke does not. This is because the difference in the amount of dissolved sweeteners causes difference in density. 107 more words

Did You Know?

Goodbye Aspartame 

A growth spurt with the onset of puberty gave me an extra six inches of height, size 8 feet, DD cup sizes, and an extra 55 lbs on my petite frame in the short space of a single year. 317 more words



These are a few of their favorite things!¬†I think? I don’t really know them.

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