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Diet Coke Could Be Discontinued Soon!

Are you a huge diet coke fan? If so you might be really upset after reading this. Apparently diet coke isn’t nearly as hot as it used to be, and the company isn’t making nearly as much money as they used to off of it. 74 more words



H.R. meetings hold merit

In leftovers to inherit….

“Ziggy” to me slips

A full bowl of chips,

And four diet sodas–they share it!

Was going for some caffeine, 21 more words

5 Main Reasons We Shouldn’t Drink Diet Coke

If you’re reading this post, then most probably you are one of those health conscious people, right? As a health conscious person, you might think ‘how can a DIET coke be bad for me?’  But believe it or not, Diet Coke can cause bad effects on your health. 143 more words

Artificial Flavors

Diet coke, LOL

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Beef Sticks, Lays Chips and a Diet Coke!

Let’s just get straight to the point!  I did not do much inspiring to shine this week!!  Actually, I was very overwhelmed, which, I allow myself to get when I don’t take breaks or do things to refresh and renew myself.   661 more words

Mrs Walls Cooks Diet Cola Chicken

I first heard about diet cola chicken when a colleague at work mentioned it.  She was on slimming world and she told me how good it was.   422 more words


The LCHF traveller

Reblogged from Toortsie’s LCHF Journey

Every time I return home from a trip somewhere, I come to the conclusion that LCHF definitely is the easiest and best way of lifestyle, even when travelling. 358 more words


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