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FUNDAMNTALSOFLIFE: What are we really putting into our bodes?

The other day I was sitting at work casually drinking my all time favorite beverage – diet coke. I was reading through the contents in its tiny little box of ingredients and came across a few ingredients that I did not really know too much about. 771 more words

Aspartame Kills

Artists are inspired by the things they see around them in their daily lives. Since I never leave the studio, the things I see around me in my daily life consist of TV and whatever pops up in my news feed. 161 more words

Liz Kelly Zook

Letting go of my soda addiction

I confess, I am addicted to diet coke or in European terms cola light. I didn’t even know how bad it was, until the coke machine broke at work and I walked to another building to get diet coke . 282 more words


Campaign Crushes: February 2017

Hopefully we all shared some love this month, whether it was with partners, galentines. friends and family, or all of the above! So now I want to share my love list of campaigns with you, celebrating brands that went all out to celebrate Valentine’s Day with us this year… 279 more words


Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I have a problem.

And that problem’s name is Diet Coke.

I love it. It tastes like joy, and smells like freedom.

And yet, as my family is prone to point out, it’s also basically rat poison in a can. 130 more words


Breaking an addiction

You greeted me daily for over 25 years.  You welcomed me home after a long day.  You were constantly at my side or within my reach. 709 more words

Diet Coke and Mentos

Learn about physical reactions and

observe a geyser


• roll of Mentos mints

• 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke


Drop the roll of Mentos mints into the 2… 91 more words