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day 15 // coca cola life

I love Coca Cola. The only time I remember drinking Pepsi was at my Grandma Sweeney’s house. That’s the only kind of soda I recall her having and she NEVER said no, and a sugar fiend’s gotta get her fix! 502 more words

100 Days Of Awesome

Mento Magic?

I’d heard about the crazy reaction that’s meant to happen when you put Mentos in Diet Coke (see the link for a great video – just skip the ad) and had even bought some stuff to do it last Summer.   411 more words

Holiday Craft Activities

Adverts that work hard

I am fascinated by anything and everything to do with advertising. At the very top of my list of advertising interests is understanding the effect that campaigns have on their audience. 562 more words


Breaking THE DIET COKE Habit

How long does it take to break a habit? Some say 21 days; others say more. A quick Google search reveals numerous books and articles that present varying view points. 902 more words



serving to refresh or reinvigorate someone.
“a refreshing drink”
synonyms: invigorating, revitalizing, reviving, restoring, bracing, fortifying, enlivening, inspiriting, stimulating, energizing, exhilarating
“a refreshing drink” 21 more words

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So This Just Happened

So, um, yeah, this is embarrassing or sad or embarrassingly sad, but I think my emergency contact should be the drive-thru employees at my local McDonald’s. 545 more words

Diet Coke