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This month's diet trend

I haven’t posted in a while, although I have been dieting (as usual). After 5 months on a waiting list, I finally received my first 7-day food supply of Soylent, a new product designed to replace solid foods and give you 100% of your daily nutrition needs (I’ll post a blog about that experience soon), but my social and mental need for actually chewing foods made this a difficult diet to stay on, plus the new start-up company’s constant changing of the recipe led me to abort this mission and try new things. 704 more words


Frustration takes hold

I’ve been frustrated for a while now…

So, what’s got my knickers in a twist? Well it’s mainly down to the following:

Running Magazines and diet fads. 481 more words


5 New Year's Resolutions to Avoid

This is the time of year gyms are brimming with people who are finally committing to a serious workout routine and juice bars are jam-packed with eager customers waiting to start their cleanses, sipping on samples of super green blends. 262 more words