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What do dietary fads mean for your brand?

It seems like everyday there’s a new “diet”  – for lack of a better term – being introduced. Somewhere out there, a fitness expert or blogger is preaching about how their way of eating is the best and only way to eat.  1,134 more words

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This month's diet trend

I haven’t posted in a while, although I have been dieting (as usual). After 5 months on a waiting list, I finally received my first 7-day food supply of Soylent, a new product designed to replace solid foods and give you 100% of your daily nutrition needs (I’ll post a blog about that experience soon), but my social and mental need for actually chewing foods made this a difficult diet to stay on, plus the new start-up company’s constant changing of the recipe led me to abort this mission and try new things. 704 more words


Frustration takes hold

I’ve been frustrated for a while now…

So, what’s got my knickers in a twist? Well it’s mainly down to the following:

Running Magazines and diet fads. 481 more words


5 New Year's Resolutions to Avoid

This is the time of year gyms are brimming with people who are finally committing to a serious workout routine and juice bars are jam-packed with eager customers waiting to start their cleanses, sipping on samples of super green blends. 262 more words

Scoop of butter for your coffee? 'Fat black' fad is either 'bio-hack' or disgusting trend, but no one's quite sure

LONDON — If you are reading this over breakfast and want to be a part of the latest diet fad, then it’s quite simple: Take a tablespoon, lift the butter dish and stir two great dollops of the yellow stuff into your coffee. 819 more words


'This is lunacy': There's a fine line between torture and hipster health fads

That’s outrageous! Just imagine how much Starbucks will charge for a butter cappuccino.

so putting butter and oil in your coffee is some new health craze…

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Five Outrageous Diet Fads

Almost every year some kind of new fad diet is tried in desperate hope of losing weight no matter what strange eating pattern or deprivation it entails. 529 more words