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Sampling Paleo Manila

I had my first ever calorie-controlled or maybe diet meal (courtesy of JodiesNinang who won it from Paleo Manila) the other day. It exceeded my expectations since I honestly didn’t expect it to be that filling, satisfying and tasty (with exception of the chunky monkey crepe haha). 194 more words

What I Ate...

How to lose weight? A guide for people who do not exercise

The article below is intended to people who do not exercise. It is suitable for people who want to lose weight, but do not count calories, do not pull the food and did not keep a food diary. 1,771 more words

Overweight (obesity ) - types and symptoms

Overweight (obesity ) – types and symptoms

Overweight and obesity are a problem of paramount importance to civilization. This disturbing problem is growing worldwide.

According to statistics, every 10% overweight decreased by 13% life expectancy. 430 more words

A Excess Weight Reduction Problem - Overcoming Dieting Plateaus

Actually, a fast weight loss diet would still depend on your motivations to lose weight. For instance, you could lose weight in seven days using the 7-day diet, but if you don’t stick to the plan, then the fast weight loss diet could be not fast anymore. Remember, fast weight loss diet…