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“Turmeric Can Be Dangerous When Interacting With These Remedies” .

Reducing Sugar and Salt Intake

Some of our favorite foods are unfortunately packed with added sugars and loads of sodium.  And while everything is okay in moderation, it’s important to note that eating too many sugary and salty foods can cause a negative impact on your health.   243 more words

Richard Rooney MD

My Diet Turned Into Obsession

I have never been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but deep down I always knew I had a problem.

So this is how it all begun. 740 more words

Diet & Nutrition

Diet and colorectal cancer in UK Biobank: a prospective study

Bradbury, K.E.,  Murphy, N., Key, T. | 2019| Diet and colorectal cancer in UK Biobank: a prospective study|  International Journal of Epidemiology| dyz064| https://doi.org/10.1093/ije/dyz064… 578 more words


Diet & Nutrition | Are You Well-Fed But Undernourished? Statistics Say You Are

92% of U.S. Population Has Vitamin Deficiency. Are You One of Them?

Just like air and water, the human body also requires vitamins and minerals that are essential for you to stay alive. 955 more words