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Great news everybody!

The NIH did a rigorous study to determine whether low-carb or low-fat were better for weight loss!

*big sigh*

They got results that, for now, this time, seem reasonable and scientifically based. 122 more words

Business Trips, Treadmills, and Kettlebells, Oh My!

Last night I got home from a business trip to Portland, OR. I manged to get in a workout both nights I was there, even though I had to go pretty late for me – after dinner and other work obligations I didn’t get to the gym until 9:30pm or so both nights. 311 more words


Work(out) Schedule Juggling

Really quick update today. I’ve been apprehensive about how this week was going to go because I need to actually be in the office for work every day from Monday to Friday – completely upsetting my routine apple-cart! 185 more words


10 Ideas for Hardcore Diet Programs

Optifast, Medifast, and HMR are hardcore programs that demand hardcore focus, and in return deliver serious results. But what if you’ve never been hardcore before where food and exercise is concerned?  883 more words

I Am Not Willing to Starve Myself for the Rest of My Life

I’ve been thinking on this article about why diets always fail in the long run. I’m, clearly, in the very tiny minority in that I’ve kept a large portion of the weight I lost off, however I think that over time I’ve been trending towards the larger majority. 397 more words

Leveling Up on the Shred

I’ve been working through the 30-Day Shred workout DVD that I started back in February, getting back up to speed after my trip to South America and then being under the weather derailed that for a couple of weeks. 149 more words


The On/Off Switch

I’ve known for a long time that to successfully diet I have to switch my mindset into ALL DIET ALL THE TIME mode. I also know that if I try to lose some pounds without accessing the On/Off switch and setting it to On, I will fail. 391 more words