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Talking About Diet, and Healthy Holidays

I have an interesting new soreness in my calves this morning. I love it when I’m sore in a place I haven’t been before, or recently.  311 more words


Avoiding Decision Fatigue

Had a strong start yesterday. Actually I hesitate to call it that – I had a day just like every other Blitz day yesterday: I stayed in the box, did my exercise, kept my journal, planned ahead for today. 505 more words

Puttin' on the Blitz

Ok guys, it’s three weeks before Thanksgiving (give or take). What are you doing to prep for the orgy of gluttony that’s bearing down on you? 295 more words

Hunger Is Real

A friend posted this article on Facebook today from the New York Times:

Diet Advice That Ignores Hunger

I have several thoughts on this, I found it to be interesting reading. 218 more words

Great news everybody!

The NIH did a rigorous study to determine whether low-carb or low-fat were better for weight loss!

*big sigh*

They got results that, for now, this time, seem reasonable and scientifically based. 122 more words

Business Trips, Treadmills, and Kettlebells, Oh My!

Last night I got home from a business trip to Portland, OR. I manged to get in a workout both nights I was there, even though I had to go pretty late for me – after dinner and other work obligations I didn’t get to the gym until 9:30pm or so both nights. 311 more words


Work(out) Schedule Juggling

Really quick update today. I’ve been apprehensive about how this week was going to go because I need to actually be in the office for work every day from Monday to Friday – completely upsetting my routine apple-cart! 185 more words