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Yes Before No

There are so many theories and ideas out there about how to eat or not eat to manage weight. I like to go with what I call “Yes Before No.” Basically, I have a list of “yes” foods that I can eat any time I want, as much as I want, without restriction. 636 more words

BBQ Weekend Ahoy!

Yes! Three day weekend coming into view! Let’s do this!

Everybody, remember to:

  • Eat before you head to the parties and don’t arrive starving!
  • Bring something supportive to throw on the grill – like veggie skewers, lean protein, or even fruit – BBQed pineapple FTW!
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Results: I don't even know what week now

I’ve lost track on this current push to lose 20 pounds. There were two weeks that I was on vacation that I’m not counting because I wasn’t tracking, then I think I’ve been back three or four weeks? 428 more words

There's Only One Sure-Fire Program

Something that drives me absolutely batty is knowing how different everybody reacts to the same stimuli, and then watching “experts” recommend the same program for everyone. 254 more words

Weight Management Today

First: I just got back from a basic maintenance run. This is what the bulk of my running workouts can be classified as – basic bodily maintenance. 294 more words

Week 3 Numbers, and Rest Day Planning

I stayed on target all week, no slips or eating off-plan (this is a given for me when I’m in the groove). I had 49 servings of fruits/veggies. 325 more words

Workday Planning

I had no trouble meeting my co-worker for drinks and sticking to sparkling water Tuesday night because I had made a plan, so I followed it. 283 more words