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Week Three of the Code

Wednesday is my weigh-in day. I started finding daily weigh-ins frustrating, so once a week is good for me now. This morning I discovered two things. 423 more words

Cracking the Code

Ok, it’s been two weeks since I finished reading The Obesity Code by Jason Fung. The first week I intended to implement his program I did two days, including my first fast day, and then ended up spending 6 days with my husband in the hospital and ICU. 1,025 more words

Learn to get in Relationship

Learn to get in Relationship

with Food                          with Body                       with Life

If you pause for a moment and really think about it – you are who you are through and through. 107 more words

Lifestyle Coach

The Vacation Detox - This Time Take 10!

I’ve been following my program for eating right since I got back from Antarctica. I don’t really have a name for how I eat, it’s just, “I eat these things and don’t eat those things and my body feels good.” I don’t have a fancy term for it like, “clean eating” or “paleo” or “the zone” or “gluten free” or whatever the fad diet of the day is. 400 more words

Take 5! Or more if you like

That’s how many pounds I gained on my vacation. Five. It’s not huge, but it’s not nothing and it needs to be dealt with. While I’m at it, I’m going to look into making some further changes to my lifestyle to maybe drop a few more. 400 more words

I Went to Antarctica and All I Got Was...

I’m back from an amazing adventure! My husband and I just went to Antarctica! Yes! For vacation! It was amazing! Guess what I got there? 284 more words

A Different View

I’ve said before how I never thought joining a Group for weight loss would work for me after my disastrous and soul destroying membership of The Opposition in the late 1990s. 714 more words