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Another hard-to-reach resoluton

Stepping into an exercise routine has always been challenging.
But when you find out that your most loose hot pants have been super tight lately, then signing up for a gym membership is something worth thinking about. 254 more words


Goals for 2017

I know… it’s already the 21st of January, so we’re almost a month into 2017 and I haven’t yet posted about my goals for the year. 560 more words


Pan Sauce - The Gravy Alternative

We live in the Midwest – i.e. the land of meat and potatoes (which means gravy, by default). Gravy is a very unhealthy sauce full of all those delicious things – processed white flour, cream, oil/butter – that we should not have (or at least limit). 579 more words


The Iron Sanctuary

For many of us, the gym is not just a place that we frequent for January and half of February, nor is it just a place to go before weddings and warm vacations. 304 more words


Day 385 2/3 Vegan 1/3 Ovo-Vegetarian

Good morning!

I want to share my diet habits. Ever since I wrote about my fears of cancer, I tried my best to eat 100% vegan. 511 more words

Why I want to loose Weight

It would be a lie to say that I do not want to lose weight because of my looks but to be honest I am quite content with what I look like but there is always room for improvement. 162 more words


[21/365] wordless pt. ii

I haven’t got anything to say.


Water intake: more than 1 liter
Fruit intake: papaya slices and bananas
Vegetable intake: mum made spinach soup today

Til next time.