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Feeling miserable with all this weight gain and health issues.

I am a 44-year-old mother to two. I never had issues with weight gain until…..I had my second child at the age of 34. After that pregnancy, I kept gaining weight every year. 125 more words


What I'm eating

Just a quick update on what I am eating. I am still on liquid food only and will be for the next 3 days as recommended by the surgery and then I can start to have semi-solids for a week before slowly weaning myself onto more solid foods.  189 more words

How to pick the most-nutrient dense foods

We’ve been told to select a rainbow of foods to get a variety of nutrients, but the produce and vegetables that have the most antioxidants are those that have the boldest colors like red. 93 more words


Satirical Slaughter of the fitness 'Profession'

After writing, submitting and performing a rather melancholic piece at the first 9Hirji spoken word event, I decided to take a lighter approach to my writing for last Friday’s event. 773 more words

Black is the New Berry

Blackberries are on the list as one of the healthiest fruits on Earth. Wow! I have passed up these berries in the produce section because they are expensive. 145 more words