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Artificial Sweeteners: The Not So Bitter Truth

I already see the geeky bodybuilder roll their eyes: we all know that sweeteners are not bad. Come on, Chantal: during contest prep we are all eating Skyr, berries and artificial sweeteners as staple food. 543 more words


Making breakfast this morning? Try some tasty whole wheat pumpkin pancakes!

Mayo Clinic Sports‏ @mayoclinicsport 56m56 minutes ago

Making breakfast this morning? Try some tasty whole wheat pumpkin pancakes! They contain 6 grams of protein per pancake. 6 more words


"OK" foods often increase weight

  • cheese? many articles say it’s OK
  • nuts? many articles say it’s OK
  • starch? many articles say it’s OK
  • meat? many articles say it’s OK
  • potato salads?
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Know your type - FRESHERS

Whether you’re at school, at University or working professionally there is, and was for me, a long trial and error period of paying tedious attention to blood sugar levels and adjusting you’re insulin doses. 1,269 more words


Chlorophyll photo-energize the Krebs Cycle

Chlorophyll happens to be able to go into the mitochondria of our cells as a metabolite, and capture sunlight energy and photo-energize the Krebs Cycle, which produces ATP, which is considered the basis for the energy of our body. 61 more words


Tuesday October 16

So after my weigh in success yesterday I am really keen to go well this week and keep my momentum going. The hardest thing will be not weighing myself before next Monday. 322 more words

Fresh, organic foods flood cells with light

A healthy cell, we have equipment to measure that at the moment, is full of light. It radiates a little bit of this light. This light filters through the DNA into millions of miracles of chemical processes. 144 more words