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Daily Goal: Commissary. Rain most of the day. Eat carefully.

Calories – Target 1300 – Actual 1306

Steps – Target 10,000 – Actual 13,213

Distance – 5.43 miles – cumulative in September – 97.77… 25 more words

Recipe: Baked Coconut Shrimp

Baked Coconut Shrimp

Eating healthy while on vacation is absolutely a challenge.  For me it’s so hard to pass up the opportunity to try new things.  316 more words


Morning Brew - Coffee with Almond Milk

Coffee with homemade almond milk. Wake up and live ☕

Limiting the consumption of dairy products in our diets have led @jdl_reflections and I to make our own almond milk. 59 more words

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Lembas Day 2 - When Lembas Shines

Another early gym day, but I overslept. The good thing is, I didn’t need to make breakfast. Because I’m doing this Lembas thing, all I needed was to take a quick shower and get ready, have my breakfast mix on the go. 311 more words


Where Can I Find Cage-Free Norwegian Hemp Milk?

This commercial bugs me.  (Maybe it’s the carmine food coloring in the yogurt?)

Really though, the #momON campaign message is sweet.  “Don’t judge other moms.  We’re all doing the best we can.  772 more words


Are you using regular sugar with coffee or tea? If not , are you using alternative diet sugar?

Especially while actively trying to control weight: I do not use added sugars, except on occasion.

However, I do not shy away from natural fructose… 317 more words