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'Stop Shoving Your Veganism In My Face'o

Except I don’t see veganism being promoted literally…anywhere? At least not here in New York state where we love our dairy and flesh foods.

I rarely watch TV so perhaps I am wrong. 612 more words


To Diet or Not to Diet

Mondays coming is another diet on the way?……

So the weekend is coming to an end! And if you are anything like me you have over indulged on fine wine and fine dining, along with all the naughty treats you spend all week trying not to eat. 660 more words

Body Positive

Update: Diet and Fitness (and some anxiety)

I’m back! I know it’s been quite a long time since I’ve written in here. Sadly, my goals of writing at least once a week have not been working out for me. 1,737 more words


Journal Entry 316 - 225 Club

Another week in the books. This was actually my long week at work, but it felt pretty short overall which is nice.

Training has been great this week. 225 more words

Daily Journal (non-specific)

Easy day

So the guy that wanted to look at my dad’s car yesterday. My ex got here at 10am to go with me. I sent the car guy pictures of the interior and he messaged me back that his wife was having a baby so he wasn’t coming. 612 more words


The Ketogenic Diet Experiments: Carnivore Diet (Extra Beef)

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Extra Beef: I just thought I would provide an update on the post below, which is currently my second most viewed post. 1,232 more words