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No ding today, awww

Day 3 has been a great day so far that could have only been improved with a DING. Sadly there has been no ding, but that’s because I’m working on multiple quests (that’s right, I can multitask). 212 more words


Seasons52 Restaurant Review

We decided to go to a new restaurant, Seasons52. It’s a new concept to me: a place where the menu proudly states that no entrée is more than 475 calories. 1,105 more words


Vegan - yes or no?

For the past three weeks there’s a question that has bugged me – vegan, yes or no? I know, it might sound weird and terrible and oh so two-faced, after all, I’ve been a vegan for over a year now and it has brought nothing but wonderful and fantastic results regarding my health, but why, oh why am I doubting my decision? 200 more words


Green Smoothies: Delicious, Healthy & Easy To Make

This is an article which I wrote for Her Campus originally, but I thought that you guys might like it too! Here’s a link to the article on the Her Campus website: http://www.hercampus.com/school/leeds/green-smoothies-delicious-healthy-easy-make… 733 more words


Finding the will

We can do extraordinary things — if we want to.

But where do we find the will to achieve?

At this moment in time, I can feel the desire to eat fatty, sweet foods. 104 more words


My son wanted to lose weight. When he told me why, I was speechless.

My son is lanky and lean – a rippling body of bones and muscle and not a skerrick of anything else.  So when he told me he really wanted to drop a couple of kilos, I was ANGRY. 501 more words


Back to meat

So it’s been more than month now that my weight settled down on a number that I suppose will be the final one – 95 kg/210 lbs. 305 more words