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Enhanced Vs Unenhanced: Nutrition

There are people out there that will tell you that the difference between someone who takes anabolic steroids and someone who doesn’t is that the guy taking gear can literally do whatever he wants with his training and nutrition and end up looking like Ronnie Coleman, while the natural athlete must follow a very strict regiment of rules to see even a fraction of the same results. 1,770 more words


Check This Breaking Muscle Content!

2 good articles worth a quick read:

Stick to your nutrition goals!
You know I’m big on making travel work for your routine. A nice article to follow with suggestions. 99 more words


Carrot Cake Protein Bake

Carrot cake is probably the best cake ever – Its sweet, spicy and has hidden vegetables, obviously making it around 100% more healthy than other cakes. 240 more words


Why Breakfast Matters

Breakfast has never been an issue for me. Seriously, I go to bed thinking about what I’m planning to eat the next day and I wake up eager for my morning meal (I’m definitely not addicted to food or anything… ;) ) 315 more words


My Top 11 Tips to go Vegan

I’ve had a lot of interest and lovely comments on a lot of my vegan posts so I thought I’d compile another Top Tips post on… 982 more words

Couch Potato Turns Ultra-Marathoner!

JaneUnChained.com’s Vegan Hunks series features Josh LaJaunie! Formerly obese, he went vegan and became a lean ultra-marathoner! For more on how he did it: joshlajaunie.com


Upcoming Unico Nutrition Challenge


So I recently have been into getting more fit and working out. Typically when I have been on a health kick in the past I have tried different pre work out drinks and then Post workout protein shakes. 158 more words