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Appetite Control

I’ve been using subliminals to lose weight & fat,& to increase my metabolism. I don’t know if any of that is happening. What I do know is…my appetite is now under control. 41 more words


Best Diet to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight gain happens in a blink of an eye. It can happen in a week of random eating and careless intake of weight-inducing food. Maintaining a healthy weight entails planning and thorough execution. 527 more words

Lose Weight

Calorie Intake To Lose Weight – My Secret Calorie Counting System

Knowing the right daily calorie intake to lose weight for your body is a challenge to many people. Many “fitness consultants” out there give you an exact amount of calorie intake so that you can lose weight by eating within that range. 700 more words

Losing Weight

Avocado on Toast

Sometimes I think the healthy eating movement can get too caught up in fancy, exotic ingredients (maca powder and bee pollen smoothie, anyone?) which makes healthy eating seem expensive and time-consuming… and lets face it, confusing! 186 more words

Easy Recipe

Science vs. Nature

Whether pre-menstrual or presently-menstrual, we’re all prone to trying to eat away our aches and pains and emotions. Little do most women know,  this is scientifically doable (unfortunately not with chocolate). 276 more words


You Are What You Eat: A Mini Challenge

“Everything you put in your mouth needs to be a conscious decision.” (my own quote ;) ).

Simple thing to read, not so easy in practice. 188 more words

Food And Ramblings


All I can say about this video is the following:

If you are trying to lose weight and are tired of getting the same old generic tips on how to do it, you MUST watch this video by Donny Dunn: 51 more words