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Vacation and Motivation

So for the 84th time in the last 2 years, I feel completely disappointed in myself. This isn’t going to be a pity party, I’m not looking for sympathy. 499 more words

Healthy Eating

Tips For People Who Have Trouble Shutting Their Brain Off to Go to Sleep

Do you seem to be one of those people who lay awake in bed, tossing and turning trying to rest but you just have trouble shutting your brain off to sleep?  546 more words


This is Me...

So… I am Sara (and I am a food-a-holic).

I have been on a diet for as long as I can remember. From Weight Watchers to Exante to 5:2, let me tell you, I have tried them all! 385 more words


Detox day four - Loving the protein shakes 

I’ve taken the plunge and bought a Nutribullet. Not only can I make super yummy shakes for me now. I can also use it for blitzing food to make my daughters baby food. 177 more words


Trip to Glasgow - My take away on SFN

Attending fitness expos can always bring uncertainty for anyone who buys a ticket…

Especially if you’ve never actually been to one before. The promise of grabbing some freebies and a shaker is always nice, but let’s be honest…it’s simply marketing tactics to get your contact details, which eventually results in you being batter with products and brand in the next couple of months you will hardly read with eagerness. 623 more words


I've got eight inches

Bet that got your attention!

I’m talking about plate size, and as I said in my last post, I have bought myself a smaller one. 112 more words


When sharing is not caring...

It’s no great revelation  that there are some human foods that are toxic to dogs and should never be shared, no matter how good his puppydog eyes may be. 667 more words