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The hidden F word

by Linda Chamberlain

Jamie Oliver is the champion chef who is fighting against childhood obesity. He is the man who has woken up MPs, schools and parents with his campaign to reduce sugar in our diets fearing that large swathes of the population will suffer from diabetes unless something is done. 865 more words


Dear diary,

It’s me again, and yes today I will be talking about a weight loss challenge.

It’s April, going into May and every one of us just wants to get into that bikini… some of us we know we won’t get into the sexy bikini but at least that we can walk to the beach or into the swimming pool without excess cellulite and fat wiggling around. 389 more words


If it is not right, do not do it. If it is not true, do not say it

10 Minute EMOM

Minute 1- 16 Single Legged Deadlifts

Minute 2- 8 Dips


10 Minute EMOM

Minute 1: 8 Dumbbell Cleans

Minute 2: 16 Pushups… 29 more words


My 5 Dollar Diet

My Diet alters anywhere between 2200 -2600 calories depending on my workout. On recovery days I try to eat lesser carbs while keeping the protein intake same.  237 more words

It's all about small steps, spring and well-being

In my last post I said I’d write about few things. I said I’d reflect on holidays, diet, applications and the course I’ve been to. It would be too long for one post so I think I’ll concentrate on the course and holidays first. 1,724 more words

Everyday Thoughts

Jerk Chicken & Bacon Salad

Approx. calories 332. If I must eat salad – it must be a friggen amazing salad. So says Dee.


Cooked chicken breast

2 rashers of bacon… 80 more words


How to forgive yourself for straying from "healthy eating"

Shit happens and we all cope with it in different ways depending on what options for relief are readily available. Sometimes we fall off the wagon and end our healthy eating streaks. 476 more words

Mental Health