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walking for health and bringing the child on it

walked 1.98 miles tonight with Steph and dd2 the first mile was easier second bit she struggled (which made me smile) we allowed her to pick the route which then became which way is the shortest which is the longest? 38 more words


Hanging Out with Fast Food

Junk foods are like the people at the house party that you know, but you aren’t friends with.  They aren’t the reason you’re at the party, but you’ll definitely end up going over to say hi at least once during the night.  473 more words


Sri Lanka

Dear Readers,

So its be 3 and a half weeks since I last posted…. I’ve been away volunteering in Sri lanka, working with both elephants and teaching english to 4year olds! 896 more words


How 8-Minute Meditation Exercises Can Release the Stress and Muscles

Many people currently practice some form of meditation as a means of stress relief. By definition, “meditation” is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit. 498 more words

Lose Pounds

5 Ways to Avoid the Portion Distortion That’s Wrecking Your Diet

by Zahra Barnes

It’s impossible to live your healthiest life without keeping your portion sizes in check. It just comes with the territory, like putting effort into your… 980 more words


Obamacare: How to Soften the Blow

Are you one of the millions of Americans who are feeling negatively affected by the ever evolving heathcare reform? Elevated premiums, ridiculous deductibles, limited network provider selection has patients and providers sick to their stomachs (pun intended). 850 more words

General Information

Losing Weight is not a Race...

Alright, so I have been side tracked as of late. My life has been very busy-busy! So much for exercise! Sigh…

Even though I have been busy I have been done some small things to keep myself on track and motivated. 577 more words