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Sis, it’s ok to cheat.

In my previous blog post about my skincare routine, I talked about how altering my diet and controlling what I put IN my body ultimately changed my results on the OUTSIDE of my body (not rocket science, right?) I found that the easiest way for me to manage my nutrition while also juggling nursing school and a little bit of a social life in college was by using the Arbonne 30 Days program. 694 more words

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My diet goal is to find something sustainable. I’m looking for a balance between keeping fit and indulging in the occasional drink or dessert. For the most part, I steer clear of any extreme diet programs because they offer only short term fixes. 278 more words


R2W1D2: A slight cheat

Will try and do a quick write up as falling asleep!

Weight: No change from yesterday. Thankfully!

Breakfast: I was working from home so I took the chance to have a lie in. 279 more words


365 days of Feebz-Day 197

Today was one of those days where you’re really productive but end up not doing anything. I finished Week 2 of Couch25k and kept to my calories (1159 in total) but that was it. 85 more words

Its coming out my ears!

Fruit, that is! I’ve been eating a ton of it!
I eat a lot of it most days. This week I got lots of different fruits to snack on! 64 more words


A healthy diet does help control infections and associated complications

Cancer is the second deadliest disease in the world and accounted for 1 out of every 6 deaths in 2018. The common perception of this disease is that it is mostly caused by smoking tobacco and consumption of alcohol. 593 more words