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Setting out on a Self-Improvement Journey

It is the same thing that has happened to countless others. It has different looks and forms, but the root is the same: stagnancy. Those of us who eat out far more often than we should, because it is easy than meal planning and cooking. 406 more words

Sauces: top 10 diet recipes

Anyone who follows proper or dietary nutrition knows that it is not recommended to include sauces in their diet. Conventional sauces contain many empty calories, but they do not satisfy the feeling of hunger, but rather provoke it. 1,507 more words

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Kick The Sugar Habit

Learn how to break free of the constant cravings and finally take sweet control of your diet. I’m re-blogging this from WebMD.

By Maura Kelly… 724 more words

5 diet rules

I don’t know about you guys, but I personally like to invest in my health, however I keep delaying the inevitable!

“I have to start working out again! 1,152 more words


What's your time loop lesson?

I prefer to view my life as some sort of a show or film in perpetual development rather than some irksome idea of reality that’s so emphatically forced on us at every turn. 712 more words


Thoughts on a Thursday 10-17-2019

We got an early start to the day with a doctor appointment for my husband followed by a glorious, large keto breakfast (for me) with the addition of hash browns and toast and jelly for my husband at The Dari in Greenwood. 319 more words


Don’t panic!

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

Last week I was flying – managed to be within the WW points “budget” while still maintaining a social life, and I hit the gym as per my plan five days out of seven. 235 more words

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