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The Cold Hard Truth About Trying To Get Lean.

Despite last weeks success, I can’t help feeling that I’m failing at this & that everything is about to come crumbling down. Let me explain, this whole week (Monday – Friday) I have bee waking up around 4:30. 480 more words


White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

I made this for my daughter on her 16th birthday. She was most pleased. Cheesecake is one of her favorite desserts. Others that I have made it for loved it also. 248 more words


Food on Friday #39 ~ Lettuce Wraps

Say No to wheat flour.  A couple of days ago I bought a garlic baguette, the first bread I’d eaten in months.  The anticipation was much better than the actuality.  349 more words


HELP!!!! My 4y/o won't eat...

Ok so my 4y/o son Kaeden would literally live on chippies, hot chips, chicken nuggets and marmite sammies if I would let him! He has been on and off like this for at least a year and I don’t know how to change it. 126 more words


Part 1-Like an onion....

*I will say that I share this story as my way of hopefully helping other’s appreciate that life is full of ups and downs, the severity of these times is all we can really control. 723 more words


Training #60 - I'll be there for you

Thursday morning, training with J. It has been an eventful week in the gym. There is a new kind of oddball guy who has been coming and hanging out in the room where I practice much of the time, and I scoped out the group fitness room on my way in to ensure the coast was clear to go in there to warm-up. 3,613 more words


30-Day Plan: Day Twenty-Three

Well, we are on the road again!  We’re staying briefly at my Mom and Dad’s tonight and then headed on our weekend trip with our kids (ages 12 and 17) tomorrow!   890 more words