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Sebenarnya Apa itu Arti Diet

Apa itu diet?
Jika kita tinggal di Indonesia, istilah diet termasuk popular dan hampir setiap hari kita mendengarnya.
Dalam bahasa Indonesia, diet lebih sering diartikan sebagai upaya untuk menurunkan berat badan. 255 more words


WEfie with Alisha before School + Breakfast as part of Slimming in Action (Progress)

Above is a snapshot of my girl & I. I was waiting for my GrabHitch to come. Anyway, this is a picture in case you were wondering how I look like. 157 more words


This is us, January of 2017. We were on a family trip to Disney World.

We were having fun, the weather was beautiful, and both J and I were the heaviest we had ever been. 136 more words


Clean up aisle 2

I for the life of me cannot recall a time when this happened. My entire childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Nothing like this ever happened. Probably the most embarrassing day of my life, and it started out as any other day. 801 more words


Sweet little lies

I had a dream it was quite bad

I’ll recount it here for you

It was a voice a nagging tone

Kept telling me what to do… 117 more words

Poetic Thoughts

Any Resolutions?

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year. I haven’t in a while. I know that I’m horrible at keeping them, and then I feel guilty, so I just avoid that whole thing. 311 more words


Year of Accountability...Part Deux

New year, new me. Ok that’s been used to death.  I don’t want a new me either. I’m happy with the current me. Still a work in progress but I need to hold myself accountable and keep on the right path. 632 more words