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Staying the Course

I didn’t expect to be on this trip. I’m a ex-chubby girl in uncharted lighter waters trying to find a way to stay where I am. 898 more words

Weight Maintenance

Embracing The Thickness: My Journey of Self Acceptance

It seems over the course of 5 months, I lost sight of a few health principles that I had once lived by. Between the health magazines targeted at women and the bikini competitors on Instagram, It’s easy to lose your way. 2,889 more words


Mariah Carey Reveals The ONLY Two Things She Eats To Stay Fit

Mariah Carey (47) is still in pretty remarkable shape, and many people are wondering how she manages to stay so fit. Her answer, may gross you out. 59 more words


Diet treading water or am I just retaining it!

On scales this morning and no change…still 7st 13Lbs.  I was hoping to lose another pound today.  I’m hoping that its all water retention.  I’ve only got till Saturday to achieve my goal to reach 7st 7lbs but it doesn’t look realistic does it.   245 more words


Folate - Vit B9 deficiency or MTHFR gene mutation

Folate – Vit B9 or MTHFR deficiency has a frequency of 1 in 1.9 .

Those with potentially “severe” mutations should check homocysteine with their doctor. 972 more words


Healthy Snacks for the Festive Season - Fig & Almond Cinnamon Loaf (No Sugar) - An Original Recipe by Natural Health Mama

The last thing we need this merry festive season is a dose of self-hatred and bloating after eating unhealthy snacks.  Nor do we need a sugar high whilst rushing around trying to organise everything.   369 more words