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Day 48: Party On Doooooooown!

The sky is overcast, the air is chilly, and it’s still only mid-February; but somehow I can feel spring in the air today. Maybe it’s just because I have opened my curtains for a change so my room feels lighter. 1,044 more words

Pre-Cut Vegetables: Can I Get an AMEN

I have to admit that grocery shopping is not my strong suit.  These are just a few of the problems I have with it.

Number one: I never actually go.   449 more words


My Feathers Are Ruffled

truly ignorant fools blabbering about the Jon Gabriel Method For Losing Weight…calling it a hoax & a scam. Those same idiots will praise those BS diets that do more harm than good. 110 more words


These foods get a bad rap, but are actually good for you

The historic lament of dieters is there is nothing tasty left to eat once you weed out the fats, sugars and carbohydrates.

For gosh sakes, nutritionists have even deemed… 611 more words


Cruise Diet?!

Okay so I’ve known about this cruise I’m going on since September. But it’s only recently hit me (today) that it’s only 20 days away!! I’ve officially reached my ideal body weight but now I’m looking to reach my ideal body image. 165 more words

Weight Loss

On Form

Finally, finally, this horrible cold is on its way out and I can breathe through both nostrils at the same time! This morning I was still feeling a bit sorry for myself and even started to write a blog post. 635 more words

Slimming World


Remember how I was complaining about total strangers coming up to me, unsolicited, and telling me I was fat?  Well…..as it turns out, and this is very difficult for me to admit….they were right.   487 more words