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Heal The Past & Lose Weight

I see dieters everywhere…its all in the numbers…& the past is overlooked. We need to realize…healing the past is highly important in losing weight & keeping it off. 14 more words

Why Veganism is a CULT of DEATH!

Vegans. People who abstain from eating animal products. Could you imagine living off cancer-causing vegetables, fruit, nuts, and grains? Think of all the nutritional deficiencies you would obtain! 1,323 more words


Burning Fat & Losing Weight

Guided meditation is ideal in reaching our goal weight. Its the 1 thing most dieters never do. Losing weight can be much easier or it can be brutal & unbearable. 13 more words

Arby’s Says It Will Never Add Plant-Based Meat to Its Menu | Food & Wine

Never say never

Before Volvo sold SUVs, but when SUVs were becoming all the rage in the late 1990’s, my husband and I walked into a local Volvo dealer to window shop. 87 more words


So sick I'd thought I'd Die

that was me last night. I had 2 shots of peppermint snapster & nearly died. My belly went crazy! I was dreadfully sleepy. I knew something was terrible wrong. 431 more words

Collagen [college-in] and do I need it?

My sister randomly asked: “Bro what’s collagen?”

Stumped! I didn’t have an answer for her! We all talk about carbs, proteins and fats, in that order even. 571 more words