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November 7th, 2017

New scientific findings have illustrated the role that food plays in influencing your mood. The composition for good mood regimen starts with applying some basic nutritional strategies. 68 more words

North Korea's Communist Social Structure

by Alfio Cerami


The standard view on communist social stratification describes statesocialism as the most successful attempt to create a classless society. Do things really go in this way? 1,173 more words

North Korea

4 Small Dietary Changes that Work Well Early in the Weight Loss Game

(image courtesy of health365.com.au)

You want to lose weight. Great. You’re ready to get started. Great! You don’t know where to get started. No big surprise there. 1,049 more words

Why we're doing this.

When I asked my husband what he hopes to get out of this change to our diet, he said he wants more energy. That was it. 500 more words

Plant Paradox

And so it begins.

I honestly don’t know where to start.

Perhaps with a little history about why we are both craving a change in how we are eating and feeling is in order. 393 more words

Plant Paradox

Dietary Changes + Weight Loss

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to eat vegetarian, or at least partially. And recently, I’ve been wanting to go vegan (or at least try to get to like 90% of the food and meals I consume to be vegan). 603 more words

1st Month of Going Paleo

I’m not a little behind… I’m majorly behind. I know in my last post I promised a follow up on my new lifestyle changes. I’m just now getting to post about my first whole month of going Paleo. 940 more words