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Oh the things that I can't eat...

Hi, my name is Katie, I’m in my early twenties, just starting to try and figure life out and last year life threw a bunch of food and drink restrictions at me. 631 more words

Dairy Free

Can I Eat Anything? : Dietary Restrictions

Dietary restrictions can pose a whole new set of issues to consider when planning a trip. Especially when the trip you are planning might be to a country where you don’t speak the native language. 343 more words

Eating your Wheaties... or Not

In the field I can eat anything. Anything except cilantro. For others, though, eating certain foods is more than mild distaste and can have a greater impact on their health. 873 more words

Dietary Restrictions

What It's Like to Travel as a Vegetarian

Sometimes being vegetarian while traveling feels like it’s hindering your cultural experience. Other times, you’re made to feel like a killjoy when you don’t eat strange delicacies alongside your travel companions. 711 more words

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UO live- in requirement has potential for problems for student dietary restrictions

Published July 13, 2017 for the Daily Emerald 

University of Oregon’s new freshman live-in requirement has raised questions whether the university can accommodate the freshmen’s special dietary needs… 432 more words


The Life of an Allergy Mom: Food Allergies Suck

Food allergies suck. My family of five has a slew of dietary restrictions ranging from veganism to severe food allergy. Do we enjoy ourselves and our meals daily despite our many food limitations? 601 more words


Eating Out while Navigating Dietary Restrictions

Recently, I learned I have gluten and dairy dietary restrictions. As someone who has made it to her twenties with no dietary restrictions this has really changed the way I approach dinner parties and going out for meals. 531 more words