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Learning to Cook for a Very Specific Diet®

I used to be an absolutely terrible cook. I could very barely manage to make toast and boiled eggs, and anything beyond that was unthinkable. I was scared of handling raw meat, clueless about how long to cook anything for and I couldn’t get my head around the idea of seasoning things. 606 more words


Politely "Weird" - The Courteous Guest With Dietary Restrictions

Oddball.  Yep, I’ve been called that a time or two.  Weird.  Health Nut.  I’ve been called a few things.  Never rudely.  I’m very thankful for that.  1,144 more words


Gluten-Free/Paleo Banana Pecan Muffins -- Because I Felt Like It

I had been standing at the checkout for a solid 10 minutes, and I was starting to feel embarrassed. Buying two items at the grocery store shouldn’t take 10 minutes. 822 more words


Baking A Cake - A Humorous Poem For Those With Dietary Restrictions

Wow! So, that’s me in the pic above.  It’s been a long, hot day in El Paso.  Our air conditioner is not the best.  Oh, and in this heat, I rarely bother with makeup.  369 more words


Dietary Restrictions

If you’re a vegetarian, have food allergies, or any kind of dietary restrictions, figuring out where to eat in Disneyland can be a challenge. Disneyland has tons of choices for guests with specific food requirements, and a number of restaurants will also accommodate specialty meal requests with your reservation. 260 more words


Family Dining = Food, Food, and More Food- Carmine's (Washington D.C., Italian, Gluten-Free)

I added a quick 24 hours in DC onto my Memorial Day trip to Baltimore mainly to see my aunt and uncle (but also to enjoy some of DC’s sights). 909 more words


Low tea

We’ve started calling elevensies “low tea.”

When you’re part of a religious group that cycles through food restrictions like the Orthodox fasts, setting a pretty table can be a challenge. 28 more words