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But Niki, What Can You Eat? (Food Anxieties & IBD Restrictions)

This is a personal post in response to numerous requests from friends. I expect it will be useful to the people in my life who want to share food with me, ever. 1,761 more words

Chronic Illness

Cassidy's Cooking: Meal Planning

By Cassidy Scott

We all have a lot on our plates. Between work, school, exercise, a social life and the internet, it’s hard to fit in enough time to eat healthy and nutritious home-cooked food. 792 more words


Gluten Free: NY to Perth

I usually joke about Australia being a decade behind the USA, New York in particular, when it comes to music, fashion, and basically anything else in order to get a rise out of my Aussie friends. 263 more words

Gluten Free


You know that one understanding where you know that everyone’s life experience/ reflections are different that yours, but, most of the time you don’t think about that too much? 1,038 more words


 What can we, the consumer, do to be accountable for our own health?

Welcome back to Cross Contamination: A Three Part Series. Today I wanted to go into what we as consumer’s can do to protect ourselves from cross contamination. 1,009 more words

Gluten Free

A to Z Challenge #7 — Gluten Free

My Grandpa is a tall, quiet man. He’s losing his hearing these days, but even before that I always knew him as a gentle giant and a good guy. 530 more words


Cross Contamination Pt. I: My Story

With this entry I wanted to discuss something millions of people deal with on a daily basis: cross contamination. What is cross contamination? It basically means that an ingredient that triggers an adverse reaction in one’s body has somehow made it into food they recently ate. 1,125 more words