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Diagnosed With Celiac Disease? Now What.

Even though it was over six years ago, I remember the call from my doctor confirming that I indeed had celiac disease like it was yesterday. 1,192 more words

The In's And Out's Of Celiac Disease

11 Things I Wish I Stopped Doing Sooner.

The Stop-Doing List:

When I went plant-based, gluten-free, no corn/soy/oats, I had all the feels about it. Where was this list eight years ago when I started this whole process? 472 more words

Mind & Body

Something of an Introduction

Let’s pretend that you – yes, you, dear reader – and I are on a first date together. A platonic date or romantic date, whichever I don’t really care, though I’d appreciate it if you reiterated your intentions with me personally if you would prefer the latter. 716 more words


How To Manage Dietary Restrictions at Your Wedding

When you’re planning your wedding, there’s enough to think about without worrying about a million dietary restrictions, right? Some of your friends may be vegetarian or vegan, some may be gluten-free, some may have serious food allergies—and it seems like catering your wedding is going to be at least as much of an agonizing feat as picking the perfect wedding and bridesmaid dresses! 275 more words


Is Veganism an Eating Disorder?

Note: a version of this piece was originally published in “Complicating Veganism” (2015) – a compilation zine edited by Nicole Davis and Clementine Morrigan… 1,205 more words