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A better diet...Jesus

Why didn’t Eve call God into the discussion? Where was God in that story of fruit and trees and snakes? He was right there with Adam and in Adam and in Eve and with Eve. 1,231 more words


Showering the "Bride-To-Bee" Will Be G-Free

Going home for just a short few days over Spring Break brought to the forefront the reality that is my sister’s wedding.

May 2nd is quickly approaching, and you could sense it at the Kubik household. 462 more words


Back on the roller coaster - why my kidneys can kiss my a$$

It was December 2014 and I was looking forward to getting off all of my medications after a year of remission under my belt. I gleefully said goodbye to immuno-suppression drugs mid January and hoped never to look back. 466 more words

Everyday Life

Things You Should Know Before Inviting Anyone to Dinner

Many times when we show interest in a new person some of the first things we want to know about them are within the typical getting to know each other range of questioning. 337 more words

Adult Life

And So It Goes

I got sick last night. Not like throw up sick, but the other kind….I’ll spare you the details…let’s just say I spent a long time in the bathroom last night and it was painful and horrible. 548 more words

Weekend "Fun" and Monday Blahs

Even though I am currently unemployed, I still have a case of the Monday blahs. Probably because I had a busy weekend.

Friday was my husband’s birthday and he really wanted to have people over to our apartment. 639 more words

Salted Chocolate and Nut Triangles

I made these for a vegan’s going-away fiesta and they were a hit. These were a quick and easy naturally gluten free and vegan treat- the texture was somewhere between fudge and a chocolate bar. 181 more words

Dietary Restrictions