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Tightening the Reins

In any relationship there are things that you build the foundation upon. While discussing how our relationship was progressing My Peacock and I formed a “mantra” if you will as we moved forward. 836 more words

Religious Dietary Restrictions and Hinduism

Today a waiter put beef on my subway order. Its was a mistake, its fine and I was expexting a new order. What was not fine is, a Muslim friend asked me “If he pick it off, should be fine rite?”. 78 more words

Daily Life

Honey Stinger Introduces New Product Categories at Interbike: Gluten Free Waffles and Protein Chews

Honey Stinger will unveil two new product lines, Gluten Free Organic Stinger Waffles and Protein Energy Chews, this week at the Interbike cycling trade show in Las Vegas. 310 more words

Company News

How to Talk to Someone With An Eating Disability

 Do not pretend to know more about their diet than they do.

If you feel the need to argue. Don’t.

If you continue to feel the need to argue, try to make it the least confrontational argument and go for “I’m just a curious person, please help me understand.” 50 more words


My Obsession Monday: Coconut Bake

Warning: I’m about to brag a little about my husband. ;)

My man is pretty hot and he’s been working his butt off weight training all summer. 236 more words


My Top 5 Vegan Sources of Protein

Hi Everyone,

Its TOP 5 MONDAY AGAIN!!!! yes I know i had to skip last week because of my trip ( so sorry) but I am sticking to it and here you are!!!! 650 more words


Pistachio Torte with Limoncello-Soaked Strawberries

I ran into a friend of mine at the grocery store and the conversation steered towards pistachios and how difficult they can be to find raw, shelled, and organic. 363 more words

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