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It's time for a Cleanse

Today was Day of 1 of a planned six day fast. I had six glasses of Vibrant Healths’s master cleanse mix, Vibrant Cleanse. Add in three cups of Yogi Detox Tea and I’m currently sipping a cup of Dandelion root and peppermint tea. 482 more words


The Board Game of LIFE: RDN v2.0

Growing up, I LOVED playing the board game “The Game of LIFE”? I know I did. I enjoyed cruising in my little car, top down – wheels spinnin’ with my hot hubby at my side and my adorable kids in the back. 1,083 more words



This has been one of the toughest weeks of my life, and that’s saying a lot after having survived my year-long dietetic internship (blog post on that coming soon). 423 more words

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Week 10- Renting Space

Do you remember when fat free was the ideal labeling on a package of food?

How wonderful were these?! I don’t remember myself, but the craze of the fat free Snackwells cookies in the 90s has been mentioned in class and how people were losing their minds to get a cookie that was fat free. 665 more words


Week 9- Myth and Fact

Common foods myths- there are so many and they are so contagious! Two myths recently have I found out not to be true: school and hospital food are bad.  707 more words


Week 8- Hello, Goodbye

Hello school food rotation starting on Monday! I’m interested to see what it’s really like. You hear such stories!

Hello new jobs! For Matt- yes and so far, so good! 437 more words

Weeks Six & Seven- Good Medicine

Good medicine is in all forms- real medication, the occasional strong drink, a good massage, finishing a project, and good food. The season has changed and so what produce is in season has also changed, and I thought I would share some of these fall super foods for a super you! 592 more words