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Weeks Six & Seven- Good Medicine

Good medicine is in all forms- real medication, the occasional strong drink, a good massage, finishing a project, and good food. The season has changed and so what produce is in season has also changed, and I thought I would share some of these fall super foods for a super you! 592 more words


Life Lessons with Geriatrics

Dietetic Internship Rotation #2: Veterans Hospital

Length: 160 hours 

When I first began this rotation, I knew it was NOT going to be my favorite. I was put in the… 854 more words


A Week In The Life of a Dietetic Intern

A Week In The Life of a Dietetic Intern

As of June 2016 I have embarked on new journey that took on a whole new form of ‘adulting’ for me. 1,390 more words


Week 5- Food Thoughts

Holy! It’s October and week 5?! Time is flying. I was driving home from school on Wednesday evening and I was noticing how fallish of a day it had been and then I realized with October right around the corner that we were in the thick of fall. 537 more words


Week 4- This Side of the Bed

Hello reader!

By the time you read this, I will have hopefully completed the Akron Half-Marathon with my goal of miles under eight minutes complete! We will see :) More on that later. 585 more words


Moving is MESSY. I am MESSY. Life is MESSY. The END.

Moving is Messy. Very messy. It’s not the actual mess that you create with all your stuff you’ve hoarded through the years, it’s MESSY because of all the decision making and stupid emotions that come with moving. 774 more words


GRE Testing Tips

I took the GRE this summer & I am honestly really happy to say that I never have to take it again! I have made a list of GRE Testing tips to share with many of my friends, so I thought I would just go ahead and turn it into a blog post so that it can help other people as well! 1,144 more words

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