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Personal Statement

Ahhh the dreaded personal statement. My friends I were editing our personal statements up to the very last second before DICAS was due. This is by far the hardest part of the DICAS application! 803 more words

Food Intolerance Testing

There has been a rise in publicity for food intolerance testing kits, with claims to test for both allergies and intolerances such as coeliac disease and lactose intolerance. 520 more words


How I Broke Up with Sugar

I began discussing my nutrition journey of the past year a couple months ago in a more public way. People were astonished… and then they wanted to know how I did it, so they could too. 1,098 more words


follow ups & menus

Today was a great day! I started the day off with working on a new Pt admission in the Shubert SAR unit. I looked at her chart to get an overview about her health and possible nutritional issues. 255 more words


pickles & pancreatitis

There was a new admission today in the Shubert SAR unit. I looked over preadmission and admission paperwork and noted down things that were pertinent. I tried going to the Pt’s room 2x to interview her, but she was asleep, so I decided to go back at a later time with the RD. 353 more words


milkshakes & calorie counts

I assessed two new Pt XFR to the SAR unit and accompanied RD in the Pt interview. I’m getting more exposure to doing these assessments and looking through the Pt binder and pre-admission paperwork. 238 more words


meal rounds & warm hearts

Today was a chill day. First thing I did was do a nutrition assessment on a new Pt admission to the Sub Acute Rehab unit. I looked through the Pt’s binder to check weight, height, medications, diagnosis, complaints, body assessments, etc. 343 more words