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Health Standards

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Alien on Earth.

From generation to generation, culture to culture, what constitutes a healthy diet varies — yet all these groups lived normal relatively healthy lives. 213 more words


Week two

More challenging than week one, the first week I was all psyched up, motivated by my goal and ready to face the huge task ahead. Week two was the realisation that this is not just a thing for a few days or weeks but something I need to change for the rest of my life. 654 more words



Dieting. I hate that word. I hate doing it. I hate that I need to do it. Why is the food that tastes the best bad for us? 353 more words

Master Monday

Monday the starting over of all things fitness, health and wellness, instead of trying to change everything you do pick one thing. ┬áPick one “thing” that you already do pretty good and aim to do 10% better. 42 more words

Behavior Change

Becoming a Vegetarian

Header photo credit to Laurie Sites. She wrote some tips about being a vegetarian.

Growing up on a ranch in Texas, I was always around cattle. 552 more words


Are you ready to change?

It’s December 31st, 2017 and you just had your 8th glass of champagne with your friends celebrating the new year. Everyone around you is talking about their New Years resolutions and you get to thinking….. 374 more words

Behavior Change

Life After Mia, Entry #6 -- I wasn't just homesick.

I see on my Facebook page all these freshman heading off to college, or already there. My nephew was dropped off last week. He looked so young in the obligatory photo, standing in front of an old building, making a half smile. 1,007 more words