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I made this rice tonight:

Notice what I did wrong? ¬†Aren’t you supposed to boil the water first before you add the rice? No worries… I’m not eating it… I’ll ask James later how it turned out. 275 more words


How To STOP Late Night Binging

“Yo, I got the late night munchies so bad right now.”

“You know what would be AWESOME right about now?”

“A back massage?”

“No. Well, yes. 336 more words

Weight Loss

Entry 1: Here Goes...

Welcome to the honest approach.

This blog has been created as a way to experiment with food and document my constant battle of ‘no you hang up’ with those extra pounds. 201 more words


The Unwilling Dieter

At 16-17lb, Ace has reached official Fat Cat status. After taking antibiotics and being stuck inside for a week in order to treat a sinus infection, the weight seemed to just appear. 281 more words


My Take on Unhealthy Foods

Writing this post while eating a medium sized bag of bite sized twizzlers, vegan and awesome. Also there is 4.5 grams of protein in the bag. 225 more words

Why Your Diet Isn't Working

Have you ever been frustrated because no matter how hard you try at something, there are obstacles that emerge seemingly out of nowhere that thwart your efforts? 1,568 more words

Weekly Update

A lot of things have happened since I first updated this blog. For one, major thing, I weighed myself Friday and I am officially 10 pounds lighter than when I wrote my last blog (yay!). 397 more words