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Training alone again

So I didn’t write yesterday because nothing happened.  I had a nothing day!  And it was lovely!!

Today however has been the most productive yet!  I did a load of housework, walked the dog twice, looked after the dog all day, cooked two lovely meals (breakfast and dinner) made enough dinner to feed my mum as well which involved changing the recipe ans she doesn’t like chilli, and stuck to plan all day! 533 more words


Week 5 @ Target: Still trying...

Still out of target range, but I am not that surprised, it wasn’t a great eating week. I had little to no willpower, I have no idea why and it also happens to be the ‘time of the month’. 172 more words


Why the words "guilt" and "food" should never be used in the same sentence

“Try this guilt free ice cream”

“Cereal is my guilty pleasure”

“I shouldn’t have that chocolate … but go on then”

“I can’t resist… 848 more words

Tidbit Tuesday: Ordering Vegan at Chinese Restaurants 

Today on Tidbit Tuesday, I will show you how to order vegan at Chinese restaurants!

Most Chinese restaurants list your “meat” options as shrimp, beef, or chicken. 81 more words

Sneak Micronutrients into your Diet

It is important to maintain a steady intake of micronutrients in your diet regardless of if you are eating in a deficit, surplus or at maintenance. 374 more words


How Your "Cheat Day" Triggers My Eating Disorder

I’ve talked to people and seen posts by friends about “cheat days.” My chest hurts while I write this because I wish I could scream and rant and yell about how hurt these comments make me. 395 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

From sad to glad in 60 minutes.

I have been unusually tired lately and my spouse and I have bickered about the household budget (which we never do so this sucks).  I had to redo the budget and, the good news, it’s fabulous now and I’m back on the road to frugal living.   1,230 more words