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Over the years I’ve been on many different ‘diets’. As a consequence of some of these (namely Weight Watchers), I had to keep a careful tally of my daily caloric/nutritional intake. 882 more words

Who Am I?

Recovering from an eating disorder is terrifying.

When you are in the depts of an eating disorder you become so involved in your illness and yourself that you have no idea about the world outside it. 261 more words


The waiting game...

Sat in the car outside Aldi. Part of the glamorous lifestyle I lead… my two children are in the back of the car drawing wacky pictures of each other, the sun is shining and we are soon off to the park. 42 more words


Why am I still overweight? Well, in the simplest of terms, I like to eat food, and I’m really good at it, so as a result, I eat like a girl who thinks she has the metabolism of a Kenyan marathoner.

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Eat and enjoy what feels most delicious to you

I love food and I love my body. I always choose to eat what feels most delicious to me in the moment and I truly savor and enjoy the food I lovingly choose to eat… 71 more words

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