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Health is the new wealth!

Health is the new wealth! An end to those nasty myths that have you eating a handful of nuts a day. We have nutrition necessities, especially those of us more active than not. 190 more words


Help a Girl Out!

I hate exercising and dieting.

I’m not over weight. In fact, I’m a size 0 in some clothes. But what really bothers me about my body is that i’m not toned. 180 more words


84 Things that changed when I Lost 84lbs (6 st) in a year.

So, I reached that 6 stone mark this month, just one year on from when I started.  I can’t quite believe how much has changed for me and, although I will still probably lose more, I wanted to take this opportunity to think about what is different now. 1,722 more words

Former Dieter


‘Dieting’ is a dirty word. I absolutely hate it when people tell me they are going on a diet.  A diet is something that you do to lose a few pounds before an event. 359 more words


Morphing Into Me

I want to get organized.

I want to lose weight.

I want to finish writing my novel.

I want to spend more time on my spiritual life. 767 more words


My First Diet Cheat - I Couldn't Help it, I was Hungry, Okay??

I did so good on my diet this week. I went to the gym every day, and I was able to stay below 1,000 calories. When I weighed myself on Thursday, I was down two pounds, which is nothing in the scheme of things but was just enough to keep me motivated. 615 more words


Journey to Health with MS - Day 139 - Every day is hard.

There’s a blogger that I absolutely enjoy reading, both his weight loss blog as well as his thoughts blog. He’s clever, wise and an absolute inspiration for me. 519 more words

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