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Express-on treadmill, exercise for the 50's

And on dieting. Long ago, I used to join gyms. It had been easy to lose weight when I was young-er. I had seen and felt the results – from size 8 down to 2. 540 more words

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Bin day and new jeans

I’ve just given bubs her breakfast and had my own, on the way out of the kitchen I started to think about the bins we keep inside, one for recycling and one for general rubbish. 656 more words


Blake Lively Has A Certain Method To Keep Her From Eating Too Much Ice Cream

For those of you looking for a good and effective way to diet and push yourself to be healtheir, Blake Lively just might have the right idea how. 72 more words


Self Improvement? Do I Have To? Can It Wait Until Tomorrow?

I hate the idea of dieting almost as much as I hate the suggestion that I read a self-improvement book.  It’s not that I don’t need to lose a few pounds, or that I couldn’t learn somethings about my better self through the words of others.  765 more words


Esculent Elixir.

Food is medicine.  I didn’t want to use that title, because it’s over-used and boring.  Sometimes truth is boring, because we hear it over and over again and really didn’t want to hear it the first time. 234 more words


5 Foods to Help you Cut Down on Sugar

From sodas to cereal, today’s college diet comes jam-packed with unhealthy levels of sugars, in the forms of corn syrup and carbs. Though these two probably represent the worst on the sugar hierarchy, consuming large amounts of sugar in… 688 more words


Sticks and stones

We are all told that little rhyme when we are growing up. It’s meant to keep us safe from mean words.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. 810 more words