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I hate this picture.


My arms/belly/face looks too fat.


Why did I eat that fourth piece of pizza?


Fuck this, diet starts tomorrow. 49 more words


The drinking guide - how to negotiate the party season whilst enjoying a few drinks

Alcohol is not good for us from a scientific point of view.

The scientific spiel goes something like this:

Alcohol adversely affects every organ of the body and levels of most vitamins and minerals are reduced by its consumption. 637 more words


'Healthy' flapjacks?

I really wanted to eat something other than fruit for desert so I decided to research healthy flapjacks. I looked through all the recipes which included agave syrup or fruit and I decided to make flapjacks where the fruit replaces the butter and syrup. 184 more words


Week 67/ 68

Over the last two weeks I stagnated my weight but gained +1.7% body fat.

Obviously, I didn’t work out the entire time and must have eaten rather bad. 201 more words


Delicious Sounds Good...

After lots of family and fuss over Thanksgiving week-end, let’s treat ourselves to some delicious food that will slim you down again. ┬áThese menus are rich in flavor yet low in calories. 241 more words

Fast Diet

Bad week. Bad Rhi. But Christmas is almost here!

All those great blogs I posted at the beginning of the week all got forgotten as the week progressed.

These are my stats for the week. 409 more words


The road to a healthier body

In July 2015, my body weight escalated to 68.5 kilograms, sometimes even 69. It is a tough fact for me that I would probably get diabetes if my body weight keeps so high and if I get pregnant in near future as I was planning to. 243 more words