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Measure In #4 | No Junk January

Gain this week: 1 3/4 inches

I ended up taking an impromptu but much needed rest week, due to a pull in one of my chest muscles and another in my hamstring. 165 more words

Progress Updates

A Fresh Start

Weight Watchers. Atkins. Keto. HCG. Counting Calories. I’ve done them all.

I grew up as a heavy child and graduated high school obese. I don’t have one of those sad stories about high school bullies making fun of my weight. 274 more words

KCBO (keep calm and bitch on), or, here's a salad lyonnaise (keto, dairy-free, gluten-free)

After throwing a tantrum about an apple, I ate the apple. And then I ate everything else. And then I gained back the five pounds and stomach problems and appetite I lost during my four days on keto. 287 more words


Day 14 [21 Day Fix]

You know how every day of the year is some made up national something day?

Well today must’ve been national grumpy day. 😑

Deep breath, deep breath… 580 more words


Goal Digger

I am a goal digger, but goals are a funny thing. Make them too easy and they don’t motivate you to stay focused… make them too difficult and you set yourself up for frustration, self-doubt, and disappointment. 239 more words

Weight Struggles

I have always struggled with my weight. Being overweight, to be exact. When I was in high school, I loved playing volleyball. However, I was a bit bigger than some of the other girls, so I had to work even harder to learn the skills. 247 more words

Losing weight the Slimming World way

Today was my second weigh-in on Slimming World. I’m just doing it at home rather than attending a communal meeting, but two weeks in and I’ve lost a total of 7.5lbs, which I’m told is rather impressive. 358 more words