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You don't need the aloe sodding vera...

‚ÄčThese adverts popping up in my feed about fitness companies, you know eat this way to lose fat, cut out jam and peas to lose fat, workout this way to lose fat, you need to buy our plan because we do it different in some way and that’s why we get results!!!! 704 more words

Weight Loss Journey

On Hot Docs, Speed, Podcasts, and Progress

One month in, 11 pounds down!

So how did this whole thing start, you might be wondering. Well I will tell you! I was listening to this episode of… 932 more words

Is you is? Or is you ain't?

Am I on a diet?

One of my lovely followers (and thank you all so much for your interest and support) wrote this post the other day and it really struck a chord with me. 376 more words

What's Your Favorite Food?

Sitting at work, eating a lunch of cottage cheese and sunflower seeds, is not the right condition for a funny, deeply inspiring blog. So in researching something else deep in my posting past, I came across this post. 676 more words


I freaked out. So what.

This past week was a tough one in terms of sanity and feelings. I know that sounds depressing, but I’m cool now. Keep reading. 598 more words


Weekly Update (This is the 10th!)

So , ten weeks in. How do I feel?


Jeebus , guys, I am so sore. My arms are sore, my legs are sore, my tummy is sore. 383 more words

I Fucking Hate Summer

Just as I began dragging the plastic razor up my left thigh, I felt the hot water turn from warm to cool to cold.  Shaving with goosebumps is a form of torture no one should have to endure, but I had to get it done, because I was already late getting my kid to his playdate at the neighborhood pool. 884 more words