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Meet the cancer care team at Upstate

A team approach to cancer treatment means a patient has more than one doctor taking care of him or her, plus additional medical experts focusing on specialized aspects of care. 340 more words

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Eating Cheese Every Day May Actually Be Good for You

Cheese is typically considered more of an indulgence than a health food, but a new review of research suggests that it may not be as bad for you as once thought. 596 more words

I am a kidney patient.What should be my daily nutrition supplement?

Rather that using a nutrition supplement, I am an advocate for a healthy diet. I believe that a low salt DASH diet is the best diet for patients with… 38 more words

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How Eating Breakfast Can Help Your Metabolism

Plenty of research has found that eating breakfast is important for weight maintenance, metabolism and overall good health. Now, the evidence gets even stronger: a small new randomized controlled trial finds that regularly eating a substantial morning meal directly affects how fat cells function in the body by changing the activity of genes involved in fat metabolism and insulin resistance. 587 more words

Cinnamon Has a Surprising Health Benefit

If you love cinnamon, add an extra shake to your next meal: new research shows that the popular spice boosts metabolism in mouse and human fat cells. 441 more words