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Cookie Batter Healthy Breakfast!

Think delicious cookie dough and a healthy, balanced breakfast don’t mix? Try my quick and easy recipe below for a breakfast or snack to curb your sweet tooth AND your pant size! 150 more words


Your Fridge Might Be Full of Fake Food

Edibles on menus or store shelves are not always what they seem. Recently, the international criminal police organization Interpol announced that it seized 2,500 tons of adulterated food in 47 countries—seemingly safe foods like cheese, eggs, strawberries and cooking oil. 754 more words

Fish Oil Is Hugely Popular—But Should You Take It?

Omega-3s are the fats that made fish famous. Really famous: fish oil is now the most popular natural product in America among U.S. adults—8% of whom take it—and children. 932 more words

9 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weekday Mornings

It seems like every week a new study comes out either against or in favor of “the most important meal of the day.” But while the should-you-or-shouldn’t-you debate rages on among nutrition scientists, those of us who opt to eat when we rise are always on the lookout for healthy breakfast ideas that fit their weekday schedule. 961 more words

11 Reasons You Should Never Go To an All-Inclusive Resort

An all-inclusive vacation with drinks and food sounds like a traveler’s paradise, but it’s probably a nightmare for your health.

Often sought out by rowdy Spring breakers and budget-conscious families, all-inclusive places promise food, drinks and lodging at a reasonable price tag. 1,198 more words