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5 Foods That Ease PMS Symptoms

Fatigue, acne, bloating, cravings, mood swings—sound painfully familiar? PMS can trigger a slew of physical and emotional symptoms a week or two before your period starts. 1,069 more words

You Asked: Which Foods Are Treated With Antibiotics?

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of antibiotics in modern medicine. By blocking the spread of infection-causing bacteria, antibiotics make surgery, chemotherapy and many other medical procedures possible. 699 more words

Why You Need to Stop Eating Egg Whites

Scan the “healthy” section of a brunch menu and there you’ll find it: the world’s saddest order, the egg white omelet. This time will be different, you think, these things aren’t so bad, but then you stare down at the flat, pale pancake of liquid protein and think to yourself: W… 522 more words

I am lupus nephritis patient with normal kidney function and slight proteinuria 0.45. I need the right daily supplement suitable.

I suggest that you eat a healthy diet.  If you eat a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, a dietary supplement is not needed.

Kidney-Related Health Questions

Priorities: Student, online coach, physique competitor & more (Part 1)

A look into managing goals and lifestyle with Joe Parish. This is the first of a two-part series in which we have a look at how Joe juggled what seems like a ridiculous workload, whilst completing his 4th year at the University of Stirling. 412 more words

How to Buy Healthy Food Without Reading the Nutrition Label

Vegan? High-fat? Gluten-free? So many of my clients complain about how difficult it is to keep up with what’s healthy these days, especially when it comes to buying anything… 748 more words