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This Is What Veggan Means

Nope, there’s no typo in “veggan.” As you undoubtedly know, vegans (one g) are people who don’t eat any animal products at all: No meat, fish, dairy, eggs—even honey is off limits. 337 more words

6 Quick High-Protein Breakfast Recipes

Put down the bread, and step away from the toaster. It’s time to make a change to your morning meal—one that may even help you… 160 more words

American Teenagers Are Eating Better: Study

Lately, the news about children and obesity hasn’t been good. That’s because the numbers have been trending in the wrong direction; for years, obesity rates have inched upward, and while they haven’t yet started to drop, they have begun to plateau. 586 more words

5 Tea Trends You Need to Try

As the resident tea aficionado at Eat This, Not That!, it’s rare to see me without a mug of tea in my hands. I’ve seen so many people benefit from tea—including personal success among my family and friends—that I literally wrote the book on tea: … 428 more words