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5 Vegan Foods You Should Skip

People decide to go vegan for different reasons. While some do it solely to support animal rights, others are seeking an overall healthier eating style. Among the latter group, many believe that the word “vegan” automatically means nutritious, and that’s not always the case. 801 more words

11 Things You Should Know Before Trying Kombucha

If you do any shopping at health food stores, you’ve no doubt noticed kombucha teas taking over the shelves. Your foodie friends may swear by the fizzy stuff. 819 more words

That Plastic Container You Microwave In Could Be Super-Toxic

If your idea of meal preparation is microwaving leftovers in the plastic takeout container they came in, here’s some bad news: Several chemicals in pliable plastic can leach into your food when you heat it, and even if you’re diligent enough to transfer the food to a bowl or plate labeled “microwave-safe,” you still may not be protected. 663 more words

4 Ways to Tell If You're At a Healthy Weight

More than 54 million Americans who are labeled overweight or obese according to their body mass index (BMI), a weight-to-height ratio, are actually healthy, found a recent study in the… 265 more words

The Fasting Diet Improves Your Mood, Sex and Sleep

Cutting calories is nobody’s idea of a fun time. But the perks of fasting go far beyond a leaner body, finds a new study published in… 330 more words

5 Sneaky Causes of Bloat and How to Avoid Them

You know that eating too much—or too fast—can lead to the dreaded bloat. But what if you haven’t done either, and you’re still feeling puffy? In her new book, … 449 more words

Wine And Coffee Are Good For Your Gut, Study Shows

Next time you indulge in a glass of wine after work, you may be helping the diversity of bacteria in your gut.

A new study… 112 more words