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5 Non-Diet Factors That Can Affect Your Weight

For years I’ve heard experts say, “Weight loss simply comes down to calories in versus calories out.” But throughout my years as a practitioner, that simple philosophy hasn’t rung true. 1,101 more words

4 Superfoods You Might Be Overeating

When it comes to diet, you can totally have too much of a good thing. Even the healthiest foods, in big quantities, may have side effects. 852 more words

The Best Workout for Weight Loss

Everyone knows that cardio exercise—by way of a bike ride or a sprint—is key to weight loss. But a high-intensity cardio workout may do a better job of decreasing blood sugar levels than lower intensity exercise, according to a new… 271 more words

4 Ways to Eat More and Still Lose Weight

I love to eat. And I’m lucky: As a food editor, it’s my job. So I always wonder about weight-loss advice that says to eat less and move more. 573 more words

The 50 Healthiest Foods of All Time (With Recipes)

Eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated. To make it simple, TIME has curated a list of the 50 healthiest foods you should be eating now.

We asked registered dietitian… 57 more words

Your Definitive Guide to Losing Body Fat

We curse the dimpled cellulite that has settled on our thighs and survey the pudge around our belly with a quick poke and a disapproving eye. 888 more words

10 Ways to Make a Piece of Toast More Exciting

Never underestimate the humble toast. Treat this culinary blank canvas with respect (Put down that bland white bread!) and top it creatively (Spiced beans! Sharp cheese! 23 more words