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No Energy Drink Required

Did you have breakfast?

You’ll be a lot perkier: Studies show that people who eat breakfast feel better both mentally and physically than those who skip their morning meal. 2,128 more words

HBOT: A Viable Option for Stroke Patients

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy continues to show near miraculous outcomes for a multitude of conditions including autism, Alzheimer’ disease, and traumatic brain injuries to name a few.   218 more words


Most wellness doctors and nutrition experts agree that Chia is one of nature’s true super foods. Chia seeds benefit the body by delivering maximum nutrients with minimum calories and promotes digestion, energy and detoxification. 800 more words

The Agony of the "BEFORE" photo

It’s amazing how one photo has the ability to erase years of successes.

In January of 2015 I received an official diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (the two go hand in hand).   606 more words

Why Your Diet Didn't Work

You found a diet and followed it. You suffered through the hunger and the inconvenience, you followed the plan, and you managed to lose weight… 688 more words


D.I.E.T- The Myths vs The Facts

DIET, the word itself says DIE

How many of you have ever tried implementing a diet in the last 10 years? I will admit, the diet companies and corporations make the diet lifestyle look so promising. 1,275 more words


Salmon Tartar

Is it summer yet!?!? ☀️… This dinner would be an amazing part of an “Al Fresco” dinner with friends… Cold Chardonnay and a warm night! ⭐️… But while we get our bodies ready for that time of the year, this salmon tartar could be a great dinner option. 32 more words

Gluten Free