Politics and Orwell how about NO WELL?

I have to always come home and read, but the truth is; is it even reading if you are enjoying what you read? While looking into this paper that George Orwell has written you can see the truth in his words and just how much power and impact that everything that is written goes about saying. 269 more words

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2 Political and 2 Comercials... Another Homework Weekend >.>

I’m running for Parliament!

“Daisy Girl” Rare 1964 Lyndon Johnson Political Ad

Old Spice | And So It Begins

Inner Child Ads for McDonald’s

College Life

Doublespeak? Propaganda? Sounds like Hogwash to me

In class we have been looking over some new types of speaking. Even though they are basic and easy to identify sometimes we don’t always see it. 436 more words

College Life