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Confusedly v. Confusingly

One of the characters you so lovingly created is confused. She’s asking questions, pondering the situation, oiling the cogs of the brain…and the person she’s interrogating isn’t being all that helpful. 277 more words


Migraines: Of Mice and Men and Women

Migraines are severe headaches often accompanied by nausea, sensitivity to sound and light, and aura. An aura is a perceived sensory disturbance such as an unpleasant smell, a strange light, or confusing thoughts. 369 more words

Pain Management

Thin / Thick / Rich(RIA) Client


A Thin client is a web based application and most of the processing is done on the server side.

Easy to deploy as they require no extra or specialized software installation… 172 more words

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Difference between Private Law and Public Law Remedy

The distinction between private law and public law remedy was, fairly, settled by the Apex Court in LIC vs. Escorts India Ltd [(1986) 1 SCC 264], wherein a Constitution Bench has held thus: 153 more words

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Application Object Vs Static Member

ASP.NET includes application state primarily for compatibility with classic ASP so that it is easier to migrate existing applications to ASP.NET.

It is recommended that you store data in static members of the application class instead of in the Application object. 30 more words

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