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Difference between Private Law and Public Law Remedy

The distinction between private law and public law remedy was, fairly, settled by the Apex Court in LIC vs. Escorts India Ltd [(1986) 1 SCC 264], wherein a Constitution Bench has held thus: 150 more words

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Application Object Vs Static Member

ASP.NET includes application state primarily for compatibility with classic ASP so that it is easier to migrate existing applications to ASP.NET.

It is recommended that you store data in static members of the application class instead of in the Application object. 30 more words

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Singleton Vs Static Class

  1. Singleton object stores in Heap but, static object stores in stack
  2. We can clone the object of Singleton but, we can not clone the static class object…
  3. 24 more words
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ASPX View Engine vs Razor View Engine

ASPX View Engine Razor View Engine ns : System.Web.Mvc.WebFormViewEnginesyntax:
<div>Name is <%= Human.Name %></div>
ns: System.Web.Razorsyntax:
<div>Name is @Model.Name</div> 109 more words
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Asp.Net Web Forms Asp.Net MVC It uses Page Controller pattern approach.

In this approach, every page has its own controller, i.e., code-behind file that processes the request. 243 more words

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Difference between Freedom of Contract and Right to performance of a Contract

The High Court of Andhra Pradesh in Secretary to Govt. Public Works and Transport Department, Andhra Pradesh and Ors. vs. Adoni Ginning Factory and Ors. 104 more words

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Difference between Issue of New Shares & Transfer of Shares

Difference between the issue of new shares by a company and the transfer of shares already issued by a shareholder

In the first case, it is the company which issues and allots the new shares. 112 more words

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