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The two faces of Om - a short explanation of Om and its uses in yoga.

What most know as the “Om” symbol is this:

┬áIt’s flowy and flowery and in yoga groups you see it everywhere. But this is not the yoga Om. 472 more words


XML Document & XML ReaderText

XmlDocument, as well as the newer XDocument, are in-memory representations of an XML document, so you don’t need to close them.

No, it would be *disposed* immediately after use, not garbage collected. 116 more words

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Why Web API ?

Web Service

  • It is based on SOAP and return data in XML form.
  • It supports only HTTP protocol.
  • It is not open source but can be consumed by any client that understands xml.
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Differences Between Sandboxed and Farm Solutions

Farm Solutions
  • Farm solutions, which are hosted in the IIS worker process (W3WP.exe), run code that can affect the whole farm.

  • When you debug a SharePoint project whose Sandboxed Solution property is set to “farm solution,” the system’s IIS application pool recycles before SharePoint retracts or deploys the feature so as to release any files locked by the IIS worker process.

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Eyes Wide Shut - Simple ways to meditate

As I have delved further into my yoga practice and deepened my knowledge I have discovered several forms of meditation. Among these forms I have found a striking distinction between basic yogic meditation and Zen meditation. 477 more words


Difference between claim based and classic authentication in sharepoint 2010

The following is an explanation of the 2 types of Authentication. This is well documented on the web!

Classic Mode: This is nothing but Windows Authentication. 221 more words

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