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What is the difference between extendlv and chfs ?

It will extend only the LV size but not filesystem

It will extend LV size and Increase the filesystem


What is the difference between soft mount and hard mount in aix?


After reboot, the target server is trying to mount the nfs filesystem as part of boot process, in the same time the source server went to offline or some one reboot the source server, in this case what will happen. 154 more words


Task Vs Parallel Operations

Task.Factory.StartNew Vs Parallel.Invoke

  • Parallel.Invoke will wait for all the actions to complete before continuing with the code, whereas Task.Factory.StartNew will move on to the next line of code…
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GetType() Vs typeof


  • When you want to obtain the type from an instance of your class, you use GetType.
  • GetType gets resolved at runtime.


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Debug.Write Vs Trace.Write

– The Debug.Write will work when the application is in both debug and release mode.This is normally used while you debug your project but it won’t work if you have defined few debug points in your project. 90 more words

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== Vs .Equals

For Reference Type:

== performs an identity comparison, i.e. it will only return true if both references point to the same object.

int x = 20;
int y = 20;
Console.WriteLine( x == y); // True
Console.WriteLine(x.Equals(y)); // True… 119 more words
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Difference between Severity of a bug and priority of a bug:

Difference between Severity of a bug and priority of a bug:

         You measure severity of a bug generally on a scale of 1 to 5 with… 560 more words