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tAggregateRow vs tAggregateSortedRow


tAggregateRow – accepts input data even if it is not sorted

tAggregateSortedRow– accepts only sorted input , if data is not sorted before this component,  job goes into infinite loop. 88 more words

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Stop Awhile, Stay A While

You know how annoying it is when your computer thinks it knows better than you. Don’t you absolutely hate those red squiggles? I know I do. 617 more words

Common Mistakes

Difference Between Production and productivity

The basic things between that, all organizations deals are ,Production and Productivity.Any organisation is for production, and profit lies in productivity.

So, we first introduce Production and Productivity, a basic definition. 234 more words

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Difference between: Direct AND Indirect methods of Cash Flow Statement

A ‘cash flow statement’, also known as ‘statement of cash flow’, is a part of financial statements that shows how changes in Balance Sheet accounts and Income statement (P&L a/c) affect cash and cash equivalents. 267 more words


Difference between: Income & Expenditure Account AND Profit & Loss Account

  • Income & Expenditure Account (I&E a/c) is prepared for nonprofit (or non trading) organizations e.g. Trusts, NGO’s whereas Profit & Loss Account (P&L a/c) is prepared in profit oriented organizations, e.g.
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