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Difference between: Direct AND Indirect methods of Cash Flow Statement

A ‘cash flow statement’, also known as ‘statement of cash flow’, is a part of financial statements that shows how changes in Balance Sheet accounts and Income statement (P&L a/c) affect cash and cash equivalents. 267 more words


Difference between: Income & Expenditure Account AND Profit & Loss Account

  • Income & Expenditure Account (I&E a/c) is prepared for nonprofit (or non trading) organizations e.g. Trusts, NGO’s whereas Profit & Loss Account (P&L a/c) is prepared in profit oriented organizations, e.g.
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Realistic Vs Theatric

So, I’m watching MMA with my dad, and it’s got me thinking, This doesn’t look anything like the movies! The movies resemble theatrics while real matches represent what’s, well, real. 183 more words


An Especially Annoying Little Thing, Specially for You!

I have fewer interactions with people in English these days, and the ones I do interact with are either very good or beyond hope. That explains why I haven’t written in a while. 373 more words

Common Mistakes

Applet vs Servlet

In this presentation you will see What is an Applet, Servlet and similarities and dissimilarities between both:

There is some common questions raises after this presentation: 33 more words


Difference between "Whether" and "If"

Today we are going to see the difference between Whether and If. Sometimes they are interchangeable, but sometimes using one or the other will change the meaning of your sentence. 465 more words