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Delegates Vs Events

Delegate vs Event

  • Event is a C# Modifier whereas Delegate is a C# type that references a method.
  • Event provides one more level of encapsulation over delegates.
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Method Hiding Vs Method Overriding

Method Overriding (Virtual/Override keyword) Method Hiding (new keyword) Same method name and same params. Same method name and different params. Used in method overriding 136 more words
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Difference between Granular Backup and Farm Backup

Granular Backup:

* Granular backup is used for backing up a specific sharepoint entity, like a sitecollection, web or a list.
* Granular has two main types which are site collections and Web site or list. 120 more words


Difference between Assert and Verify..??


When Assert command fails, program aborts i.e., when program condition in assert fails, then the remaining code after the Assert will be skipped and execution will be stopped at the same point without proceeding further.

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Hypothesis Vs. Theory

The aim of the hypothesis vs theory comparison presented in this article is to clarify the difference between these two stages of scientific analysis. A glance through the article will completely clarify the… 689 more words


Threads, ThreadPool & Tasks


  • Represents an actual OS-level thread, with its own stack and kernel resources.
  • Allows the highest degree of control – Abort() or Suspend() or Resume().
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