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REBLOG: Togs or Swimmers?

I love language…..

Togs or swimmers? Why Australians use different words to describe the same things

Is Australia about to descend into civil war over whether a deep-fried potato snack is rightfully called a “potato cake” or a “potato scallop”?

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Musings on Tolerance (A few links)

The blog post partially reblogged below is written from an Indian perspective – but most if not all can be applied elsewhere (hence the star). Including in Australia. 325 more words

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Conversations.... (REBLOGGED)

Hi again.

Reblogging a couple of posts which make good points about the need for dialogue when talking about “contentious” things. Finding the common ground should be the important thing. 892 more words


Same Picture, Different Message

Same picture, different message…what lens we bring, what we think, what we are listening for determines what we see, what we hear and what we think. 150 more words

REBLOGGED: Political Realities, Leadership Change and Why Democracy Won

Continuing yesterday’s theme. This time it’s John Lord laying out the reasoning.

Political Realities, Leadership Change and why Democracy won

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REBLOGGED from The AIMN: I love Tony Abbott

I agree with what Victoria Rollison says at least in part. I came into my political understanding from the Gillard years onward. A lot of that understanding (of what I  1,203 more words

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