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We Are Not Going To Agree On Everything, We Should Respect Each Other's Right To Disagree On Anything


For reasons that are not always understood, people in the United States have come to the place where they must convince other people to think as they do. 278 more words

Robert Clifton Robinson

How To Deal With Broken Bonds

Dear Friend,

I’m writing in response to something you posted earlier this morning. You said {in so many words}:

“If you support our President, UNFRIEND me.” 847 more words

Right Here, Right Now

Morning Musings: Romans 14:1

“As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions.”  (ESV)

So many fights in the church are over issues that are far less significant than we have made them.  353 more words

Morning Musings

What Grandparenthood Taught Me About Being Pro-Life

When I was in high school, I had to write an essay on abortion. I think we had to watch a film about abortion, too, but I’m pretty sure I blocked that from my memory because I’m squeamish like that. 1,056 more words

Right Here, Right Now

The Finding of Polarity (3) - #Silenti

In parts one and two of this set of three posts, we have examined how the development of the individual, the ‘self’, is a different process from the development of our young bodies, and relies upon our departure from ‘oneness’ in the womb towards a reaching for individuality – a process that eventually matures into what psychology calls the… 1,019 more words

Silent Eye School

The Finding of Polarity (2) - #Silenti

“As I begin to understand how ‘I’ am made I begin to see that infinity can largely be equated with what is formless and not with some mathematically and useless hugeness” 1,240 more words

Silent Eye School

The Finding of Polarity (1) - #Silenti

We can speak of mysticism, of magic, of meditation, of psychodynamics and many other labels, but all these refer to the attempt by the human consciousness to become aware of a deeper level of existence than our normal day-world. 946 more words

Silent Eye School