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My Open Box

I feel like I live in a pretty protected community. That’s not a bad thing. Everyone is really nice and they are willing to help out when needed or asked. 532 more words



There seems, to me, to be a lot more hate in the world! What is wrong with us as a civilization? Why is there so much hate? 106 more words

Wear a turban and twirl like a princess

So my kids met a man yesterday who happened to be wearing a turban. They thought that was the COOLEST THING. Now in part this is because both of my sons like to wear a shirt on their head and twirl like a princess, and thought maybe a turban was like a head shirt. 214 more words

Random Thoughts

Similar, Yet Different

I have told you guys how I have a lot of the same mental illnesses as my dad. Well, there is one thing that makes us extremely different. 295 more words


Are Not Dirty Words

My daughter took her two small children into a Subway Fast Food to get some sandwiches.

As they were standing there a middle aged (50 ish) year old woman came in.   569 more words

Life Chatter

All the Colors of the Rainbow: (Part One)

In Revelations, it speaks of every tribe and tongue praising God. That means every different person from every different place.

Which sounds beautiful, right?

I didn’t think so. 463 more words


Thing and The Night

Thing missed being back at the cave. It was the one place that he knew his Mother and Father would eventually return. He had given up waiting on them and had struck out to see what was at the end of the world. 985 more words

Flash Fiction