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From Hargeisa TO Hyderabad!

When we hear India, i am pretty sure one of first names that pops up into our minds is Mumbai, New Delhi or other big Indian cities, but Hyderabad is also one of India busiest and biggest cities, earlier last month when i went there there was plenty of things i learned and here i wrote this blog to share it with you. 637 more words


Give yourself permission to go back and take a second look

By Elizabeth Grumbach, lower school teacher

Give yourself permission to go back and take a second look. That’s the message that David Roche, comedian and inspirational speaker, shared with our Moses Brown community on November 17. 282 more words

Faculty View

What's life like in Shanghai?

We’ve all been there; how’s life on the other side of the globe? What is the differences, do we think alike, act alike – the food MUST be different, right? 643 more words


Fueled by rage..

I hate you, with every single fibre of my existence. I can’t stand the thought of having your DNA in my system! If there was a way to cleanse myself from it, I would have it done without batting an eye. 239 more words

Sugar Rollercoaster of Life

So one week a month my blood sugars go extra crazy. They bounce inconsistently though so no food, exercise nor change in insulin dosages can help. 163 more words


Can It Be That Simple?

Me vs. You

Us vs. Them

This is how it starts.

This is how it escalates.

This is where we have the ability

To be different than anyone else in history. 63 more words

Life Chatter

Being an introvert - how people pity me

It never seizes to both amaze and amuse me how people perceive introverts. And even more puzzling is the fact that all though you try to reason with them that you are an introvert and you find solace in solitude, they still insist on giving you life advices on the lines of… 683 more words