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Trans - Jenner? Or autogynephilia Jenner?

Diane Sawyers interview with Bruce Jenner finally aired.

I have said before that I do believe there are some people who are truly transgendered. I also think true transgendered people are being lost amidst an array of people with other issues that are using transgenderism as a cover/explanation for various pathologies and fetishes which are unrelated to transgenderism per se. 1,182 more words

Biological Females

It starts with realisation

To realize is to make it ‘real’. To become aware of new insights, information, abilities or previously unknown talents. I feel this is something that can greatly enhance your creativity. 246 more words

Personal Evolution


Talking to my best friend this morning (which gave me a lot of perspective since he’s a guy) I realized the massive disconnect in two areas: 1,291 more words

Fear Factor: Social Anxiety Edition

Published on More Than Ships Passing in the Night on February 16, 2015

I was browsing through my drafts for unfinished posts and came across this one that I started writing on July 14, 2014. 706 more words


Breaking the 4th wall

On TV and movies “breaking the 4th wall” is when characters speak to the camera. Think House of Cards, Ferris Bueller or Zach Morris. Basically they are going to a place that is not usually allowed. 625 more words


Discourse communities, so very many of them!

When first being asked to read author John Swales’ writing “The concept of Discourse Communities”, I honestly wasn’t sure of what I should expect. Of course I’ve heard about communities, but never… 546 more words