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8. Escape to Seoul

I was told once, “Why go to South Korea? It’s practically like Japan, no?”   I confess, I started off my trip to Seoul with the same expectation since my knowledge about SK was limited to  the progressive Korean make up and cute K-pop bands. 382 more words

Thoughts on Equal Pay Day

A friend posted this on Facebook and one of her friends wondered about the figures.

I replied with this lengthy comment (edited to provide clarity), which is not meant to be controversial, but may induce controversy: 860 more words

Reminder 5.3.16

This is just a quiet reminder
a moment of invitation
for everyone
to see past all the labels
we put on ourselves

to divide… 93 more words



I have a boyfriend and his name is Brandon. He is absolutely amazing in every way. He is strong of character, determined to follow God’s plan for his life wherever that may lead, loving, humble, generous with his time, and a complete servant to others. 190 more words

The UK & US Education Systems Compared

Since being in the United States, whilst having come from the United Kingdom, I have come to experience two of the most desired and respectable education systems in the world, which is particularly notable with the large numbers of international students both in Columbia, Missouri and Canterbury, Kent. 644 more words

Tat tvam asi

I am That. Thou art That.

We aren’t so different, you and I.

Recognize the Ego, the I’m Better, I’m Unique. How does it influence your thoughts and beliefs?


what difference does it make?

During my Faith journey I have been challenged by people about why I have chosen to live my life as a Christian.

Why do you want to live like that? 569 more words

Walking By Faith And Not By Sight