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In The Back Of My Mind

An idea resides

In a hollowed out place

At the back of my eyes

In an empty old space

It watches and notes

Of the life that I live… 69 more words


China vs Japan - Differences Between The Two Countries Aka Differences Of Oriental Cultures.

We sometimes become confused after watching China and Japan. So here is the interesting list difference which proves that how both countries ( Japan and China ) are not same. 1,391 more words


Adjustment Disorder vs Major Depressive Disorder

Med students are often asked to distinguish between Major Depressive Disorder (296.xx) and Adjustment Disorder with depressed mood (309.xx)… Both are characteristically different groups of conditions that although are categorically distinct, sometimes present with similar symptoms… 451 more words


Unfortunately, there are no fixed travel plans at the moment except going back to Rio in a couple of weeks for a friend’s birthday, (I know going back to to Rio is such a drag). 301 more words


Have a nice trip! 

There is something utterly confusing about a toilet telling you to have a nice trip.

And with toilets here having so many mysterious options, it kind of feels as if it doesn’t mean trip as in adventure but a very different type of trip. 19 more words

September In Tokyo

Difference vs Sameness

I am different. I have hot pink hair, I wear dramatic makeup, I listen to any song that can make me bounce up and down in my car seat with my hands flailing off the stereo. 374 more words


When You're Not Part of the Solution, Don't Become Part of the Problem

I awoke with a horrific migraine. My eyes hurt, my neck hurt, the front right side of my head ached with a magnitude which threatened to explode my brain matter across my unmade bed. 745 more words

Rahs Mirror