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Racist Sweden and studies

Reading norm critic and experiencing the racism in social media in Sweden makes me wonder how Sweden even can be considered the land that is most equal in the world. 461 more words


The image of women, feminism and Media Texts

In cinema, we always see that heroes are mostly men. Heroes such as Spiderman, Batman, Capitan American, Superman and so on.

One of the most… 276 more words


I thought I could do it

I recently traveled with someone I’ve known for over 40 years. Defining “known” is the key element to this story.

Known in this story means being aware of; mingling with and sharing some past experiences.  302 more words


Missing my lingo

Obstacle number one. can’t communicate in my mother tongue with my life partner. So many words and jokes which lose its essence when translated. Hubby still promising to learn after 17 years!!!!! 8 more words

Scooba 450 vs Braava 380t in Kelantan – What are the Main Differences?

For years now, iRobot has firmly established itself as the top manufacturer of highly innovative flooring cleaners and vacuums even in Kelantan. In the event you already have one of the popular iRobot Roomba for vacuuming floors, you might want to think about buying a floor washing robot as well to eliminate the least enjoyable home chore of maintaining gleaming, squeaky clean floors. 1,537 more words

Christmas Cookie-Off

Two out of three, ain’t bad. Yesterday I showed a few American’s how Kiwis decorate Christmas Cookies, at my first ever Christmas Cookie-Off, winning TWO… 833 more words


Python and Some Other Programming Languages

Whenever we see any new programming language, we tend to compare it with others, and as of now Python is one of the most upcoming and used programming language for various applications like IoT, Data Science, etc. 601 more words