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The Secret Lives of Boys - Part 2

Missed the first part? Find it here: The Secret Lives of Boys – Part 1

So, basically, I had these unrealistic and completely unreasonable expectations for the men in my life. 519 more words


A Nod to Our Differences

No two people are exactly alike. Just as Oscar Wilde said it, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” We are all indeed different and we communicate, whether verbally or nonverbally, in our own unique ways. 364 more words

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus? I Think They're Both From Earth.

So does anyone remember this extremely popular book? And if you’ve never read it (don’t worry, neither have I) have you ever heard of it? Probably so, because this book gained  367 more words


The nothing box ...or the way men think?

Okay, I have no idea if the guy in this video is the funniest ‘lecturer’ in the world, or a comedian with a genuine message, but he is hilariously funny! 32 more words

Wandering Between Worlds

I managed to catch my third cold of the season, so I’ve been a bit lazy this past week.  Normally, I have a decent routine down and there aren’t too many terribly exciting things to write about.   1,211 more words


It's rude to YOU, not to them, because it's normal there.

Different cultures do and accept different things. Seems obvious, right? But for most people it isn’t.

During my freshman year of college, I was conversing with two friends about a proposal that was on the table at my school. 436 more words