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It is another Monday after a holiday weekend. For many the holiday was pre-planned with family outings, travel, fireworks, etc. I hope and pray that it was a safe weekend for one and all. 1,241 more words


Culture Shock - First Impressions

As I near the end of this journey toward an MBA, a few of my final requirements include a Capstone (think thesis – but in more of a consulting capacity), an elective and International Residency. 528 more words


Gender works

I am all for equality. Men and women should be treated equally, paid equally, respected equally. But I don’t get how some feminists get all winded up about ”female/male roles”. 105 more words


PAIN - even migraine pain is real!

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Another sunny, Sunday morning! After a night of clawing at my head from migraine pain, seeing the streaks of sunlight outside my dining room window is pushing the curves of my lips into a smile. 1,166 more words


Pretty Different..

If beauty was defined in one sentence it has to be “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. We all have different opinions, tastes and “rules” to something we find beautiful. 298 more words


James Earl Jones Reciting a Speech Given by Fredrick Douglas on Independence Day 1852

We posted this video not to be divisive but rather to be create awareness and to insight an intelligent dialog about the history of our great nation; as good, bad and indifferent that history may be. 847 more words


That Different Spark

It was dark at my parent’s rural home. My children were watching the sky and waiting to spy fireworks lighting up the sky in multiple directions. 807 more words