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Oh Brother...Where Have All The Reasonable People Gone?

So, I made the stupid mistake of trying to have a reasonable conversation with unreasonable people recently. About what doesn’t really matter except to say that it involves a recent news event and is a complex issue. 273 more words



No, not like the Britney Spears song.


People can be toxic. And I’m not writing today to lecture you on your choice of relationships or friendships. 966 more words


Why Being "Right" May Actually Be Wrong

No matter how “right” you think you are, always keep in mind that there is more than one way to view any situation, and often each perspective carries its own validity. 233 more words

Personal Growth


My Zumba class is my way of fooling myself into exercise! So the other day as I walked into the studio and to my surprise I heard a Bollywood song, a song that was on repeat on my playlist! 322 more words


When is a ball a strike

I have discussed on this blog the differences between high school and professional rules. Most of the time they really don’t amount to much and other times it causes some potentially goofy rulings. 336 more words


Just A Wee Bit Different Or Is That A Smidgen

It isn’t just the accent that reminds me that Beloved and I come from different places.  It isn’t just the way we use different words to describe the same either, although there are moments like boot and bonnet versus trunk and hood that stand out when we are talking vehicles.   264 more words

Stuck in between worlds

I’m going to try and give a little reasoning behind the title of this blog, in addition to all the thousands of thoughts I’ve been having lately as I go on with life. 834 more words