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aired differences

no fan ever neeed

and never a day of spring

and no  leaves in sight

however still a reality

of words

and disntinction

and manner… 45 more words



Idiom (ˈɪdɪəm)  n  A phrase which cannot be understood from the meaning of the individual words it contains, for example, “It’s raining cats and dogs.” 269 more words


Growing Up in Compton

Let me start off by saying that living in Compton is not as bad as it sounds. I’m sure many people hear all these stories of how ghetto it is, dangerous or what not but the way I see it, any place you go to has that possibility of it being unsafe. 1,150 more words


Penggunaan "Compare to" dan "Compare with"


It’s been long time since my last Learning Corner post.

Udah lama nggak update tulisan di kategori Learning Corner.

Kali ini, aku akan menuliskan tentang penggunaan “compare to” dan “compare with”. 353 more words

Learning Corner

Differences Between YouTube and Twitch: The Equipment

The content you make for different platforms is almost always entirely different from one another. For example, the content one would make for YouTube is completely separate than the content one would make for Twitch. 167 more words

Empathy ...

Brain scientist, Simon Baron-Cohen, has been doing research on brain differences for many years. In his book, The Essential Difference: The Truth About the Male & Female Brain, he states flatly that “The female brain is predominantly hard-wired for empathy. 142 more words


We Are A Village!

Title: It Takes a Village

Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Illustrator: Marla Frazee

Published By: Simon & Schuster


It is Worldly Wednesday, the day we celebrate eveyone, regardless of differences! 150 more words

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