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New Parenting

In college, I held two jobs, went to school full time, was a member of a sorority, and an elected member of our student government.  I was highly productive.   396 more words


Different But Beautiful

Stumbling on an article by The Guardian and photographs by Sean O’Hagan, I went back in my mind to my earlier post about being free and having freedom. 985 more words

Heritage * Perinne * Kulturarv

Everyone thinks they are normal

I had no clue what I was going to write about this evening, but then read a stream of comments on Tumblr about choices of pizza, and start writing this nonsensical, disjointed post about nothing in particular. 492 more words


No Fear In Love - A Book Review

Andy Braner grew up in a conservative, fundamentalist church and it seems that his adult journey has been spent trying to overcome its effect on him. 793 more words


My parents married, had me, and divorced while they were young.  Each remarried and had at least one child with their new spouse.  Although I had two “homes”, I never felt like a full member of either family or household.   420 more words

My Eyes Are Not Your Eyes

I love art. I love to take pictures and make jewelry. The art I like isn’t for everyone, neither are my pictures. I like cemetery sculptures. 145 more words