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Many Colored Stones

The Carta had business at the Conclave. Whoever was left standing at the end of it was going to need lyrium. Except when the smoke cleared… she was the only one left standing. 950 more words

Dragon Age


Take my hand
Lets walk together
In the light of the moon
Don’t be afraid
I wont bite you
I’m just here to lead you astray


Inquisition Fan-Fiction

So, I wrote up a story for my ‘canon’ Inquisitor – https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11384295/1/Age-of-Dragons-Inquisition

And I’m writing up her ‘opposite’ number – https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11526433/1/A-Different-Path-Hard-Line

In each, I imply there are others around.  1,160 more words

Dragon Age


In the deafening silence

I imagined all kinds of injury

It was hard when it happened to me

Harder than when I placated others

But that little me inside… 18 more words


Panda in Snow / Walking up the same hill

We walk up a hill, we slide down it, we walk up it again, we slide back down it. We keep walking up the same damn hill and wonder why we end up at the bottom again. 37 more words

A Different Perspective: The journey is not yet over

Jesse O. Walls | The Chart

An event the other day triggered a string of events that changed my direction in life, and it made me start thinking about how everything happens for a reason. 285 more words

The Chart