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Another path. Same journey.

I’ve known for many years where I want to end up relating to my weight loss journey – what my destination looks like, and knowing that along the journey I will have struggles. 885 more words

Weightloss Journey

Regret It? Nope. Not You.

You made the jump.
You’re doing things your way, the right way, how you envision it.

But not everyone likes it, right? Maybe not your friends, parents or even your spouse. 186 more words


You are stupid

What is stupidity? What is this idea of one person having less intellect than another? What is intellect? Perhaps it is the ability to achieve highly in academia, therefore the ability to lie well alongside good writing skills – academia is forever changing regarding the political landscape and often if you can understand and imitate the beliefs of the current system you can get all the way to a masters degree! 425 more words


Professor Time..

Today I sat on the beach for a couple of hours watching the waves pulse against and fall away from the accumulation of seashells, sand, and tourists.Β  410 more words


Focus on you πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ’—

I feel like we all must do it. Compare ourselves to others I mean. Looking at their achievements and how far they’ve come, how appealing their life looks and all the things they have got and have done. 324 more words

12 Jul 2017

There is a tiny pause, Marcus, a fraction of time, when all the moving parts in your life stand still.

When you dare to move contrary to the anticipated direction. 89 more words


Words on Wednesdays: Spice up your life

Sometimes we fall into the trap of doing the same things. We eat the same food, walk in the same route, have the same work routine, talk to the same people, and watch the same shows. 119 more words