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#TCEA17 Differentiate with Google Classroom

Google Classroom gives us the facility of diversifying and differentiating instruction.  There are essentially two ways of doing this:

Option 1: Create one class, but vary assignments and announcements within that class.   131 more words


Continually Improving

February 16, 2017

Teaching is a reflective process. You cannot expect to get better if you do not constantly reflect on what you have been doing. 249 more words


Knowing and responding to learners (DI)

The EduGains > Differentiated Instruction site includes a tab (left hand side) titled Knowing And Responding to Learners and it includes several monographs that “provide at- a-glance looks at effective  DI”for the following subjects: 49 more words


Paulina's Journal Article Review #1

Overview of Article:

The journal article “The Application of Differentiated Instruction in Postsecondary Environments: Benefits, Challenges, and Future Directions” by Santangelo and Tomlinson discusses the results of a self-study that examined the effects of differentiated instruction in a graduate level course. 856 more words

How Can Instruction be Differentiated for Diverse Learners?

In my past life as a children’s librarian in a public library, my duties included providing educational, engaging programming on a regular basis for kids ages 5-8.   870 more words


The New KWL for the 21st Century

Is it time to update the KWL chart for student learning? I discovered a KWL chart for the 21st century on Twitter yesterday which suggest the time has come to rethink the way we track what students know. 85 more words

End of the Semester Reflections

January 27, 2017

So the last few weeks have been insane and a bit stressful, as evidenced by my lack of activity. Today is the last day of the semester and while my last few classes take their Midterms, I have decided to reflect on what has worked so far and what hasn’t. 488 more words