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Differentiating grammar instruction with heritage students

Over my last five years as a heritage language teacher, I have found that explicit grammar instruction has very little effect on my students.  There are several reasons for this.   1,007 more words

Tips to Plan and Prep for Math Workshop or Guided Math

While there may be times that you want to use a traditional whole group model for instruction, there are other times you need to work with small groups in order to differentiate for your individual student’s needs. 337 more words


What Differentiation Isn't

Today, some of the most important skills to be accumulated and honed for a teacher. It is all learnable, but sadly at times, too many have tried to oversimplify it or turn it in to something it was never meant to be. 177 more words


Differentiated Instruction: comparing 2 subjects

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to meet the various needs of students in our classrooms lately.  If we think about it, we are REALLY good at differentiated instruction in subjects like writing, yet, we struggle to do differentiated instruction well in subjects like math.   1,237 more words

A New Definition of Rigor

“Rigor doesn’t simply mean giving students more or harder work.” “Instead, it’s the result of work that challenges students’ thinking in new and interesting ways.” This simple statement grabbed my attention today as I read a blog post on Edutopia by Brian Sztabnik. 98 more words

It is so thrilling to enter your first classroom. It is, after all, what you have been dreaming of for four years. I will tell you from personal experience if you don’t prepare well, you will enter your first year… 1,443 more words