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15 Things I Learned While Student Teaching

Student teaching is a time of humongous growth. Throughout my process I learned many things, some humorous and light-hearted, and some serious and hard-hitting. Here are a few: 697 more words


November Classroom Favorites

Happy end of November!

We are finally in the home stretch to winter break. WE CAN DO IT.  Also, for all my male teacher friends, … 633 more words


The Neurocognitive Model of Language & Executive Function

The neurocognitive model of language and executive function (I know…it’s quite a mouthful!) allows us to create and store representations of the world around us. This provides us with language (a label system for our representations) and mental life (i.e., mental thoughts and actions, the ability to manipulate thoughts in novel and alternate ways, ability to set goals, etc.). 388 more words

Speech Language Pathology

Choice Boards: Round 1

November 7, 2016

Phew! So I know it’s been a while since I’ve last written. Things are getting super crazy and hectic, but what else is new? 345 more words


Assessment Injustice

Assessment Injustice

There are any number of injustices with assessments that occur.  Some go unnoticed, and many students or parents don’t complain about them (especially when they seem to make getting an A easier) and some of them are legitimately unfair to the student, but perhaps the student is too afraid to speak up. 1,705 more words