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Teacher and Administrator Education: How to Effectively Manage Differentiated Instruction for Best Results

When a student is willing to learn, they are engaged and motivated. To provide for students willingness to learn, they must be given more tools for their own learning. 943 more words

Differentiated Instruction

5 Misses: Differentiated Instruction

Yesterday, I gave five examples of Differentiated Instruction. Today, I am sharing five things that are not differentiated instruction. Everyone makes mistakes but maybe this post can help guide you away from misclassifying a strategy as differentiated instruction. 221 more words


Give me 5: Differentiated Instruction

  1. PEP: Personalized education plan book that contains individually leveled materials for either enrichment, practice or remediation
  2. Adaptive Interactive Lessons and Assessments: These activities measure how a student is doing and adjust to either easier or harder to put them right in their ZPD (zone of proximal development); challenging to do manually but lots of software is out there that uses this idea-especially in Math.
  3. 122 more words

Curriculum Spotlight: Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets is a great resource for Differentiated Instruction information and mainstream reading instruction. They have pages on classroom strategies, a professional development course, articles about how to tackle specific challenges and the information of why these challenges arise, fluency, comprehension, content area literacy, dyslexia, ELL, Phonics…just to name a few.


Professional Development Spotlight

The ASCD Differentiated Instruction Page has a huge collection of links for differentiated instruction including articles, videos, book suggestions and online PD courses. It is an extensive resource and if you are struggling to figure out differentiated instruction or even just looking for a new approach, this is a great site to start your researching.


Solution Series 2 of 8: Supplemental Practice and Homework

This school year we introduced ScootPad Solutions, a comprehensive set of student-centered learning solutions for teachers, parents and administrators. Just in time for the long Winter break, we’ll show you how to assign… 363 more words

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