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Is your child between the ages of 4 and 8?

Is your rising star struggling with reading (phonics, fluency, and comprehension)? 72 more words

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How Do We Take Notes?

3.3 – Teacher persists in seeking approaches for students who have difficulty learning, drawing on a broad repertoire of strategies. 

Differentiated instruction means that as a teacher, I am providing students with the specific tools that they need to succeed in the classroom. 393 more words


Pedagogical Vignette 4: Differentiated Instruction in a Mathematics Classroom

Subject Mathematics Level: Year 3 Topic Graphs of Exponential Functions Macro-concept Model Enduring Understanding Models communicate mathematical patterns in quantitative relationships. Essential Question 669 more words
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Implementing Change in Teaching and Learning

There are many different versions of the above chart. When this, or a similar chart was introduced to me it gave me clarity around the issues needed to promote, implement and sustain change. 511 more words

Differentiation and Coherent Instruction

4.3 Component 1e: Designing Coherent Instruction

During assessment review, I use what are called “review stations.” In this activity, students rotate through 4 stations, where they are given a review sheet addressing part of the unit of the assessment. 430 more words

Differentiated Instruction

Integrating Technology: Edutopia discussion

An updated post from a prior blog I wrote for Edueto Magazine.

Integrating Technology: Getting Started with the First Steps
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Retelling the Story: Kidblog post

Thank you Kidblog, my recent post published April 14, 2016

Retelling the Story: What Comes Next?

APRIL 14, 2016  •  RACHELLE DENE POTH  •  

My prior blog posts have focused on the benefits of blogging for students and teachers in the classroom. 489 more words