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When you give a choice, you give them a voice!!

Mrs. Nancy Hubbard, a very wise principal, shared many memorable tips/hints/insightful comments. She stated, “When you are a teacher before you are a mother, those experiences make you a better parent.” She went on to explain that the opposite is also true. 187 more words

Timber! DI Decimal Division Jenga

When I first started teaching middle school, I guess you could say I was a generalist.  I tended to see my students as a single body.   673 more words

Not a Moment To Spare

A few years ago, I read Steven Leinwand’s Accessible Mathematics – 10 Instructional Shifts That Raise Student Achievement.     The idea that small instructional shifts can have a big outcome really resonated with me.   647 more words

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Is your child between the ages of 4 and 8?

Is your rising star struggling with reading (phonics, fluency, and comprehension)? 72 more words


How Do We Take Notes?

3.3 – Teacher persists in seeking approaches for students who have difficulty learning, drawing on a broad repertoire of strategies. 

Differentiated instruction means that as a teacher, I am providing students with the specific tools that they need to succeed in the classroom. 393 more words


Pedagogical Vignette 4: Differentiated Instruction in a Mathematics Classroom

Subject Mathematics Level: Year 3 Topic Graphs of Exponential Functions Macro-concept Model Enduring Understanding Models communicate mathematical patterns in quantitative relationships. Essential Question 669 more words
Good Practices & Innovative Ideas

Implementing Change in Teaching and Learning

There are many different versions of the above chart. When this, or a similar chart was introduced to me it gave me clarity around the issues needed to promote, implement and sustain change. 511 more words