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The note that made my day :)

Dear Tiny Pew’s English Sir,

I don’t know much about you, my son hasn’t yet gotten your name, the only thing I know about you is that you aren’t very tall or hefty. 615 more words

Pictures Tell a Funny Story

These pictures tell a funny story.

This picture was taken November 1958.  The girl on the right is Kathy, my aunt.  It’s her birthday, so the cake is for her.   155 more words

How to Deal with a Difficult, Rebellious Child

When Mary walked into my office for her therapy appointment, she wasn’t a happy camper. When I asked her what was going on, she said she was furious at her daughter, Alice, who’s seven. 785 more words

Doris Wild Helmering

When Your Child's Mental Health Isn't Healthy

I have seen my share of ups and downs with mental illness over the years. From battling my own demons with things like anxiety and panic disorders, to more severe forms of mental illness, I have seen and experienced first hand the emotional and mental toll these illnesses can have on a person. 835 more words

On Raising a Difficult Child

Oh I really don’t want to label D. But I must be honest. He’s difficult. With a capital D. He’s 16 and his favorite word remains “No.” Easy-going, laid back, lassie faire ….yeah so not D. 258 more words


A male child aged 10 years was diagnosed with autism 5 years back met our Vaidya for consultation, over the month of march 2016. The child was presenting the following symptoms. 568 more words

Kids, neurology and chilli plant seeds.

You get the kid you are given.

People arrive already pre-loaded with a personality and a neurology.

You can encourage happiness and health, vigour and vitality, but essentially you are working with the piece of marble in front of you. 309 more words