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Navigating DIfficult Dialogues: Phrasing Is Key

As a culture, we easily fall into “power based” patterns in our discussions.  Don’t believe me? Try filling in the blanks in this simple test: 618 more words


Elephants in the Room, Monsters Under the Bed: Difficult Dialogues Conference at UPEI This Weekend

By Jennifer Brenton

UPEI’s Diversity and Social Justice program is putting on its second Difficult Dialogues conference on March 6th and 7th in the Dawson Lounge in Main Building. 322 more words


Sequencing Public Engagement -Do We Have Time?

One objection often made to using a sequenced series of engagement steps is that it “takes time.” Although it does take some additional planning time and energy, separating and sequencing different types of dialogue can save considerable time and energy over the long run. 431 more words


Teaching the Navigation of Difficult Dialogues: Sequence - 3

Our final class forum was more deliberative. Participants were given a student-created discussion guide, modeled after the National Issues Forum topic guides. This guide featured three “options” and asked the participants to consider the pros and cons, and tensions among each.  772 more words


Can Children Benefit from Difficult Dialogues?

As symbols of innocence, many people may believe that children are too naïve to participate in or benefit from difficult dialogues about race and equity. “They don’t see race,” may be a common deflection. 749 more words

Difficult Dialogues

Why Difficult Dialogues?

There are some things that none of us like to talk about: our salaries, our deepest fears and losses, and health and wellness topics that may fall under the category of “TMI” are just a few examples. 544 more words

Difficult Dialogues