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Seeing In A Cool New Way - Journal 3/22/17

Something horrible happened this week. Just kidding, I’m fucking fine.

But now that you’re reading I’ve got some cool new stuff that I’m excited to mess around with! 1,293 more words


Resolvance of a Diffraction Grating

Illuminating a diffraction grating with monochromatic light from a He/Ne laser shows a typical pattern, out in the photograph to m=3 on both sides. The spots are equally spaced and we notice that the m=2 spot is hidden under the first single slit diffraction minimum – a “missing order”. 308 more words


Rayleigh's Criterion.

Here’s an exercise for a physics class. At eye level, make two tiny dots on a whiteboard as close together as possible. Then walk backwards looking at the dots with one eye. 516 more words


ARC Review - 'Diffraction' by Jess Anastasi

Title:  Diffraction
Author: Jess Anastasi
Genre: Romance, Science-Fiction
Date of Publication: 2nd January, 2017
Page Count: 352 pages (Kindle edition)
Synopsis… 899 more words


Aperture - The Three Pillars

At its most fundamental level, photography can be divided into three pillars: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. They each have an effect on the exposure of an image, which is essentially how ‘bright’ it is. 478 more words


Hello Halos: Why Some Christmas Lights Seem to Glow

If you’re anything like my family, you’ll hop into a car this holiday season, and cruise the neighborhood to view Christmas lights. Who knows? Maybe a house will have decked its walls with a synchronized display to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Wizards in Winter.” 414 more words