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Poems from this life

October 4th /17 (11:29pm)

You have not won.

You have not become

my obsession.

Not now.

Now, I live with the taste of freedom

still faintly on my tongue, 207 more words


Science of Sunsets - Why is the Sky Blue?

You’ve probably noticed something different about both the sunrise and sunset over the past few weeks. Steve Spangler shares the science behind this phenomenon with a simple experiment you can try at home. 60 more words

Gr 9-10 Science

I dream of Leo and Hans Z

Inspired by the captivating voice of Leonardo Dicaprio in ‘Inception’ and ‘The Aviator’ I decided to play with the script a bit and pair it with very unsettling visuals of what a lucid dream might feel like a little out of control. 19 more words

Fringed Lily

It is amazing to be able to find such a pretty specimen in the middle of an area somewhat barren of bright coloured flowers, but if you look closely, about a water pan, you are in for a surprise. 196 more words

Higher up the Ladder of Dimensions

This post is in continuation and quite similar to The Fourth Dimension, part of which is dedicated to visualising a higher spatial dimension. Here you’ll discover more and newer ways of imagining that higher dimension. 1,797 more words

Invisible Physics: the Air we Breathe

So we’re back after having finished our mid-year exams. And to kick off our return, here is an awesome science experiment by Veritasium which, in theory, you could do at home! 35 more words