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Make Your Photos Supersharp Part 5 - Using Lenses

OK, now we come to:Using Lenses.How can we use our lenses to get super sharp photos?There’s bad news, good news and even better news.The bad news is that even if you’ve chosen good lenses you won’t get sharp photos if you don’t use them properly. 2,287 more words

Photography Basics: Aperture II

In the first post about aperture we saw what aperture is, how we describe it and how we can use it in a technical way. Now it’s time for a little bit of composition and practice. 1,438 more words


Book Signing Option

Yesterday a coworker surprised me by asking to buy a copy of my fantasy book, Diffraction. To be honest, those moments are always good encouragement to keep doing this writing thing and not get frustrated by the challenges and difficulties of essentially trying to work a second job. 155 more words


New Tools for Exploring: Diffraction Imaging

The March 2016 First Break issue includes a very interesting paper by N.R. Benfield, A. Guise and D. Chase proposing a new technique for higher fault definition: … 863 more words


Problem As Solution

In my experience, there are some questions a fantasy writer is told to ask themselves right from the start. And one of the most important is: What is different or unique about my setting? 594 more words


Reverse Engineered Magic

Last year, I made it my goal to get my forever-in-progress fantasy novel out the door as a finished book. Diffraction is the result of all that effort (most of it at the beginning of the year, when I set out to finish it, and at the end when I felt under the crunch to make good on the promise). 860 more words


Physics 029 - Diffraction

We started class by watching this video by Veritasium on Young’s double slit experiment.

Then we replicated the experiment using a HeNe laser instead of sunlight as our light source.   381 more words