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Measure Laser Wavelength with a CD and a Tape Measure

Obviously the wavelength of a laser can’t be measured with a scale as large as that of a carpenter’s tape measure. At least not directly and that’s where a Compact Disc comes in. 188 more words

Laser Hacks

Inside an Old Barn

As you drive through the country do you often wonder what might be inside the old barns or farm buildings that you pass?

First you must remember that a barn has many functions. 383 more words


What is Lens Diffraction?

Lens diffraction is something that every landscape photographer has to deal with. Whether you’re using a top of the line lens or a very cheap one, lens diffraction is undeniably going to impact your images. 18 more words

Lens Diffraction In Photography

This is one of the best explanations of diffraction in photography I’ve ever heard. Steve is clear, shows great examples and I must say, he cleared up a lot of “diffraction” in my brain about diffraction in my camera. 194 more words


Color Trivia

Color is an interesting thing, it’s both quantitative and qualitative. Today, I’m going to talk about its quantitative nature. I’m sure most people know that visible light comes from a specific region of the electromagnetic spectrum, but they probably don’t understand why certain things are specific colors. 1,764 more words



I’ve been shooting down at f/16-f/22 a lot over the last few months and noticed a debatable slip in sharpness on a lot of my images. 115 more words