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Differentiating Differentiation

“Formal Reflection” on Competency of focus: 7 — Differentiation

As a resource teacher, making differentiation a focus of my pedagogical development was an easy choice. But what I didn’t want was to focus on examples of how I would change assignments to meet the various levels present in my classroom. 1,117 more words

Teacher Diffractions

I don't Bragg. But Bessel surely does.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

-Louis Pasteur.

It’s unfortunate or more aptly injudicious with how few things turn out in life. Take for example how Francis Crick recognized Franklin’s data without her duly consent, used it for his research and that, eventually, got him along with Watson the Nobel Prize award.

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Nanotechnology - Zero Refractive Materials

In a previous post this month I mention that scientists have managed to photograph individual atomic and molecular clouds, basically atoms. Not only can they see images of atoms but they can manipulate materials almost atom by atom as well. 910 more words

Current Science

Color, Sight, and Electronic Detectors

We do not see all of the electromagnetic spectrum but only a tiny part.  Instruments help us detect those we cannot see. Still the only reason anything is seen is still electrons in atomic, ionic, or bonding orbitals absorbing exciting energies from the sun a laser a light bulb or any other radiation generator. 269 more words

Math And Science Hacks

What happens when squirrels do not move.

Stationary state and squirrels !

Okay so the squirrel isn’t moving around so much, giving a fuzzy image. We can call the instant during which the squirrel wasn’t moving akin to a “gross” … 428 more words

Quantum Mechanics