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Rainbow Clouds!


I know our earth is full of beautiful and magical things but when walking to college today I looked up into the sky and saw a rainbow… However these weren’t the ordinary Rainbows that we think of they were iridescent clouds, and the phenomenon is called cloud iridescence. 121 more words

Diffraction055A by Martrim

Another in the series of diffracting light through glassware.

From 500px http://ift.tt/1UzjTIU


Channeling Newton

“…But, to determine more absolutely, what Light is, after what manner refracted, and by what modes or actions it produceth in our minds the Phantasms of Colours, is not so easie. 126 more words


Out of Stock

When I self-published Diffraction, I had no idea how many hard copies I might need and guesstimated 15.

Those got claimed faster than expected. So I ordered another 12 after the 15 arrived. 83 more words


Real Artists Ship

It’s a quote attributed to Steve Jobs. I found it in a book by Jeff Goins, called You Are A Writer, So Start Acting Like One. 105 more words


Are Electrons Particles or Waves? The Surprising Answer is … YES!

Most people think of electrons as particles, and for good reason. We all learned the simple atomic model with an electron in orbit around a nucleus. 647 more words

Diffraction Chapter Nine: Soulforged

From Markday until Final Dawn and every day between,


Indignation burned within Josephine, hotter than all the fires spreading throughout Northridge. She spun low under a bandit’s sword and smashed her hammer into his calf. 2,765 more words