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Lens Aperture

This will be the first of a series of three articles on the basic exposure variables namely the Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. The other two articles will follow and will be linked together, and along with other articles, will form the basis for a comprehensive course on the Basics of Photography. 1,310 more words
Fine Art

Diffraction Preview

Check out Dave’s blog page for a preview of his book Diffraction!


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I Like to Make Drawrings

So I got the first part of Chapter 1 of DIffusion critiqued in my writers’ group. And while I am pleased with the feedback, the magic confused one reader who hasn’t read book 1. 360 more words


Early May Diffusion Update

May is off to a good start on the ol’ word count tracker.

Roughly a thousand words a day, on various projects, for the first half of May. 775 more words


Make Your Photos Supersharp Part 5 - Using Lenses

OK, now we come to:Using Lenses.How can we use our lenses to get super sharp photos?There’s bad news, good news and even better news.The bad news is that even if you’ve chosen good lenses you won’t get sharp photos if you don’t use them properly. 2,287 more words

Photography Basics: Aperture II

In the first post about aperture we saw what aperture is, how we describe it and how we can use it in a technical way. Now it’s time for a little bit of composition and practice. 1,438 more words


Book Signing Option

Yesterday a coworker surprised me by asking to buy a copy of my fantasy book, Diffraction. To be honest, those moments are always good encouragement to keep doing this writing thing and not get frustrated by the challenges and difficulties of essentially trying to work a second job. 155 more words