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G9 Diffraction Limit

Diffraction is an optical effect which limits the total resolution of a camera — no matter how many megapixels the camera sensor has.  It happens because light begins to disperse or “diffract” when passing through the small opening that is the lens aperture.   268 more words


70-7 to 70-9: Probability amplitudes

70-7: Question 70-7 is an exercise in quantum math. Let’s think about the various possibilities, or states, we can/should distinguish here.

1. We have electrons with spin up or down going from the source to one of the two slits. 863 more words

70-6: Probability amplitudes

This problem presents more of the same. The illustration that’s presented resembles the one below. The whole analysis is based on the assumption that we can, effectively, treat the two slits as two wave  1,775 more words

Science of Sunsets - Why is the Sky Blue?

You’ve probably noticed something different about both the sunrise and sunset over the past few weeks. Steve Spangler shares the science behind this phenomenon with a simple experiment you can try at home. 60 more words

Gr 9-10 Science

I dream of Leo and Hans Z

Inspired by the captivating voice of Leonardo Dicaprio in ‘Inception’ and ‘The Aviator’ I decided to play with the script a bit and pair it with very unsettling visuals of what a lucid dream might feel like a little out of control. 19 more words

Fringed Lily

It is amazing to be able to find such a pretty specimen in the middle of an area somewhat barren of bright coloured flowers, but if you look closely, about a water pan, you are in for a surprise. 196 more words