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X Ray Diffraction Book Free Download

X ray diffraction book free download

Single-crystal X-ray Diffraction is a non-destructive analytical technique which provides detailed information about the internal lattice of crystalline substances X ray diffraction dover books on physics Download Book X Ray Diffraction Dover Books On Physics in PDF format. 484 more words

"Requiem for the dead and the living" the performance, 11th November 2016

A collaborative performance between myself and Dave Robinson.

An empty slide projector shined down onto the square pool of water and made a reflection of light on the wall opposite. 41 more words

How Can You See an Atom?

Since ancient Greek times, philosophers and scientists have tried to figure out what an atom looks like. 84 more words

Gr 9-10 Science

Diffraction and the real world

Photography is full of myths and conventional wisdom. Astonishingly, they occupy the attention of far too many for far too long.

Not a new phenomenon by any means, reams and reams of verbiage were devoted to the intricacies of film photography, it, nonetheless, seems to have exploded in the age of digital cameras and the internet. 493 more words


Seeing In A Cool New Way - Journal 3/22/17

Something horrible happened this week. Just kidding, I’m fucking fine.

But now that you’re reading I’ve got some cool new stuff that I’m excited to mess around with! 1,293 more words


Resolvance of a Diffraction Grating

Illuminating a diffraction grating with monochromatic light from a He/Ne laser shows a typical pattern, out in the photograph to m=3 on both sides. The spots are equally spaced and we notice that the m=2 spot is hidden under the first single slit diffraction minimum – a “missing order”. 308 more words


Rayleigh's Criterion.

Here’s an exercise for a physics class. At eye level, make two tiny dots on a whiteboard as close together as possible. Then walk backwards looking at the dots with one eye. 516 more words