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Helike Week 1. So uhm...when exactly do we get to dig?

My first week at Helike was honestly very different than I had originally expected it to be. While I had expected that I would have the chance to learn to dig in another country using a different methodology, I instead found myself in the lab nearly every day with my  greatest lessons being in the infuriating stagnancy and impotency of Greek bureaucracy. 923 more words


Six Feet

Hard earth, enemy of shovels
Exhausted arms
Adrenalin need
Six feet
Is a long way to dig by hand
Deep enough to bury this pain?


Stuck in the Mud!..

Uhh, Yeah, Hey boss, I might be a little late this morning . . 

SWATCH Beach Volleyball FIVB World Tour Finals Toronto '16@Polson Pier(Thurs.,July 21st,2016)

By BK on the SCENE

A Media Kick-Off was held at Polson Pier on Thursday morning with an announcement by The International Volleyball Federation and the Beach Major Company for The 2016 Swatch Beach Volleyball FIVB World Tour which takes place from September 13th-18th, with matches beginning on the 14th. 158 more words


Dig In

This week I had my very first nursing exam. Crazy, isn’t it? All the work you put in, tests you take and pre-requisites could not even compare to the real thing. 741 more words


Episode 31: Dig Those Diglett! (Indigo League)

While lost in the mountains, Ash, Misty and Brock are thrust in the middle of a conflict between construction workers and the native Diglett. While attempting to pick a side, Ash’s rival, Gary, gets involved and things quickly spiral out of control. 439 more words


The Hipster and His Jazz Lingo

As warmer summer-like weather approaches broadcasters tell of imminent jazz festivals. But my first understanding of the term jazz is of bebop jazz; that music whose rhythms flew to the stratosphere and that drummers punctuated with bass drum bombs, its pace, at times too fast for the foot to beat four to the bar, or for jitter bugging dancers used to more middle of the road swing and sway of popular big band orchestras.

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