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कभी नहीं

पतँगों के पर ही नहीं
मन भी होते हैं
कौनों में एक छुपी बात

ही नहीं
एक शुरुआत भी तो है
आवाजों की बनी

जान ही नहीं


Arad to Ashkelon

We started our day today in Arad and ended up by the sea at Ashkelon.

Our first stop of the day was at Tel Arad where we visited the Arad fortress that was built in the 9th to 6th centuries BCE and the older Canaanite city of Arad below it. 237 more words


Site Diary: Weeks 3 & 4

Week Three

Prior to a pair of 32 ton 360° mechanical excavators breaking ground and removing the pitch of Huntington Stadium on the 19th of May, the York Archaeological Trust team behind the Dig York Stadium excavation had been a tad nervous. 6,573 more words


Food Breaks at the Dig

In my post Early Morning at the Dig I mentioned that we get to Lachish at about 5:00am.

We board the bus before getting any breakfast, so we always look forward to the food breaks during the dig. 229 more words


Dog ball - for busy dogs!

For all the dogs out there, who love to dig and chew we have something fun and entertaining for you! Some dogs find happiness in creating their own adventures, playing all day and doing things they probably shouldn’t. 448 more words



i am a Gold Digger

i seek not man, I seek not favor, nor do I seek my own pleasures

that which i delve is greater than… 323 more words


Song and Gold


I must admit: I am quite the hoarder (one day I expect to be on the TV show, if I ever get my own house and manage not to move for 10 years, that is). 926 more words