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Avebury Dig 2015 Day 11

Today (finally ) brought sunshine and the team have made good headway clearing down towards the worm sorted horizon in Trench 6.

In English (rather than archaeospeak) that’s the layer in, and just above which, we’ve found the vast majority of the middle Neolithic finds  we’ve had from the site. 93 more words

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Avebury Dig 2015 Day 10

After yesterday’s press frenzy it was straight back down to business on Day 10. The weather hadn’t read the script and as the day progressed we had increasingly heavy bursts of rain. 146 more words

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Flash fiction: Rubbish

‘What is it?’ I said, standing on the lip.

‘Victorian.’ He jumped in, didn’t wait for me. ‘Rubbish pit.’

I lowered myself down. In an oven tray he had collected pieces of coloured pottery, a clear bottle with a marble in its neck, a broken ceramic pot stamped with ‘Bloater Paste’. 164 more words

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Avebury Dig 2015 Day 9

Well it’s been a bit of a media day here, everyone is keen to know what’s going on and what is being discovered at this intriguing site.  239 more words

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Avebury Dig 2015 Day 8

Well what a day. Yesterday our team got drenched, retreated to wash finds at basecamp and then a brave and hearty crew of volunteers sallied forth into the trenches for a little late afternoon topsoil removal. 409 more words

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To Grow Big Vegetables: You must feed them the right food

Preparing the Raised Veggie Plot for the coming growing season

It is now time to be giving your Raised vegetable garden, something to make it grow great vegetables. 380 more words