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This $100 million monstrous excavator can dig up 240,000 tons of rock a day

What is 30 stories tall, moves at a half a mile per hour and churns through 240,000 tons of rock every day? Bucket wheel excavators. The most famous of which being the Bagger 288, bucket wheel excavators make shorter work of mines than typical drill and blast mining. 29 more words


Oh, sweet Paige…thou art a handful…

Paige is another adorable hound mix who has all kinds of energy and tons of love to give. She put my husband and I through the ringer during the week that we had her (we aren’t used to diggers!), but I have no doubt that she will give a lucky owner all the love in the world. 147 more words


Dig, If You WILL . . . the Truth About Prince’s Estate

This week I’m sharing a blog from the office of Dave Zumpano, who focuses in Medicaid planning. I’ll be sharing blogs from the office of Dave Zumpano monthly in this space. 52 more words

SteamWorld Dig Review

SteamWorld Dig turns a concept that could have been repetitive into a kind of grind that is hard to abandon

In a world where humans have devolved into brainless creatures whose intelligence lies well below the level of that of a caveman, steam-powered robots have risen as the dominating sentient beings. 1,085 more words


I Married A Gold Digger.

You read that right…I totally married one. Not only in marriage though, but from the first day I met her, she’s been doing it. All 14 plus years we’ve been together she’s been this way. 915 more words

“Dig your heels in” – key advice from Women in Health and Safety, Leeds

Another successful Women in Health and Safety event in Leeds on Monday saw six speakers to share their key advice for women in the profession. 6 more words

Poem for Today

‘The Tunnel”

A man has been standing
in front of my house
for days. I peek at him
from the living room
window and at night, 188 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder