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Dig Down Deep

Morning Thought: Dig down deep so that you last for decades, not just days. You begin digging by coming to Jesus. You go deeper by listening to him. 94 more words

Morning Thought

August Pine Rescue

Notice was left on a card hanging from the doorknob.

Crews will be working in the easement to prune and remove trees that may interfere with the power lines.

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Dig Supports Biblical Story of Jerusalem’s Destruction | Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

A recent archeological dig lends credibility to the Biblical account that Jerusalem was burned and its residents taken into captivity by Babylon some 2,600 years ago. 151 more words


Foot of Avebury Down Dig - Day 17

To add to the time pressures which seem to come with every excavation, yesterday after I had left site a post hole (previously thought to be a possible pit, but you never know until you excavate!) was discovered, complete with antler tine which can give us another good radiocarbon date. 148 more words


Foot of Avebury Down Dig - Day 16

It is typical on the last day of an excavation to find things you don’t expect. For us it was two new, exciting Neolithic pits. This means that in one day they both needed to be half-sectioned, drawn, fully excavated and planned… fine for the one that was uncovered this morning in Trench 1, slightly more challenging for the one found after lunch in Trench 3! 333 more words


Foot of Avebury Down Dig - Day 15

Today a great, efficient team finished cleaning back Trench 3 and the two pits in Trench 9 were half-sectioned by Jake and Marian.

Both of these pits are shallow and truncated. 197 more words


Foot of Avebury Down Dig - Day 14

As we continue our endeavours in Trench 3, today’s guest blog has been written by Tia, a Masters student at the University of Southampton:

‘As a Greek student at the University of Southampton, Avebury excavation is my first experience at British archaeology. 167 more words