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Let Light In, Not Darkness

When you open your eyes, you see light. When you close your eyes, you see darkness. The same is true for the heart and the same is true for the mind. 18 more words


Tunnels #poetry

A network of some tunnels,

Hidden deep down underground,

What hides in there we cannot know,

Just what is to be found.


Excavating at the Old House

Yesterday was Father’s Day. We didn’t do much. I sat at the kitchen table polishing my essay for a Radon teaching application. I took a brief walk to CVS with Chen and later a walk to Rite Aid with Yisch.  484 more words

the other side of the world.

kinders dig to the other side of the world and find water.

“if there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

-loren eiseley


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 438: The Only Way Out is Through

What am I doing here?

It’s so hot and the only way out is through.

Through to the other side. How did I get myself trapped in a desert of ocean? 506 more words



Buried in 5’6″ of dirt
and peat
I begin an archeological dig on my heart
With my flat blade shovel
I gingerly dig into the hard earth… 94 more words